9 Brands Making Ethical and Sustainable Faux Fur

9 Brands Making Ethical and Sustainable Faux Fur

Fur is thankfully on the decline, major luxury brands like Versace and Burberry have renounced fur and major retailers like Net-a-Porter have completely removed fur from their platforms. That’s all awesome. But the fur industry still kills 50 million animals every year to turn their fur coats into coats and accessories for people. If you read the headline about how humans are decimating animal populations.

The fur industry is one part of that. Endangered animals like fur seals, spotted cats, and many more are still hunted for their fur. The other part of fur that is super harmful to the environment is how much energy and pollutants are used in fur production.

Animal skin is prevented from naturally degrading by chemicals that are full of toxins. Then even more chemicals are used to bleach and dye the furs all these hurt the people who make them, probably the people who wear them, and the environment we all live in. Fur takes four times as much energy to produce compared to faux fur.

Honestly, the animal component should be enough for someone to swear off real fur, but the other reason is that the quality of faux fur is getting unreal. Here are 9 faux fur brands creating amazing faux fur in an ethical and sustainable manner.



Fashion and real fur don’t belong together. Apparis sources their faux fur from vegan textile manufacturers in France that follow industry standards. They are PETA approved, as are all the brands on the list.


Pelush NYC

Pelush NYC wants to transform the boundaries associated with faux fur. They make man-made fur that is even more elegant than the real thing to give shoppers the most luxurious faux fur experience around. The faux fur is sourced Italian man-made pelage and is made-to-order in NYC.


House of Fluff

Earth-friendly faux fur. House of Fluff’s faux fur is either developed in-house or sourced from Italy all of it is 100% cruelty-free. They produce their line in a fair trade factory in NYC. Plus, their excess fabric is upcycled into sweatshirts or scrappy collectibles.


Fuzz Not Fur

This brand was to create an elegant and ethical alternative to faux fur. Nadja Axarlis saw that her friends were trying to make more conscious style choices. Fuzz Not Fur keeps all the glamour and warmth that real fur was known for. The faux fur fabric is sourced from a fabric supplier in Northern France and then handcrafted at a former furrier in Paris.


Unreal Fur

Unreal Fur is working to bring fur into the future. They operate with socially responsible practices, manufacturing the faux fur ethically. They are concerned about their environmental impact and are developing some of the first sustainable faux fur fibers made from PET recycled water bottles and hemp. They also recycle their fabric scraps into new products that often end up in their accessories and mini-me product lines.


La Seine & Moi

One of the first French faux fur brands. La Seine & Moi is designed in Paris and made in France. The founder Lydia Bahia wanted to create an ethical and eco-friendly alternative to fur, and to cheaply and environmentally harmful faux fur. Everything is handmade and cut in the La Seine & Moi Paris workshop in Paris. This proximity allows La Seine & Moi to have control over the supply chain. The faux fur material they use is acrylic and modacrylic.




Shrimps started as a cruelty-free faux fur outerwear brand. They were so popular they expanded to include a full ready-to-wear line. Shrimps are known for their playful and fun take on faux fur and helping to reinvigorate the conversation on luxury faux fur.



A brand of faux fur that is as colorful as it is stylish. The faux fur is completely cruelty-free and made in audited factories to make sure no people are harmed in the making of the clothes either.



This faux fur that supports endangered animals, that are often hunted for their fur. Instead of fur, they use acrylic based faux fur. They work with Pandas International, the Snow Leopard Conservatory, Polar Bears International, and many more to help support endangered species.

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