Sustainable Shopping Guide: Anthropologie Clothing Brands A-Z

Sustainable Shopping Guide: Anthropologie Clothing Brands A-Z


Type: Sustainable

Produced in NYC in-house and in store. The factory is housed in a glass enclosure in their flagship store.  This transparency is carried throughout. Each pair is of jeans is made by their 24- person team.


Type: Eco-friendly

California cool with an eco-friendly vibe. This collection is inspired by the 1960s and is handmade in L.A. with eco-friendly fabrics and vintage trims.


Type: Artisan

Belts made by hand using Argentian leather and traditional techniques.

AG Jeans

Type: Sustainable

Designed and manufactured in L.A. using the latest sustainable techniques like eco-friendly dyes, and water saving mechanisms.

Agent Nateur 

Type: Aluminum-Free

This deodorant is all natural and made with food quality ingredients instead of harsh chemicals.


Type: Sustainable

First started in the 1960’s and re-launched to 2014. Today Agolde focuses on vintage inspired denim that is sustainably produced. Agolde manufacturers with a sustainable washing system in L.A.


Type: Ethical

Produced in partnership with a group of Bengali artisans. Everything is handmade using traditional methods and celebrates the vibrancy of Indian culture.

All Across Africa

Type: Ethical

All Across Africa produce their goods in small communities across Uganda. Everything is made slowly, ethically, and in a fair trade environment. The women who craft these products also use natural grasses.


Type: Ethical

Amadi produces everything locally in L.A. and ethically employs their workers.


Type: Ethical

Made with ethically sourced fabrics from Italy and France that have been made at heritage mills and employ traditional craftsmanship. The suits are produced in L.A. with fair and safe working conditions.


Type: Made in the USA

Produced in L.A., Anama owns their factory to make sure they can produce every piece in a quality way.


Type: Organic fabrics, Social enterprise

Handmade in India using GOTS certified organic cotton. Anchal employs 130 artisans and each purchase gives back to them with a fair wage, healthcare, benefits, and training and workshops.

Antik Batik

Type: Ethical

Antik Batik was created after Gabriela Cortese fell in love with traditional textiles. Batik, bandhani and embroidery, all feature throughout her collections, and everything is produced by Indian artisans that Gabriela has created lasting relationships with.


Type: Artisan-Made

A brand that is organically reviving ancient hand-printing, dyeing, and needle-craft techniques. Anupamaa uses natural vegetable dyes and hand-carved wooden blocks prepared by master craftsmen. Everything undergoes natural coloring and drying processes.

Archive New York

Type: Ethical

Handmade by Central American artisans in Guatemala who are employed with fair trade practices.


Type: Ethical

Bringing Manila craftsmanship to the world, Aranaz uses traditional Filipino techniques and materials to craft their collections. They employ local artisans in across the Philippines who hand-weave every bag.


Ariana Bohling 

Type: Artisan

Handmade by artisans in Peru who use traditional craft techniques and local materials like alpaca wool.

Babo Botanicals 

Type: Sustainable

Kate Solomon founded Babo Botanicals with the same commitment to sustainable agriculture that she had in the Peace Corp and at Harvard. Her skincare line contains pure ingredients that she sources from an organic farm in Upstate NY.

Bailey 44

Type: Made in the USA

Designed and produced locally in L.A.


Type: Sustainable

Plates and cutlery made with organic locally sourced bamboo.


Type: Sustainable and Artisan-Made

Caroline Weller’s exquisite designs are inspired by the textiles and printing techniques found in India. She produces everything locally, pays fair wages, and uses as many natural materials and toxin-free dyes. Banjanan also works to reduce waste, upcycling the old fabric that was not used season after season.


Type: Eco-Friendly

Barr-Co is produced in small batches. The ingredients are eco-friendly and the packaging is reusable.


Type: Artisan-Made

Designed and produced in Bali, Beachgold employs local textile artisans to produce every piece ethically and uniquely.


Type: Ethical

Handcrafted by Mexican artisans. Each pair takes 48 hours to create.

