Sustainable Shopping Guide: Shopbop

A Peace Treaty– A Peace Treaty works with artisans to preserve old world techniques. They often partner with women’s collectives around the world.

Ace & Jig– Made in India, Ace & Jig work with female artisan textile experts who work on antique wooden handlooms.

Adidas X Stella McCartney– Workout clothing with Stella McCartney’s eco-friendly production and sustainable fabrics.

AGOLDE– Made in an eco-friendly factory in L.A. The production process uses less water and waste and AGOLDE incorporates sustainable materials like recycled yarn and organic cotton.

All Things Mochi–  Started to support stitching communities throughout the world, All Things Mochi travels around the world to support the local artisans and provide new opportunities for the women in these communities.

An Hour and A Shower– Designed in Paris with an emphasis on comfort. The shoes are crafted in Portugal with an emphasis on local materials and sustainability.

Amelia Toro– Crafted in her atelier in Bogota, Colombia, Amelia Toro works with European sourced fabrics and strives to have a positive social impact on her community by training new artisans, and employing single parents.

Ancient Greek Sandals– Handmade in Greece. The designs are inspired by Ancient Greece and traditional techniques are used to make them.

Antik Batik– Antik Batik is a collection of light, airy, and embroidered pieces. Inspired by travel and made by Balinese and Indian artisans who use exquisite hand-dyeing and embroidery techniques.

Antonello– Sustainably produced in Sardinia using naturally dyed Sardinian wools and recycled cotton. The brand defines quality by human and environmental factors in addition to impeccably constructed products.

Apiece Apart-Inspired by West Texas. Apiece Apart is made to help simplify your closet. The brand focuses on natural fabrics and beautiful silhouettes.

Apparis– Designed in NYC. This is PETA approved vegan faux fur.

Araks– Sustainably made swimwear that uses econyl in half of its collections.

Aranaz– Handmade locally in the Philippines using traditional techniques and woven by female craftsmen who use local materials.

Ariel Gordon Jewelry– Handmade in Los Angeles using ethically sourced conflict-free stones.

Artisans of IQ– Ethically handmade by artisans in Southeast Asia and made was water hyacinth, which is a weed in Southeast Asia.

ATM– Designed by Anthony Thomas Melillo, and produced ethically in Peru with Peruvian cotton and other natural materials.

AYR– A collection of year-long basics, they recently ventured into sustainable fabrics with their “Aloe Jeans.” This jean uses recycled materials like recycled cotton.

Bag-all–  The Bag-all gift bags and carryalls are designed from canvas to be used and reused, and offer an alternative to gift-paper waste.

bagal3003612585_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ bagal3004512585_q1_1-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ bagal3003812585_q1_1-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Baggu– Reusable nylon bags that are ethically crafted in China and incorporate many sustainable materials like recycled nylon.

baggu3022846141_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ baggu3022512867_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ baggu3011346141_q1_1-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Bailey 44– Based and produced in Los Angeles everything is designed to be worn and loved for years to come.

Banjanan– Handcrafted and handprinted by artisan communities in India.

Beek– Each shoe is handcrafted ethically in Mexico.

Behno–  Behno is an ethical luxury brand that is redefining the treatment of workers through its Behno standard.

Bella Dahl– Handmade in L.A. the style casual-yet-sexy fits, and the brand also uses sustainable fabrics like Tencel®, and Tencera ™.

Beth Richards

Beyond Yoga– Designed and produced in L.A. Factories are WRAP certified and use materials like pima and organic cotton.

blanca monros gomez-Handmade in her studio in New York City. Everything is made from environmentally responsible materials, like recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds.

blanc3008311739_q1_1-1._SH20_QL90_UY365_ blanc3012015065_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_ blanc3010711338_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Borgo de Nor– Made in the U.K. with locally sourced materials.

Brother Vellies– Made by artisans in African countries using byproduct leather, and vegetable tanning.

By Far-


Carolina K.-

Carrie Forbes– Produced with environmental responsibility in Morocco. These shoes are handmade by traditional Moroccan artisans.

cforb3000110652_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ cforb3000011aae_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_ cforb3000311611_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_



Chinti and Parker– This is a carbon neutral company! Chinti and Parker produce everything in the E.U. and only uses organic and ethically sourced materials.

