Brand Feature: Etnica Collection

Brand Feature: Etnica Collection

Etnica Collection

Designed in Vancouver and made in Peru. Above all, Etnica is a brand that takes its inspiration from the Andean Landscape of their ancestors, the Incas. Similarly, they apply those ancestral values of, “treating Mother Earth as a gift” to the present day. This is a brand for someone who loves classic, timeless clothing, and loves the adorable baby animals that are the source of the fabric.

The Collection

There are five amazing styles in Etnica Collection’s Collection. I chose the NINA Camel, which is that gorgeous camel shade. However, the other coat I thought about was the RUMI. It’s a timeless coat, named after a timeless poet. I wonder if he was rocking the baby alpaca wool in the 1200’s?

The Coat

I’m not kidding when I say this is probably the softest piece of clothing I own. Baby alpaca wool is the the best winter fabric. It’s warmer than sheeps wool and rarer than cashmere, really it’s just wonderful. When I put it on I immediately felt more put together. The style is inspired by the English trench. The quality and the style immediately make you feel classier. It’s also amazing for that fall-winter-spring swing layering.

The Process

At Etnica the goal is to produce something that is natural, timeless, and authentic. Everything is ethically produced in a fair trade certified-family owned workshop in Peru. The ethical treatment of workers also apply to the animals. Shearing the alpacas doesn’t hurt them it’s just like getting a haircut. Alpaca wool helps alpacas live in the cold, wet Andes highlands and then it helps them acclimate to warmer temps (that’s the reason it’s good for fall-spring-winter.) The question I had about the shearing- aren’t they cold after they’ve been sheared? Answer- nope. The baby alpacas are sheared in the summer. No alpacas were harmed and no alpacas were cold.


Caught with my sunglasses falling off.


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