Bel Kazan

Type: Artisan Made

Socially and environmentally responsible. Bel Kazan produces in an open-air facility in Bali and designs her collections in L.A. Everything is made with organic and earth-friendly materials.

Bhanuni By Jyoti

Type: Artisan


Type: Slow and artisan-made.

Bl-nk releases just 4 collections a year. They are produced in Gurgaon, India by skilled, local artisans who handmade every beautiful garment.

Bobo Choses

Type: Slow

Hand dyed and made with pesticide-free organic cotton.

Cabbages & Kings 

Type: Fair Trade

Handmade by Fair Trade artisans in Bolivia and Peru. The designs are based on the cultural traditions of the artisans.


Type: Local Production

Cardinal NYC is designed in Brooklyn and produced entirely in the New York fashion district.

Carolina K 

Type: Ethical

Made with traditional techniques and natural and sustainable materials like recycled nylon.

Carla Colour

Type: Sustainable

Made with sustainably derived zyl acetate that will biodegrade. The sunglasses come in a vegetable-tanned leather case.

Canary Lane 

Type: Ethical

Canary Lane travels around the world to find ethically sourced home goods. Each rug is handwoven and one of a kind.

Capri Blue

Type: Slow

These candles are handmade by artisans in Mississippi in slow practices like hand-pouring. The candles are made with soy and burn clean and they are held with recycled glass vessels.


Type: Sustainable

Named after an amazing cave in Mexico, Cenote uses sustainable materials like recycled nylon throughout their collections.

Child of the Universe

Type: Ethical

Designed in NYC, using natural and organic Peruvian cotton. They source their cotton from vertically integrated looms to ensure the utmost quality and fairness.

Citizens of Humanity

Type: Sustainable

Produced in a sustainable, energy efficient factory in L.A. Using the latest technology.

Clare V. 

Type: Local Production

These bags are handmade and sourced in L.A.


Type: Ethical

Materials like recycled fabrics and handwoven pieces from Indonesian markets make up this ethical, artisan crafted brand.

Clo Intimo

Type: Ethical

Designed in NYC and produced in Latin America, Clo Intimo works with small family owned manufacturers who operate a healthy working environment and pay a living wage.

Conditions Apply

Type: Eco-friendly

Conditions Apply produces in India using slow, sustainable, and ethical manufacturing practices. Natural materials, traditional techniques, and slow production make up the ethos at this brand.

Connected Goods

Type: Artisan

These home goods are handmade by artisans who live in rural areas. Connected Goods helps bring them to a wider audience. The goods are made from natural and recycled materials. They bring fair wages and ethical working conditions to artisans worldwide.


Type: Ethical

Valeria Campello brought traditional Italian-made lingerie to the U.S. when she moved to Miami. She still uses her same, family-owned factory in Italy, and ensures that the employees are treated correctly.


Type: Eco-conscious

The linens are made with certified organic cotton and produced in ethical factories. The brand takes pride in reconnecting its clients with the natural world.

Crew & Lu 

Type: Ethical

Made ethically in Arizona with limited production runs that cut down on waste.


Type: Ethical

Everything is designed and produced in ethical conditions in L.A.


Type: Sustainable

Woven with eco-friendly practices that use half the dye and water of traditional denim fabrications and then finished in with ethical practices in NYC.


Type: Sustainable

Based in Melbourne and working with craftsmen all over the world, Elk produces ethically, and sustainably. They are transparent and

Ellie Fun Day

Type: Socially Responsible

Ellie Fun Day is produced in partnership with a social enterprise that empowers marginalized women. Giving them fair wages and dignified employment. The brand also produces its clothing with sustainable organic cotton.


Type: Female, Sustainable

Made for women, and by women. ELSE crafts everything by hand in Istanbul. The women who produce their lingerie are given additional training and education to help them succeed. They also incorporate sustainable practices, responsibly disposing of their wastes and using regenerated yarn in their lingerie.