Citizens of Humanity– Different brand, different style, but Citizens of Humanity is produced in the same L.A. factory that AGOLDE denim is produced in, with the same sustainable manufacturing practices.

Clare V.– Designed and produced in Los Angeles. A portion of the proceeds also goes to Every Mother Counts.

Cleobella– Handmade in Bali by local artisans with locally sourced fabrics.

Coclico– Designed in NYC and made using European-sourced materials, in a sustainable family-owned Spanish factory.

coolchange– coolchange is a socially responsible brand that employs local artisans in Bali who use traditional methods to sew, print, and dye each garment.

Cosabella– Ethical production with artisanal craftsmanship that is a throwback to the old world. This lingerie is also 100% vegan.

Cult Gaia– Designed as an heirloom piece that’s meant to be passed down. The bags are from bamboo and made in L.A.


Deepa Gurnani-

Delfi Collective– DELFI Collective for the Delphos gown by designer Mariano Fortuny and ethically made in Los Angeles, California.

delff30065102cb_q1_2-1._SH20_QL90_UY365_ delff3006435768_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Deux Lux– Female owned and operated. Deux Lux is PETA Approved.

Dinosaur Designs-

DL1961– One of the most sustainable denim brands around. They source natural materials from the U.S. and reuse their waste and water.

Eleven Six

Ewa Herzog

Faithfull the Brand– Designed, sourced, and produced in Bali by ethically paid artisans using traditional hand dying and printing techniques.

Fame and Partners– Made with almost zero-waste production and only produced after your order is placed to reduce waste.

Figue– Designed in NYC and produced ethically with artisan partnerships around the world.

Fjallraven– Made with natural materials. Fjallraven also uses fully traceable down. They also climate compensate on some of their products by funding projects that reduce global emissions.

fjall3005791236_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ fjall3008011279_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ fjall3009159742_q1_2-1._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Freda Salvador– Sustainably produced in a family-run factory in Spain.

Future Glory Co.– Made in the U.S. with domestically sourced vegetable-tanned leather.

Gigi Burris- Handcrafted locally in NYC using traditional techniques.

GOLDSIGN– Made in L.A. with eco-friendly practices that reduce waste and water.

Haney– Designed and produced in Los Angeles, Haney has also recently launched their Green Label which repurposes excess fabrics from previous collections to make something new.

Harris Wharf London– Produced in Italy at the designers family factory.

Heimat Atlantica– Made in Portugal by female artisans using the ancient technique of weaving reeds by hand.

Heurueh– Colorful and cruelty-free. Heurueh is designed in New York and made with faux fur.

heuru3000110701_q5_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ heuru3000611de9_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ heuru3000311554_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_


I Love Mr. Mittens– Handknitted in Belgium in collaboration with independent knitting communities.

Jade Swim– Made with sustainable Italian recycled fabric.

JADEtribe– Handloomed with natural materials by female artisans in Laos.

Janessa Leone– Made in an employee-owned factory in the U.S. with ethically sourced materials.

Juliet Dunn

Jumper1234– Designed in the U.K. and produced with sustainable cashmere in Mongolia which is traditionally hand-combed out after winter.

KAANAS– Handmade in Colombia at a hammock weaving mill, and inspired by the Wayuu tribe of Colombia.


Kayu– Kayu is designed and produced ethically in Bali, using locally sourced materials like shells and straw.

Kiini– handmade by artisans, these suits are fully recyclable and don’t have plastics.

KITX– Conscious production. Made ethically with traceable materials.


Ksenia Schnaider– Handmade in the E.U. from reworked materials and innovative concepts.

Las Bayadas

Lee Mathews– Made in Australia with eco-friendly production practices that reduce waste and water consumption. Lee Mathews also focuses on natural, biodegradable materials.

Lemlem– Started by Liya Kebede after talking with a group of local weavers. Lemlem, is hand-woven apparel and accessories designed to increase demand for locally made goods in Africa.

Liana Clothing– Designed and produced in locally in L.A. with ethically sourced fabrics.

