5 Classic Looks to Wear to Work this Summer

To start off the work series, I’ve created five sustainable outfits that are classic, with lots of breathable fabrics, and will hopefully work for multiple dress codes. The color palette I’ve used is mostly neutrals because they apply across the board. The idea is to bring out classic pieces that will keep you cool and comfortable.




Kestan Necklace

Made with rhodium plated over fine brass in a transparent and ethical factory in Dongguan, China.

Philosofee Jacket

Made in the U.S. with small-scale production. Check out my interview with their creative director here.

Nine to Five Mules 

Made with sustainable and ethical production in Portugal.

Dreams Code Bag

The bag is vegetable tanned leather and the process is artisan made with ancient techniques from the Bai, an ethnic group in Southern China.




People Tree Top 

Made with fair trade certified organic cotton.

Tome Pants 

Crafted ethically in NYC.

Dream’s Code Bag 

Same bag as above!

Everlane Loafers

Made ethically in a factory in Brescia, Italy.

Carla Colour Sunglasses

Crafted from durable zyl acetate, a lightweight, eco-conscious material which originates from renewable fibers – and each pair is housed in a handmade, vegetable-tanned leather case.

Kimsu Earrings 

Made with recycled silver and ethical practices.



Altheia and Phos Earrings

Aletheia & Phos guarantees within its supply chain, respect for standards of social and environmental responsibility in line with our sustainability strategy. The gold, silver, and stones used in the jewelry are certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council.

Kintu New York Bag

Designed in France with local French leather. Kintu New York partners with dying crafts communities to produce their bags.

Zero + Maria Cornejo Jacket

Zero + Maria Cornejo is largely produced (70%) in the heart of New York City’s Garment District Dedicated to fostering a company ethos that is just as committed to its social impact as its environmental. Zero uses ecological and sustainable fabrics wherever possible and, as a company owned and run by women, the team continuously looks to develop special collaborations with women artisans around the world.

Nine to Five Loafers 

Same production as above!

Edun Dress

The fabric is cotton and the production is done through artisan initiatives.

Shwood sunglasses

It’s acetate with a sustainable wood inlay.



Stella McCartney Suit Jacket and Pants

Made ethically in Italy with wool and viscose and an eco-friendly mentality.

Paradise Row Bag 

The leather is dyed naturally with vegetable tanning, an old world artisanal method which is chromium-free and does not process any harmful chemicals. This fair trade practice takes advantage of the tannic acids naturally found in barks, branches, leaves and some fruit, creating a more natural and organic look.

Tomcsanyi Top

Made sustainably in a factory in Budapest.

Rebel Loafers

Made from entirely vegan materials, including faux leather look uppers and synthetic glues.

Matt & Nat Sunglasses

Made with vegan materials and produced ethically.

Neola Earrings

Handmade by craftsmen that have strict fair trade sandals.




Le Suri Bag 

Made sustainably with orange fiber lining and cork.

Everlane Sweater

Made ethically in Dongguan, China.

Misha Nonoo Skirt 

Made to order after purchase to reduce waste.

Everlane Pumps

Made with ethical practices in Montopoli in Val D’Arno, Italy.

Shwood Sunglasses

Made with sustainable wood arms and acetate.