Type: Traditional Techniques

This shoe brand was founded in 2007. It is produced in Spain by artisan masters who use traditional leatherworking techniques to make the shoes.

En Shalla

Type: Artisan

Handmade in Morocco. En Shalla combines traditional Moroccan weaving and craft techniques with a modern aesthetic. They are also eco-conscious and use recycled plastic as one of their main materials.


Type: Ethical


Type: Organic

European aesthetics meet California natural with this 100% organic skincare line. It is especially good for those with sensitive skin.

Ere Perez

Type: Cruelty-Free

This Australian brand produces carefully sourced botanically based products that provide beautiful colors with natural alternatives.


Type: Organic

This skincare line is organic, vegan, cruelty-free and innovative. They source botanicals from all over the world. Madagascar, Egypt, and Bulgaria are just some of the origins.

Eva Franco

Type: Ethical

Eva Franco used fashion to connect with her American peers after emigrating from Hungary. Now, she designs and produces her collections in L.A.

Ever Eco

Type: Sustainable

Reusable alternatives to plastic that have been made from sustainable materials like bamboo, organic cotton or recycled plastic and polyester.

Everyday for Everybody 

Type: Botanical

Botanically based skincare that removes toxins. The brand is formulated and produced in Australia.


Type: Artisan-Made

Using natural fabrics, Faithfull produces its collections in Bali and employs local artisans who are skilled and bring their traditional knowledge with them.

Fame & Partners 

Type: Sustainable

Produced in California with made to order production. The label is low-waste.

Farmhouse Pottery 

Type: Sustainable

Handmade by artisans and farmers in Vermont. They use traditional tools and techniques and everything is made with natural materials.

Fig x Yarrow 

Type: Organic

This artisanal skincare line is made in small batches of organic botanicals.


Type: Artisan

Designed in NYC and handcrafted, woven, and printed by artisan communities that Figue partners with around the world.

Freda Salvador

Type: Slow

These shoes are handmade in a family-run factory in Spain using Spanish and Italian sourced leathers.

French Girl Organics 

Type: Eco-Friendly

The ingredients used in French Girl Organics are locally sourced from a Seattle farmstead. The formulas use wildcrafted and organic ingredients.

Free People Movement

Type: Sustainable

This is Free People’s activewear brand. The styles are made with econyl, a sustainably regenerated nylon fiber.

Good hYOUman

Type: Sustainable

Grassroot by Anita Dongre 

Type: Sustainable

The Grassroot by Anita Dongre line works with NGO’s to train and employ artisans around India. Also, they use sustainable materials and low-impact dyes and are PETA approved cruelty-free fashion.


Type: Sustainable

Produced ethically and sustainably Hot as Hell manufactures in L.A. They use sustainable and natural materials. Their swimwear is made with a corn-based material.

Henne Organics 

Type: Organic

Made with certified organic ingredients. The makeup comes in eco-friendly glass tubes too.

Herbivore Botanicals 

Type: Organic

They ethically source their ingredients and produce safe, non-toxic skincare that is food grade. Also, it’s not tested on animals.

Huma Blanco

Type: Sustainable

Handmade in founder Adrianna Crocco’s family workshop in Peru. She employs artisans ethically and pays them fairly. The leather used is sourced locally in Peru.

Ilia Beauty

Type: Sustainable

Ilia Beauty is incredibly transparent. They source pure, ethical, sustainable ingredients


Type: Handcrafted

These candles are handcrafted in Minnesota and use food-grade ingredients and coconut wax.

Indego Africa

Type: Social Activism

Indego Africa works with female artisan communities in Ghana and Rwanda. They handcraft each item with locally sourced materials. One item can take 2-3 days to complete.

Indie Lee 

Type: Non-Toxic

Indie Lee is bringing much-needed changes to the wellness community. She combines science and safety, eliminating toxic elements from any part of the product line.


Type: Ethical

JadeTribe is crafted in partnership with a community of artisan weavers in Laos.