Live the Process– Designed and produced in Los Angeles. Live the Process focuses on transitional sportswear and produces with eco-conscious waste and water-saving practices.

lproc3011528869_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ lproc3012312894_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ lproc3011929820_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

M.i.h. Jeans– Produced in the E.U. M.i.h. Jeans has been a longtime pioneer of sustainability. They’ve collaborated with denim-wash companies to reduce water waste and work to reduce their carbon footprint at every stage of production.

heave4054312216_q1_2-0._UY0_QL90_ heave4054912560_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ heave4055212560_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

M.PATMOS– Merging traditional knitting techniques with more high tech ones, M.PATMOS produces their knitwear ethically, paying fair wages and ensuring a safe environment.

mpatm3032332812_q1_2-0._UY0_QL90_ mpatm3032213203_q5_2-0._UY0_QL90_ mpatm3032011de9_q1_2-1._UY0_QL90_

Maaji– Made in Colombia in a sweat-shop free facility. Maaji also funds projects to help restore Colombian watersheds. The swimsuits are also reversible!

maaji30119102cb_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ maaji30121102cb_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ maaji3011557625_q3_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_


MadeWorn–  Designed and produced in downtown L.A. MadeWorn also uses sustainable materials like organic cotton.

mworn3001723219_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ mworn3002810025_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ mworn3002023219_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Magda Butrym– Artisan focused. Magda works with artisan communities throughout Poland to produce her handwoven, handmade luxury line.

mbutr300371071b_q3_2-0._UY0_QL90_ mbutr3003511de9_q1_2-0._UY0_QL90_ mbutr30036102c8_q1_2-0._UY0_QL90_

Maggie Marilyn– Designed and produced locally in New Zealand. Maggie Marilyn focuses on slow production and sustainable materials like organic cotton.

mgmar3004611a20_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ mgmar300521071c_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ mgmar3005455994_q1_2-1._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Maison Chateau Rouge– Made in Paris and fabrics are sourced locally in the Chateau Rouge neighborhood.

mchat3002410d91_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ mchat3001011a18_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ mchat3001211a19_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Manu Atiler-

Mar y Sol–  Mar Y Sol, is an eco-friendly, and fair trade brand. Artisans use raffia palms and organically tanned leather to make each bag.

madim30077102cb_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ madim3005111611_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_ madim3007411611_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Mara Hoffman– Produced sustainably and ethically in the U.S. and Peru. From handwoven organic cotton, and linen to regenerated nylon, Mara Hoffman basically has all.

marah4151317689_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ marah4150612674_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ marah4150416731_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Marysia– Produced in Brazil in ethically certified workshops.

maryy3019013025_q1_2-1._SH20_QL90_UY365_ maryy3020112867_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ maryy3017213025_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Matt Bernson– The shoes are made ethically in small batches in Portugal, Spain, and China.

Meli Melo-

mattb2031313003_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_ mattb2033113003_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ mattb2033011260_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_

Mercedes Salazar– Designed and produced in Colombia. Mercedes Salazar has partnerships with indigenous artisanal communities which produce part of her collections of jewelry and bags.

merce3013599856_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ merce3013623295_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ merce3014011611_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Mes Demoiselles–  Produced by artisans in India with delicate fabrics like chiffons, silks, and cotton gauze.

mesde3024013149_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ mesde30251102c9_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ mesde30247102cb_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

MICHI– Produced in a female owned factory in Toronto. Their fabrics are sustainable and certified by Bluesign.

michi30189129b0_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ michi3018812567_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ michi301851071b_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Mischa Lambert– Handknitted with traditional, sustainable practices. Aka just spinning and needles. The wool used is merino and they are made in NYC.


