10 Brands Full of Cozy Sustainable Sweaters to Check Out

Sweater weather time! This list is full of brands that are perfect for that fall weather. Make yourself some chai tea, enjoy the fall foliage and curl up in one of these sustainably made/ethically sourced sweaters (jumpers if you’re British). These brands range from luxury to affordable and have styles from modern to minimalist! Definitely a sweater for everyone.

Chinti and Parker

Playful, yet timeless. These knitwear designs are made to make you feel good. (About yourself and the brand.) They source within the E.U. For their eco-friendly fabrics and offset their carbon emissions!

Uzma Bozai

East meets west in these comfy sweaters. They are produced in limited quantities and the embellishments are handmade with traditional techniques and can take up to 15 hours to craft.


Aiayu has 100% organic production. They source their llama wool in Bolivia. They work with their craftsmen to preserve the traditional techniques of the trade and only use WRAP-certified factories.

Ryan Roche

Knitwear brand Ryan Roche is committed to responsible fashion at all levels. Ryan strives to leave as little as possible using sustainable low impact production methods in their knitwear, and natural organic fabrics. She has worked with a female cooperative in Nepal to produce the majority of her collections.

Queene and Belle

Hawick. Scotland is basically the capital of traditional Scottish knitting. Queene and Belle employ specialist artisans there to produce their knitwear with the traditional techniques they are known for. The supply chain used is predominantly local, the yarn used is from Scottish spinners.

Orwell + Austen Cashmere

Handmade in a family run factory in Nepal. They still employ traditional artisanal techniques like hand knitting, dyeing, and weaving. The designs are super fun and definitely doesn’t follow the thinking that natural means boring or scratchy. The colors are playful and the cashmere is so comfortable.

Lalla Wandavi

These sweaters are vegan! The yarns are plant-based- cotton, linen, and bamboo and the dyes are all plant-based. The suppliers are in Italy and Canada and they are as eco-friendly in their practices as Lalla is in production. Lalla Wandavi is handknitted in England and prides itself on its ethics and zero waste sourcing and production.


Based in London and manufactured within the E.U. These sustainable sweaters are Scandinavian in style, but have cute and quirky accents. The fabrics you’ll find are all organic GOTS certified cotton and Italian merino wool.

Haley Menzies

These sweaters are the perfect statement making piece. Effortless shapes with bright colors are her signature. The production is ethical, produced in the U.K. with a family run operation behind the manufacturing.


Based in Berlin, this sustainable brand has been around since 2008. The sweaters are perfect for your inner minimalist. Format engages in small scale production and produces with GOTS certified cotton and manufacturers.