Type: Vegan

This skincare line is all natural and free of harsh chemicals that aren’t good for the body like parabens and sulfates.

Juice Beauty 

Type: Botanical

This innovative beauty brand is based in San Francisco and loved by celebrities like Gweneth Paltrow. They source their ingredients from organic farms and are chemical and cruelty-free.


Type: Ethical

Designed and handmade in Colombia. Kaanas partners with a local weaving mill. They have expanded to work with weaving artisans worldwide and help them keep their traditions and build sustainable livelihoods.


Type: Eco-Friendly

This brand was started over 20 years ago in New England. Today they still carry similar organic soaps and other natural skincare products.


Type: Artisan

Inspired by traditional textiles, Kirei makes its collection in India. This is because of the traditional techniques used and the ability to work with artisans. They use natural fabrics and give back to a children’s charity in Delhi.

Kinga Csilla 

Type: Artisan

The brand works in partnership with Indian artisans incorporating their traditional techniques into the collections.


Type: Plant-Based

These plant-based shampoos and soaps are good for your hair and for the environment. They help protect your scalp from environmental toxins in the air and water.

Klub Nico

Type: Traditional Techniques

Klub Nico is manufactured in the South of Brazil and designed in California. The factory the shoes are crafted at is family-run and crafted using traditional leather working techniques.


Type: Vachetta Leather

Kork-Ease has been around since the 1940s. The styles and production have changed with the times. Today they are made in Tuscany using naturally tanned vachetta leather.


Type: Slow

The Kontex towels are slow loomed. They are produced in Imabari, Japan in the traditional style that the region has practiced for the last 200 years.


Type: All-Natural

This brand is all about the coconut. Coconut oil and extracts and other natural ingredients can be found in these certified clean products.

Kore Swim 

Type: Sustainable

Swimwear made with Italian materials. Kore produces with ethical and sustainable standards in L.A.


Type: Ethical

Lacausa refers to Los Angeles, where their products are designed and manufactured, and “the cause.” Lacausa takes their socially conscious business and partners with different organizations and charities to create awareness, give support, provide resources for causes their team cares about.

Laidback London 

Type: Ethical

These shoes have been handmade by Kenyan artisans. The leather sourced is from a local, family run tannery.



Transparency is in the name. LAmade is produced in its company-owned  Los Angeles factory.

Laura Siegel

Type: Ethical, Sustainable, Artisan-Made

Ethically and sustainably handcrafted, Laura Siegal works with artisans around the world to create her handwoven clothes. Every artisan receives training and is paid a living wage.


Type: Aluminum-Free

Deodorant often contains really harsh chemicals. These deodorants are botanically based and aluminum-free. They use natural and botanical ingredients instead.


Type: Organic

This skincare line is free of harsh chemicals like parabens and sulfates. It’s also cruelty-free. Ingredients include organic materials like organic aloe lead juice.


Type: Ethical

Featuring handwoven cotton from Ethiopia. It was founded by Liya Kebede to help preserve a dying craft in her home country.

Lena Bernard

Type: Sustainable

This jewelry brand is handcrafted by artisans in Bali. They use sustainable and locally sourced materials like recycled metals and shells.

Les Petits Carreaux 

Type: Ethical

These sweet little pieces have been designed in France and ethically produced in San Francisco.

Level 99

Type: Sustainable

Made in L.A. with sustainable materials and processes. Also, Level 99 uses carbon offsets to keep their carbon footprint down.

Little Goodall

Type: Ethical

Children’s clothing and coats that have been handcrafted in an ethical environment in North Texas.

Lola & Stella 

Type: Sustainable

These cute kiddie clothes have been handmade from start to finish in Portland, Oregon. They use sustainable textiles like organic cotton and are treated with low-impact dyes.

Lulu Designs 

Type: Sustainably Sourced

Handcrafted in California using sustainably sourced metals.

M.i.h Jeans

Type: Sustainable

With traceable cotton and ethical practices, M.i.h Jeans is a bigger denim brand working to do sustainability right.