Montelliana– Handmade in Italy using traditional Norwegian techniques and earth-friendly materials and practices.

mntel300191281f_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_ mntel300181071b_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_ mntel3002211409_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_

Mother of Pearl– Mother of Pearl has always had a sustainable and ethical focus. There “No Frills” line specifically has a transparent supply chain and uses sustainable and organic materials.

mothp303071071c_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ mothp3030511218_q2_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ mothp303081071c_q1_2-1._SH20_QL90_UY365_


Nannacay–  These handbags are made by a community of artisans from Peru.

nanna3003638578_q2_2-0._UY365_QL90_ nanna3003875540_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ nanna3003010917_q2_2-0._UY365_QL90_

Naghedi–  Founded by Sara Naghedi, who is also the founder of Deux Lux a sustainable, ethical, and vegan bag line. The Naghedi bag is designed to be sustainable, lightweight, and multifunctional.

naghe3002814835_q1_2-1._SH20_QL90_UY365_ naghe3003112319_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ naghe3003613136_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_


Nobody Denim– Nobody Denim has been dedicated to causes like sustainability and ethical hiring practices since the start.

ndeni3004911e83_q1_2-1._SH20_QL90_UY365_ ndeni3005213965_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ ndeni3003984855_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_


ONE by– Shopbop’s roundup of the top items in their categories. These are the ethical and sustainable designers I could find in their selection.

oneby2081410026_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ oneby2079837501_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ oneby2061812816_q3_1-0._UY0_QL90_

Oneoneone– Handmade in Greece with traditional knitting techniques.

Patbo– Made in Brazil by artisans trained by Patricia.

patbo3001612892_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ patbo3002417612_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ patbo3003897095_q1_2-1._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Perfect Moment– Made in Portugal with sustainable materials like fabric from recycled water bottles.

pmome3007211bb2_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ pmome3009056907_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ pmome300631310f_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Pitusa– Made by artisans in female-owned ateliers in Peru, using Peruvian cotton. Ethical and fair trade working conditions are used from the picking of the cotton to the production of the clothes.

pituw3002212397_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ pituw3002012867_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ pituw3000611411_q1_2-1._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Prabal Gurung– Designed in New York and produced locally. Prabal’s knitwear is produced in an ethical and sustainable factory in his home country of Nepal.

praba2024312094_q5_2-0._UY0_QL90_ praba2024511512_q4_2-0._UY0_QL90_ praba2025212165_q3_2-0._UY0_QL90_

Rachel Comey-

Raquel Allegra– Dedicated to traditional craft and artistry, Raquel Allegra is designed and locally produced in L.A. and includes recycled fabrics in her clothing.

raqel4048312bc7_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ raqel4048412bc8_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ raqel40480102cb_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Rachel Comey-

RE/DONE– Everything is upcycled luxury. The jeans come from reconstructed Levi’s.

redon301361295a_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ redon301741071b_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ redon301311142b_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Rime Arodaky– Made in France with fabrics sourced from local French and Italian suppliers. The brand is also cruelty-free and doesn’t use any animal materials in their clothing.

Roller Rabbit–  Produced by local artisans in Nepal, Thailand, and Peru. Each product is produced slowly. They are handmade and uses ancient techniques like hand-stamping.

rroll3023811de9_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ rroll3024010c3c_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ rroll30237102c9_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Ryan Roche– Made with low impact manufacturing in Nepal.

rroch300161210a_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_ rroch3002012560_q3_2-0._UY0_QL90_ rroch3002211739_q5_2-0._UY0_QL90_

Samantha Pleet– Produced in NYC and in Fair Trade factories in India and China. Her new shoe line is also produced in a female-owned Fair Trade factory in China with sustainably sourced Italian leather.


sanci3005913711_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_ sanci3006112530_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ sanci3006314615_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_


seave3013111745_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_ seave3013211078_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ seave3013578371_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_

Seea– Crafted locally in California, where the brand is based, and designed sustainably. Seea uses recycled nylon for most of its fabrics and the packaging is also all recycled.

seeaa301781193f_q2_2-0._UY365_QL90_ seeaa3016793686_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ seeaa301811193f_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Sensi Studio– Handmade by artisans in Ecudaor.

sstud30055118b2_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ sstud30063118b4_q1_2-1._SH20_QL90_UY365_ sstud3006188520_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

She Made Me– Skillfully handmade in limited quantities in Bali and India.

shema3011211611_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ shema3012512894_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ shema3011910732_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_


Skin– Made in the U.S. with natural materials like organic and pima cotton.

skinn3045310188_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ skinn3043010495_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ skinn304571071b_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Skipping Girl

skgil300091312f_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ skgil3001342313_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ skgil3001011266_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Sophie Anderson

sande3004217461_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_ sande3004910309_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ sande3004335768_q3_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Spell and the Gypsy

spell3014122499_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ spell3013710366_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ spell3014312079_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Staud– Founded, designed, and produced in L.A.

