Rethinking How You Wash with Wool&

Rethinking How You Wash with Wool&

The Environmental Impact of Washing Your Clothes

Have you thought the energy that goes into washing one load of clothing? An average household uses 13,500 gallons of water per year. If you look further you’ll see that there is a difference in the environmental impact of washing based on if you are washing synthetic fibers versus natural fibers. Synthetic fibers shed micro plastics. This has huge implications for wildlife and the amount of chemicals we are exposed to in our water and food.

To lessen the environmental impact of a load of clothing there are two things you can do. First, wash your clothes less. Second, invest in a eco-friendly washing machine. (For synthetics, wash with a guppy bag.)

How Often Should You Be Washing

The good news is you are probably washing your clothes too much. Stella McCartney says that not washing your clothes actually helps them last longer. Jeans, sweaters, and cardigans can be washed after 5-7 wears. Bras, pajamas, and yoga pants can be washed after 1-4 wears.

You Can Wear This Dress for 100 Days Straight

The amount of times you need to wash an item depends on several different factors. For example, how much activity you do, how close it is to your body, and the material it’s made with are some of the top factors. The Wool& Dress I’m wearing can be worn for 100 times before it needs to be washed. That’s because it’s made with merino wool. Wool is a particularly environmentally friendly fabric for the wash because it is naturally moisture-wicking and breathable. Therefore, when you sweat, the sweat doesn’t get stuck on your body.

The Carla Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is made with 100% merino wool and produced in Shanghai. What do I think? Obviously, it’s a great dress. First, it’s super comfortable. Merino wool is wrinkle resistant, oder resistant, and temperature regulating. Plus, it’s also fairly modest and professional. Furthermore, the anti-wrinkle properties of wool make it great for traveling. Also, I love, love, love the color. It’s teal, which is kind of unique and super flattering.

Check out more about the dress and the brand here.

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