Type: Charitable

M4D3 means make a difference every day. With each purchase, M4D3 makes a charitable donation that positively impacts women around the world.


Type: Ethical

Maaji is made in Colombia and was started as a way to contribute to the social development of the country. They’ve started various ecological initiatives around the country like planting 100,000 trees and cleaning up Colombia’s waterways.

Mara Hoffman

Type: Sustainable

Colorful and creative, also incredibly eco-friendly. Mara Hoffman designs in New York and sources natural, sustainable fabrics like organic cotton from Peru and India.


Type: Ethical

Stunning textiles made completely in-house in the Marimekko studio in Helsinki. They are a part of the Better Cotton Initiative and work with new innovative biodegradable materials as they come on the market.

Marin Bee

Type: Natural & Organic

Marin Bee was started after Debra Tomaszewski noticed the benefits of using the honey from the bees she kept in her backyard. The formulas contain 1/3 California Wild Honey and other natural and organic ingredients.

MATE the Label

Type: Sustainable

Designed and produced in L.A. MATE the Label makes sure sustainability is always considered. The clothing is manufactured within a five-mile radius of the studio, they source sustainable materials like organic cotton. Also, they only produce in small batches to cut down on waste.


Type: Ethical

Matisse shoes are handcrafted in L.A. by artisans. They have fair labor standards and sustainable production practices.

Matt & Nat 

Type: Vegan

Designed in Canada and produced ethically in China. Matt & Nat doesn’t use any animal products and incorporates sustainable materials like recycled plastic.


Type: Ethical

Maypol produces their shoes in Caravaca de la Cruz, Spain using traditional techniques and artisan craftsmanship that has been passed down for generations.

Mermaid Beauty 

Type: Organic

The formulas are botanical and the brand uses organic ingredients that have been certified by EcoCert.

Mer-Sea & Co. 

Type: Small Batch

This skincare is mindfully packaged and produced in small batches. The ingredients are marine sourced and natural.

Mes Demoiselles 

Type: Handcraft

Designed in France and produced by traditional weavers and printers in India.

Michael Stars

Type: Sustainable

Manufactured in L.A. with totally eco-friendly materials like tencel and pima cotton that is sourced in the U.S.


Type: Giving Back

Miel’s founder’s sisters Camilla and Valeria are originally from Colombia, so when they moved production there from Montreal they knew they wanted to give back. They produce at a factory that has a program for factory workers to continue their education. Also, they have started various other initiatives to help mothers and children in need in Colombia.


Type: Sustainable

This children’s clothing line produces their collections with sustainable materials like organic cotton and bamboo fibers.


Type: Slow

Mirth Caftans are handwoven in Northern India. Their mission is to help keep the art of handwoven textiles alive. Therefore, they provide fair wages and give a portion of each sale back to the communities they’ve worked with.

Magic Organic Apothecary 

Type: Organic

Herbalism is the basis for this skincare brand. The recipes are herb based and toxin-free and treat common ailments like eczema.


Type: Ethical

Mochi was founded by Ayah Tarabi to help preserve stitching communities worldwide. They assist these communities by creating opportunity and sustainable growth. Their collections aim to authentically represent the communities they work with too.

Moon Juice 

Type: Natural

Amanda Chantel Bacon uses her supplements and teas to celebrate the raw power of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Her formulas are holistic and use organic ingredients.

Myroo Skincare 

Type: Botanical-Based

This is the U.K.’s first free-form skincare brand. It’s formulated without nuts, gluten, or dairy so it’s perfect for the extremely allergy sensitive. Also, Myroo skincare does two batches of each product one with an essential oil based fragrance and one without.

Natalie Martin 

Type: Traditional Techniques

Natalie Martin produces her collection in Indonesia and employs artisans who keep centuries-old traditions alive. The batik wax dyeing method is prominent in all her clothing.


Type: Ethical

Bohemian but comfortable. Carisa Brambles designs clothes to be functional from the beginning of the day to your evening nightcap. Everything is handmade with love in Los Angeles.