staud3007413478_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ staud300571071b_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ staud3007713478_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Stella Jean– Designed and produced in Italy, Stella Jean collaborates with select artisan communities in Africa that she has developed long-term relationships with.

sjean3009314001_q3_2-0._UY0_QL90_ sjean30086102c9_q4_2-0._UY0_QL90_ sjean3009166162_q6_2-0._UY0_QL90_

Stella McCartney– Cruelty-free materials and sustainable production. Need I say more?

stela2131012674_q6_2-0._UY0_QL90_ stela2130758732_q3_2-0._UY0_QL90_ stela2138217983_q5_2-0._UY0_QL90_

Studio 33

bagst30093102cb_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ bagst3008912741_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ bagst3009712741_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Swedish Hasbeens– Produced in Sweden using traditional techniques and eco-friendly materials.

hbeen200881071b_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_ hbeen2008713570_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_ hbeen2008913711_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_

Tata Naka

tnaka3001111887_q1_2-0._UY0_QL90_ tnaka3001411887_q3_2-0._UY0_QL90_ tnaka3001517612_q1_2-0._UY0_QL90_

The Mighty Company– Focused on fairness, The Might Company offers ethical production, transparency, and transparent pricing to their customers.

tmigh3001512496_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ tmigh3000612867_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ tmigh3001628548_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_


theor43086102cb_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ theor4311010c4d_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ theor4310454578_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Tiare Hawaii– Handmade in Bali using traditional dyeing techniques.

thawa3006293249_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ thawa30082124a8_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ thawa3005279747_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Tome– Tome produces in NYC, which reduces the brand’s carbon footprint. They are also known for their White Shirt Project, which is made consciously and donates to women’s organizations every year.

tomee3015534229_q3_2-0._UY0_QL90_ tomee301501071b_q1_2-0._UY0_QL90_ tomee3014712833_q5_2-0._UY0_QL90_

Truss– Truss bags are handwoven by artisans in Oaxaca’s weaving community and the bags also give back to that community with a portion of the company’s sales donated to local organizations in Oaxaca.

truss3004110bee_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ truss3004014233_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ truss300441071b_q1_2-1._SH20_QL90_UY365_

TSE Cashmere

tcash3017969897_q1_2-0._UY0_QL90_ tcash3017558082_q3_2-0._UY0_QL90_ tcash3017769897_q5_2-0._UY0_QL90_

Ulla Johnson– Started in 2000, Ulla Johnson makes artisanal clothing with a feminine flair. Everything is made by hand and produced by artisan groups throughout the world.

ullaj2074113092_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ ullaj2072910652_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ ullaj2069925624_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Veja– Fairtrade footwear. Produced in a Veja owned fair trade certified factory in Brazil, using organic cotton, and wild rubber.

vejaa3008910a73_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_ vejaa3009110a75_q5_2-0._UY0_QL90_ vejaa3009261554_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_

VereVerto–  Bags for a simpler life. Vereverto is made using natural indigenous vegetable-dyed, Spanish leather, and then crafted in Spain.

verev3004411f43_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_ verev3004711f43_q2_2-0._UY0_QL90_ verev3004811542_q1_2-0._SH20_QL90_UY365_

Vika Gazinskaya– Russia’s premiere cruelty-free designer. Vika doesn’t use animal products and focuses on natural materials.

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Vitamin A– Produced in California using sustainable materials like their own regenerated nylon Ecoluxe.

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Viva Aviva

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We are HAH-

Westward Leaning-

What Goes Around Comes Around– All vintage!

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Wolford– Wolford will receive Cradle to Cradle certification in 2018/19 and has released a line of biodegradable tights.

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Yosuzi– A brand that celebrates the native myths of South American tribes, Yosuzi is made in Venezuela by the Guajiro tribe, and the material comes from the iraka palm.

Zero + Maria Cornejo– A female-led company that supports local production in NYC to reduce their carbon footprint and Maria uses sustainable materials like eco-cashmere, and upcycled waste materials.

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