Welcome! A Few Updates

Welcome! A Few Updates


I’m really excited you are visiting my website. This is just a little note to let you know that I’m a grad student and haven’t really updated it in a year. Last November, I also started getting panic attacks when I logged in so this is the second time I’ve logged on since September to link brands to contact about their use of Uyghur cotton. I have kept it up partially in the hopes that maybe I’ll start writing and making the outfit collages again. Building the website, creating outfits, making lists, and doing interviews is something that I find really fun and was a huge part of developing the person I’ve become. It also gave me huge amounts of anxiety towards the end. I’ve also kept it up as a portfolio of sorts.

Within the outfits and capsule wardrobes is a view of sustainable fashion and a compilation of brands that haven’t been culled or edited since before 2020. For instance, there is an Everlane capsule wardrobe and lots of other mentions of Everlane. Everlane union busts and I feel gaslit because I really loved their clothes. Many of the outfits also use Reformation which while known for being the most sustainable thing besides being naked, isn’t. They are anti-Black, not really sustainable, and haven’t taken any accountability for cultural appropriation either. The lists are mainly from e-commerce sites where I sourced the pieces for the outfit collages. The lists and collages (of which there are hundreds) don’t include many smaller sustainable brands or black and indigenous-owned brands. There are also inclusions of brands like Ulla Johnson who have been called out and have not been accountable for cultural plagiarism. Sustainable fashion needs to be inclusive, intersectional, and promote and protect everyone in the supply chain and these brands don’t line up with those values.

For now, I’m applying for a Ph.D. and don’t have the time to spend a couple of months checking and culling the brands on these lists. I also don’t quite know what I want to do. I think there are probably 1,000s to go over between the guides, lists, and outfits. Many of the brands within the guides are really great but I’m no longer in a position to vouch and I want to acknowledge that. If I had to guess I’d say potentially it’s 80% good? So, as you peruse, I would direct you to the brand features first. All of these brands are ones I firmly believe in and have some sort of relationship with. And to be aware that the shoe, swimsuits, e-commerce guides, and outfit collages are peppered with brands that are unsustainable.

Hopefully, soon I’ll decide what to do about the peppering. I might include a disclaimer on the tops of those posts if I get the time to go through more thoroughly. There are issues there as well to be aware of. Polyvore closed and I’m not sure how to edit/change the outfit collages that have an Everlane bag included or a Reformation dress. I’m also not quite sure what to do about the e-commerce lists. E-commerce is bad for the planet and these platforms whitewash and wash their hands of culpability for brands like Dolce & Gabbana, not to mention also being incredibly fatphobic. For a long time, I wanted to be a buyer finding new brands or styling. With sustainable fashion, I originally saw it as a way to promote sustainable brands within these sites. I imagined if I ever worked for one of these companies I would bring more of the sustainable brands I found on Instagram onto these platforms. I used to get really excited when I would find one of the brands I’d saved on Instagram also on my Polyvore search because they were now on Anthropologie. Many of the brands within the lists are amazing small brands that I’m really happy to support and glad they have a platform.


Obviously, I’m still reconsidering and reconciling a lot and haven’t decided on anything. But the last thing I’m considering is that I’m more interested in writing about the intersections of sustainability and fashion instead of just doing outfits and guides. I don’t feel giddy and gushy writing about these things like I used to and need to figure out the direction I want to take. I have thought about starting a Patreon as blogging has never given me any semblance of a livable income. But am still unsure. I’d also like to help smaller brands get access to a larger platform and have thought about converting Sustainable Outfits to e-commerce/activism/styling/guides but again lots of ideas not much time. If you have a suggestion or a take, feel free to get in touch. My insta dms are open and while I don’t answer emails quickly, I do answer them.


PS: I’ve had many emails from recent grads, masters, and Ph.D. students since May, who are looking for places that need interns/hiring. I had considered this when I first started my MSc and put out an ad which is why I think I get your emails and I’m sorry for not responding promptly. I felt icky not being able to pay interns/contributors and so ultimately just stopped and focused on my MSc last time. I still have no budget or income to pay for your writing still feel guilty and icky not being able to pay you. My only caveat now (courtesy of my roommate/MSc friends who might also do this) is if you need a letter of recommendation or need to fill some pandemic gaps for your resume/cv. I get it and am in the same situation with the job hunt/applications/how the hell do I do this in a pandemic. If this is your situation please dm me on Instagram instead of emailing me and we can try and work out some exchange. But only if you really need something like this please please please always spend your time on paid work. (Ex: you REALLY need a letter or have had TONS of trouble).


PS II: Brands. I am always open to a dm or an email and I really love learning about and supporting sustainable brands but also this doesn’t mean run me over because I have goodwill. Please don’t dm or email with affiliate link offers. Most of the time I ignore them but sometimes they make me really mad and I respond. I also make a mental note of how badly you treat people who aren’t part of your awesome ethical story and I have a good memory. If you are looking to contact me about Eluxe. I am obviously still open for pitches but I’ve been completing my masters and my thesis and so have been on a hiatus so to speak. It is currently probably quicker to contact info@eluxemagazine.com.


Thanks for understanding and bearing with me while I get on my feet and find my voice again after finishing my Msc.


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