10 Pairs of Vegan Boots You’ll Love

10 Pairs of Vegan Boots You’ll Love

I don’t know about you but I wear boots every day from the middle of October till someplace around March. Therefore, it’s important to have a good pair. So I’ve rounded up my 10 favorite pairs of boots with vegan ethics in mind. Cruelty-free and proud to be. However, be warned, most of these are not snow boots or meant for super cold weather.


Wills Vegan Shoes

Plant-powered lace-up boots. They are made with faux leather in a carbon neutral manufacturing process. The soles are sturdy natural rubber. Plus, the insoles are recycled rubber. Will’s Vegan Shoes manufactures ethically in Portugal and is certified vegan by PETA.

Love Sofie Boots

Love Sofie

The heels that will keep your feet warmer. These ankle boots are from Love Sofie. Above all, they are sophisticated and sexy. They are made with plant leather that is totally animal free. In addition to plant leather, Love Sofie manufactures ethically in Spain and Portugal and sources responsibly.


Bhava Studio

These Hikers are from Bhava Studio, and won’t let the weather prevent you from going outside. The boots are made with vegan eco-suede. In addition to eco-suede the boots also have an organic cotton shearling insole and Italian vegan shearling details. Plus, They are also handmade in Spain.



Italian craftsmanship and vegan technology meet in these must-have knee-high boots. They use Alcantara® which is apple-derived and their materials are certified by Oeko-Tex and the manufacturing is carbon neutral.


Eco Vibe Apparel

Low booties perfect for cooler weather strutting. They are made with vegan PU, Plus, they have a super cool vibe.


BC Footwear

Laced up boots with floral laces. They definitely give me a boho vibe. They are made with vegan PU and are certified vegan by PETA.


Rafa USA

These might be my favorite pair of boots on this list. I love the red block heel. They are made by RAFA USA, a shoe brand based in Los Angeles that ethically employs the 20 artisans that handcraft their shoes. Plus, everything is vegan and made with vegan PU.


Matt & Nat

Heeled boots from Matt & Nat for when the day calls for that extra couple of inches. They are designed in Canada and ethically made in China. Obviously, they are also certified Vegan by PETA.


Ilse Jacobsen

Comfy and stylish rainboots for even the wettest day of the year. They are handmade in Denmark with natural rubber and vegan materials.


Nae Vegan 

Ankle boots with a tough aesthetic. They are made with water-resistant microfibers, and Oeko-Tex certified natural vegan materials like pineapple and cork. Also, all the metal is nickel free.

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