15 Sustainable Animal Print Pieces to Add to Your Closet

15 Sustainable Animal Print Pieces to Add to Your Closet

The idea that trends come and go isn’t true. If they come and go they’ll come back again. This is totally true with the animal print trend that is popping up everywhere. Find trends you love that you’ll want to wear next year too. For everyone loving animal print below are 15 sustainable, organic, and ethical animal print pieces. Let me know your favorite in the comments below.


Add an animal print jumpsuit to your closet like this one from Osei-Duro. They produce their textiles in Ghana, India, and Peru and support the local apparel industry by using local craftspeople and traditional dyeing techniques.


Add an animal print long sleeve dress that is perfect for the office like this dress from Reformation. It’s made with sustainable production in L.A. The production process saves on waste, water, and carbon output.


Add an animal print feminine summer dress like this one from Faithfull. It is designed for the traveler and inspired by vintage textile prints. The dress itself is handmade in Bali using artisan techniques.

Marit Ilison

Add an animal print winter coat that will have everyone go wild, like this one from Marit Ilison. It’s made using vintage Soviet wool blankets and is handmade in Tallinn, Estonia by artisans.

Adidas x Stella McCartney

Add some animal instinct to your wardrobe with these track pants from Adidas by Stella McCartney. They are made from recycled nylon jersey and there is a two-way zipper that runs from the waist to the cuff. Add some white accessories to make the pattern stand out, or get the matching top!

Mara Hoffman

The water is one of the last largely unexplored animal kingdoms. Hit the beach in this bikini from Mara Hoffman. It’s made with regenerated nylon fiber that comes from fishing nets. Mara Hoffman also carries this style in a one piece and if you’re really feeling the cheetah print cover up with her cheetah maxi!


Mix everything together with this animal print dress from Amur. Our commitment to sustainability goes down to the fiber itself. Amur uses recycled and sustainable fabrics like certified organic silk and cotton. They also design and produce in NYC.


Animal print can be ethical. Add a faux fur animal print to make your winter style stand out while staying contentious. This faux fur from Apparis is made with totally vegan materials that are sourced from French textile mills.

Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Go wild with this cheetah print matching set from Spell and the Gypsy Collective. It’s a perfect look for a music festival or a boho themed weekend. It’s made with organic cotton and Spell and the Gypsy has a traced supply chain, so their supplier comes from Shanghai.

Ecovibe Apparel

Upgrade your cardigan collection with this leopard print option from Ecovibe Apparel. It’s made with a mix of natural materials. Ecovibe Apparel designs in Portland and works to support local manufacturers and ethical production practices.

Mes Demoiselles

Easy and breezy this kaftan will keep you cool even on the hottest of days. It’s designed in Paris and produced by Indian artisans who use traditional craft techniques like block printing and handweaving.


Made with upcycled materials, this t-shirt is the perfect way to make a casual look more fun. It’s designed and produced in London and stays true to the ecological roots of the Maharishi brand.

Fisch Swim

Wild about one pieces? This one is from Fisch a swedish swimwear brand that produces their suits with Econyl, regenerated nylon that comes from ghost fishing nets. The cool thing about the suits from Agnes Fischer is the hand prints and little details like the straps that are inspired by scrunchies.

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