24 and learning. Sometimes broke and jobless. Always trying to find the areas that interest and excite me.

Vague knowledge about everything. Not expert level anything.

My current want is to make sustainable clothing the norm. I grew up thinking “sustainable” or “ethical” meant something that didn’t look great and was super expensive. I want to focus on the fashion and innovation side of the sustainable fashion. My goal is to show that no matter who you are, what style you have, or clothes you like, your clothes can be made by people who are treated well and in ways that don’t hurt the planet. Sustainable fashion shouldn’t be niche, it should be fashion. If you wear clothes you can wear sustainable clothes. Every style type, every style influencer can be wearing sustainable clothing. So I started a blog to learn and share.
Here you’ll find my outfit series, links to the brands, musings, interviews, and info on the latest in sustainability in fashion.

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Disclaimer on writing and outfit ideas: I’m not a grammar expert and tend to post immediately so I don’t second-guess myself. Also not a stylist or style expert. Some combinations might be hideous the next day. I’m also currently still learning about sustainable fashion so if I post a brand that you’ve heard differently about or I haven’t seen their latest manufacturing processes let me know and I’ll change it.

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