Sustainable Swimsuits: Cool Bikinis

Bikinis are the style of suit I wear most often, (well I actually prefer high-waisted bikinis and will do some outfits on those soon.) It’s kind of crazy that bikinis were a part of women’s liberation because now they are so often a societal pain in the ass for women wearing them and are made really cheaply in factories that use child labor and unsustainable practices like dumping chemicals. Throw all that aside and invest in a colorful, or fun bikini, that is well made and will make you feel good.


This bikini series starts off with Mara Hoffman, who started out with swimsuits when she started her brand! This look is all about having fun. The colors are bright, the coverup lets you run around (hopefully without chaffing), and the bag is an apple! (Maybe that can be an inspiration for snacks)

Mara Hoffman Bikini Top & Bottom

Made with ECONYL, a recycled nylon fabric that you’ll see through my swim series.

Mara Hoffman Overalls

Made with organic cotton woven by artisans in India and with linen.

Sensi Studio Apple Bag and Hat

Handmade by artisans in Equador

Carla Colour Sunglasses

Made with sustainable acetate derived from wood pulp.

Mythologia Sandals

Handmade on the Greek island of Crete with vegetable tanned leather.


I picked out this swimsuit because I loved the color. It’s paired with some classics you’ve definitely seen around, like that bag, and those shoes, also those sunglasses. Rewear your clothes, everyone! It’s what they are there for.

Patagonia Swimsuit Top and Bottom

Made with fair trade certified sewing and recycled polyester.

Kayu Bag

Made with local materials in the Philippines.

Carla Colour Sunglasses 

Different sunglasses, same sustainable acetate.

Michael Stars Dress

Made with tencel, a lyocell fabric that is produced in a closed loop sustainable system.

KYMA Sandals

Handmade by artisans in Greece with vechetta leather (vegetable tanned leather.)


I liked this lace bikini because the lace adds an extra detail to the swimsuit.  It’s a resort style look that will last you a lifetime, and if you recycled the pieces correctly can last someone else a lifetime too.

Anekdot Swimwear Top and Bottoms

Anekdot is all about upcycling. The nylon is Econyl, a 100% post-consumer waste polyamide yarn. The lace comes from high-quality production leftovers from big runs, originally made for UK brands in the 80s and the elastic trimmings bought in London from a closing down factory in the UK.

Charlotte Stone Sandals

Made by artisans in Italy.

Khokho Bag

It’s handmade in Swaziland from naturally dyed, water-resistant grass fibers using traditional weaving techniques, and finished with black leather trim.

Pour Les Femmes Dress

Produced by Congolese women who are survivors of violence, giving them the opportunity to learn a trade and provide for themselves and their families. Inspired by vintage designs, the pieces are crafted from soft Indian cotton.

Sensi Studio Hat

Different hat, same ethical production.

So I messed up on this look. What is pictured is a lovely Cosabella lingerie set that I thought was a swimsuit. It’s really cute and you can still swim in it, but it’s not a swimsuit and is made ethically in Italy of polyamide not recycled nylon like I somehow remembered it being. The swimsuit linked is an actual swimsuit.

Muzungu Sisters Bag

Handmade on both sides of Sicily, with artisans on one side weaving the bag, and artisans on the other side decorating.

Coclico Sandals

Different sandals. Same sustainable Spanish production.

Vitamin A Swimsuit Top and Bottoms

Made in California with recycled nylon fabric from Italy.

Proof Sunglasses

Made from wood and cotton based acetate.

My Beachy Side Coverup

Made in small batches by refugee women based in Turkey.

This style of bikini is much more sporty than the others. It reminded me of the swimsuits that the lifeguards at the local public pool used to wear, so I paired it with other useful sporty things like a backpack.

Proof Eyewear

Same sunglasses as before, so it’s the same eco-friendly acetate.

Stella McCartney Backpack

Made with Eco-Nylon and handcrafted in Italy.

Antik Batik Pants

Made by traditional artisans in India

Davy J Bikini Top and Bottoms

Made in the U.K. with ECONYL, which is recycled nylon that comes from fishing nets. Davy J is also working towards a zero waste system and hopes to have a completely closed loop facility by 2020.

KYMA Sandals

Different shoes, same ethical production.