10 Styling Ideas for Your Tuniq Hat

10 Styling Ideas for Your Tuniq Hat

This outfit series is all about the Tuniqhat! Each look features a hat from Tuniq that has been made ethically by the amazing artisans at Tuniq. The hat is a traditional Chechia hat that is often seen on Tunisian men (that doesn’t mean women can’t wear it though.) Each hat is made with a six-step process and the skills are passed from generation to generation. The hats come in 5 colors and I’ve styled different looks with other ethical and sustainable brands. Let me know your favorite in the comments below!

Tuniq Hat

Mara Hoffman Jumpsuit– Made with handwoven organic cotton.

Veja Sneakers– Made in the Veja owned Fair Trade factory in Brazil.

Relevee Bracelet– Female owned company with a socially conscious supply chain.

Nine to Five Backpack– Made sustainably with vegetable-tanned leather.

Dick Moby Sunglasses– Made in Italy using a eco-friendly bio-based acetate.

Stella McCartney Sweater– Made with ethically sourced environmentally friendly fabrics like organic cotton.

Tuniq Hat

Gung Ho Dress– Handmade in London and printed in the U.K. using tencel.

Westward Leaning Sunglasses– Made with a cotton-based acetate.

Nine to Five Belt– Made with vegetable tanned leather in Portugal.

Darzah Flats– Made ethically by Palestinian artisans using traditional Palestinian craftsmenship.

No. 13 Bracelet– Made by traditional Sami artisans using recycled silver.

Rosehip & Wild Bag– Made by traditional leather craftsmen in the U.K. using vegetable tanned leather from Italy.

Tuniq Hat

Gioia Bini Dress– Ethically made in Italy.

Shwood Sunglasses– Made with sustainably sourced wood and bio-acetate.

Coclico Heels– Made in a sustainable facility in Portugal.

Aranaz Bag– Ethically handcrafted in Manila using local materials like seagrass.

No. 13 Bracelet– Handmade in the Arctic Circle using reindeer antlers that naturally shed.

Tuniq Hat

Relevee Earrings– Made with ethical sourcing.

Katharine Hamnett London Jacket& Pants– Sustainably made in Italy with organic cotton twill.

Anaak Top– Made sustainably in India using eco-friendly dyes.

Clare V. Bag– Produced locally in L.A.

Hexa Flats– Designed in Bangkok and made with Japanese Vegan leather.

Tuniq Hat

Paradise Row Bag– Made in East London using sustainable no-dye vegetable tanned leather.

Neola Cuff– Handmade by ethically employed craftsmen.

Gung Ho Jumpsuit– Made locally in the U.K. using tencel and silk.

Bhava Studio Heels– Made ethically in Portugal with vegan leather and eco-friendly materials.

Lee Renee Earrings– Handmade in London from recycled silver.

Shwood Sunglasses– Made in the U.S.

Tuniq Hat

Carla Color Sunglasses– Made using eco-friendly zyl acetate.

Danse Lente Bag– Made ethically using vegetable-tanned leather.

Dear Frances Mules– Made ethically with traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Cecile Jeffrey Cardigan– Made in the U.K. with sustainably sourced merino wool.

Edge Only Earrings– Made ethically in Dublin.

Ioana Ciolacu Dress– Made ethically in Europe with a focus on natural and sustainable materials.

Tuniq Hat

Melissa Joy Manning Earrings– Made in Melissa’s eco-certified facility.

Illevesta Sunglasses– Made as part of the Good for Globe Carousel collection that uses earth-friendly materials.

Fanm Mon Bag– Made to order with natural linen in Ukraine.

Nisolo Sandals– Ethically made in Peru.

Danielle Fischer Dress– Made sustainably in NYC from Italian cotton.

Tuniq Hat

Sarvin Scarf– Handmade with a silk jacquard vegan fabric.

Muun Bag– Designed in Paris and made ethically in Ghana.

Ninety Percent Top– Made with tencel

Stella McCartney Sunglasses– Made with sustainably sourced materials.

Re/Done Pants– Made with reclaimed velvet.

Adidas Originals X Ji Won Choi– Part of Ji Won Choi’s capsule collection to bring environmental awareness.

Tuniq Hat

Behno Bag– Made ethically using traditional craft techniques.

Nak Heels– Made with vegan leather.

Carla Colour Sunglasses– Made with cotton based acetate.

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