Personal Couture with Reissued Style

Personal Couture with Reissued Style

Let’s get honest for a second. I have a lot of clothing. I’ve tended to be discerning when I buy, purchasing only what I’ll wear for years to come and love a good Goodwill shopping experience. This used to be because just because of price, and now has an ethical twist to it, but it is still a wardrobe that holds at least 10 years of life, and between moving and changing times some of that clothing has been put aside. I’m sure I’m not alone, the fashion industry was valued at 2.4 trillion in 2017 by McKinsey. That’s a lot of products, a lot of purchases, and yes, a lot of waste. Donating clothing has its problems, so does recycling, and we throw away our clothing a lot more than we donate or recycle. We also aren’t really wearing our clothing either. That’s why I want to introduce you to Reissued Style

Reissued Style

Founded by Felicia Zivkovic, the head designer at Lela Rose, on the surface Reissued Style offers an alternative for clothes that are just sitting in your closet, but going unworn. Digging deeper, getting something Reissued offers you a window into the world of design and gives you a new appreciation for the art and skill that goes into making our clothing. The process is so simple and tailored to you, it’s personal couture. You send her the piece you want Reissued, and the level you want. Reissued Style has a range of rework levels, from deceptively simple reworks that seem minimal but really elevate the item you sent, to full-blown redesigns. She reworks the piece and sends you the sketches, you choose, she crafts it and sends it back!

The Dress

Felicia’s recommendation was to choose something I didn’t think too much about (you can check out her other recommendations here.) But, natural over-thinker that I am, I did think about it. I dug through my closet trying to picture what would be a good piece or what would look nice as something else. I tried to imagine things Felicia would create with the pieces I had. It was sitting at the very, very back of my closet in a bag of stuff I had from college. Honestly, I couldn’t even remember where I picked up this dress or why it was bought. The skirt was too long and the top was too big. I’m sure the reason I didn’t send it to Goodwill was the pattern. Maybe in another lifetime, it fit, but who knows… You can even see from the pictures I looked and felt awkward wearing it.

I thought I would send something vintage of my Grandmas, but this definitely fit the bill.


The Process

After choosing the dress, I shipped it up to Felicia’s studio in New York. The whole experience got more exciting after that. After she receives your item she hand sketches 3-5 options for the garment you sent. These were mine.

I was honestly so surprised because I had tried to imagine what she would come up with and matching separates wasn’t a thought I’d had. But really what an amazing idea. My favorite was C. She even worked with me on ideas that I had too. While I loved the idea of a crop top, I felt like personally, I’d like a little more structure, so she added sleeves!

The Results

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The before and after is just incredible. It really shows you what good design and personal touch can bring to clothing, and that our favorite pieces are sometimes waiting at the back of the closet. The matching set reminds me of something like an ethical/ sustainable Dolce and Gabbana piece or something.

My Experience

I couldn’t have been more pleased. The matching set was amazing, and working with Felicia while she transformed my dress was so much fun. I loved being involved with the design process. Seeing her process and drawings and choosing and voicing my needs and wants really put me inside the making of the set, and it made me really look at what I wanted out of the dress too. It’s definitely something I’ll do again.

Learn More

Make sure to follow Reissued Style on Instagram. She gives a behind the scenes look at her studio and the pieces she’s reworking. Also sign up for updates on the brand here.


Are you taking the picture? No?


Gotta fix that sleeve.

What to do with my hands?

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