7 Sustainable Berets For Your Inner Francophile

The word on the street is that berets are back. But really my question is did they ever really go away? They been around since the time of Napoleon and were originally used by French sheep herders and the military. Which definitely makes them longer lasting then just a “trend.”  They’ve also been “trendy” before, like in the 1920’s, 1930’s, and 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Also different groups like jazz, intellectuals, guerrillas, and black panthers have been identified with the beret so I really take issue with the idea that this is a new trend that will go away next year and never been seen again. So indulge in a “trendy” thing that has been popular and practical since the Romans with these 7 sustainable beret options.

Le Beret Francais Beret


Take this statement making beret and pair it with louder colors like bright blue or pink to make an even stronger look. This beret was handmade at a factory in the south of France with recycled wool.

Lowie Beret


Enhance the feminine aspects of these beautiful flowers with a flowy dress, a belted sweater and a cute pair of kitten heels. This beret has been hand-knitted with traditional techniques by women in their homes in a seaside village in Eastern China.

The Janessa Leone Beret

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Kangol Beret

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Aim for a classic French look with a oversized crisp white tee, a navy skirt, and tights. This kangol beret was made with eco-friendly bamboo.

Le Kilt Beret

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Wear this Le Kilt beret to dress up a classic suit. It could be plaid , in keeping with the Scottish vibe, or a classic power suit color like red or royal blue. Made ethically in Scotland with locally sourced wool.

Laulhère Beret

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Style this camel beret with black.  All black everything. An ethically made leather jacket, or a chic black coat. Handmade in the Laulhère factory that is still in the same spot it was in 1840, at the foothills of the Pyrenées Mountains in Oloron-St-Marie and the work to preserve the traditional beret making techniques.

Tallis Beret 


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Style the grey beret with lots of cozy vibes- long cardigans and slouchy trousers. Ethically made in the U.S. with upcycled cashmere and vintage mink pom poms.