5 High-Waisted Bikini Looks for Your Inner Gigi

5 High-Waisted Bikini Looks for Your Inner Gigi

A high waisted swimsuit harkens back to the days of yore when bathing beauties defined their parents and wore that skimpy bikini anyway. Little did they know that swimsuits would become far more scandalous. I’m all for a high-waisted swimsuit. I think they are super flattering and they make you feel more covered if you aren’t used to running around in basically your underwear. These five high-waisted swimsuits have been styled for different types of people. I feel like a high-waisted swimsuit is really feminine and i’ve shown that in several of the different looks. It doesn’t have to be though. The first look is more sporty.



This is the swimsuit version of Stella McCartney’s optical illusion dress. It’s super flattering just like the dress. It makes your collar bones stand out and gives the illusion of a tiny waist with the panels on the side.

Stella McCartney Swimsuit

Made with eco-nylon and handmade in Italy

Zeus +Dione Pants 

Handmade by artisans in Greece.


Handwoven by artisans in Ghana and finished by artisans in Paris

Huma Blanco sandals

Made with sustainable vegetable tanned leather in Peru.

Vitamin A Swimsuit 

Made with recycled polyester.

Stella McCartney Coverup 

Made ethically with cotton and silk in Italy

Tracy Watts Hat

Made with ethical practices and green resources in Brooklyn.

Gabriela Hearst shoes

Handmade in Italy with sustainable packaging.

Mara Hoffman Suit top and bottom 

Made with Econyl, recycled polyester.

Coclico Sandals 

Made with sustainable production in Spain

Stella McCartney sunglasses 

Made with eco-friendly cellulose acetate.

Muzungu Sisters Bag

Made by artisans in Sicily.



Reformation Swimsuit 

Made with a sustainable production process that saves on waste, water, and carbon emissions.

Stella McCartney Sunglasses

Made with the same eco-friendly acetate as above.

Pippa Holt Kaftan

Handcrafted with artisan textiles.

Khoko Bag

Made with sustainable water resistant grass.

Laidback London Sandals

Leather sourced from a local, family-run tannery and skilled Kenyan artisans make the intricate hand-beadwork that embellishes each pair.


Gabriela Hearst sandals

Made with repurposed stock fabric.

Elle Evans Bathing Suit Top and Bottoms

Made from that amazing Econyl.

Wewood Sunglasses

Made from sustainable wood that gives back to reforestation.

My Pair of Jeans Skirt

Made in Italy with digital printing.



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