Naturally Ready to Dance with Dance Fiber

Naturally Ready to Dance with Dance Fiber

Dance Fiber (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

French with dance at its heart. This is a sustainable brand that is made to help you dance. The design is an homage to dance. It is comfortable, fluid, and natural. While the clothing is perfect for dance professionals, it’s also great for every day and for organic workout clothing. The pieces in their ready-to-wear collections are buildable and have a natural minimalist aesthetic.

What I’m Wearing (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

I’m wearing the Cache-cœur en coton biologique (organic cotton heart-wrap.) It’s made with knit organic cotton and feels very light even though it’s very fitted. I really like the tie in the back, it makes it easy to adjust and easy to wear with layers because now it’s cold. The color is a very natural oatmeal shade. I was a little worried because I am very pale. But, shockingly I don’t think the shade washes me out.

How It’s Made (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

The top I’m wearing is made with organic cotton, which is indicative of the rest of Dance Fibers’ materials. They only produce with GOTS certified natural fibers. The dyes are natural and the color comes from vegetables. Also, Dance Fiber produces small. Their collections are made in Italy and France with partners who are known for their quality.

Find Out More

Look out for their items as they are added on Vepsi, and check out their own page here.

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