No B.S. 

Type: Responsible

Each piece of the No B.S. skincare line is plant-based and responsibly made. Also, No B.S. is cruelty-free and the formulas are free of parabens, synthetics, sulfates phthalates, and synthetics.


Type: Ethical

NORBLACK NORWHITE uses traditional Indian textiles and reinterprets them for the modern era. The goal is to pay respect to the past and preserve these ancient crafts for the future.


Type: Eco-Friendly

Baby and kids wear that makes the environment a priority. Oeuf believes in ethical partnerships with the artisans who make their lines and use organic & sustainable materials like baby alpaca wool.

Olio E Osso

Type: Organic

The Olio E Osso line is handcrafted in small batches in the Pacific Northwest they also source locally. Every formula is based on the properties of organic olive oil.

One Over One 

Type: Plant-Based

One Over One believes in the power of simple. They use natural and organic ingredients and don’t use parabens, sulfates, petroleums, or harmful synthetics.

Palma Canaria

Type: Artisan

Handcrafted by local artisans in Columbia the bags use natural palm.

Parme Marin

Type: Sustainable

Parme produces her collections in Morocco using traditional ancient techniques and producing in limited runs to minimize environmental impact.


Type: Ethical

Hand embroidered in Patricia Bonadli’s hometown in Brazil. Rather than outsource she created a community-based studio that now employs over 400 women.

Payal Pratap 

Type: Ethical

Payal Pratap is a modern label that manages to stay extremely current while reviving the ancient textile techniques of India. You’ll notice the intricate embroideries and delicate details throughout her clothing.

Peas and Queues 

Type: Fair Trade

Peas and Queues use the highest quality natural materials and work with Fair Trade producers.

Penelope Chilvers 

Type: Traditional Techniques

Penelope’s shoes are handcrafted in Spain using the traditional techniques the region is famous for.


Type: Handcrafted

Pichulik is handcrafted in Cape Town, South Africa using locally sourced materials.

Pinch of Color 

Type: Organic

All natural non-toxic formulas fill the tubes of this brand. Also, they produce without water which conserves one of the worlds most precious resources.

Prim Botanicals 

Type: All Natural

Each batch of Prim Botanicals is crafted in a small batchs. They use tropical botanicals and organic ingredients.


Type: Sustainable

Minerals that detoxify and are sourced from Brittany, France. Also the brand uses sustainably harvested spirula and wild-sourced seaweed for their soaks.

PYT Beauty 

Type: Non- Toxic

PYT Beauty believes in beauty without the bad stuff. Their makeup and skincare lines use clean, pure, skin safe ingredients.

Quincy Mae

Type: Sustainable

Easy to wear pieces for your baby. Quincy Mae uses organic cotton exclusively.

Rachel Comey 

Type: Ethical

Rachel Comey combines traditional techniques with modern sensibilities. She employs artisans around the world to bring sustainable livelihoods and help bring back their crafts.


Type: Conscious

Raincry starts with how it treats its workers. The artisans who handcraft each brush are given fair compensation. The materials used are conscious and crafted with renewable resources. For example, the wood used is sustainable beechwood from France.

Rebecca Atwood 

Type: Ethical

They use traditional and modern techniques to print their home goods and ethically employ in New York.

RMS Beauty 

Type: Non-Toxic

This makeup brand uses non-toxic formulas and raw, organic ingredients to bring makeup that performs and doesn’t hurt anything in the process.

Roller Rabbit 

Type: Artisan

Roller Rabbits collections are handprinted using traditional techniques by artisans in India. Each print can take days to complete. Also, the brand uses sun-reactive dyes.

Rue Stiic

Type: Ethical

Based in Byron Bay, Rue Stiic is for the dynamic women. They proudly produce their clothes in Bali and ensure ethical working conditions for all their artisans, who hand-dye, cut, and print the clothes.

Rujuta Sheth 

Type: Sustainable

Rujuta was inspired by the traditional weaving and embroidery techniques of the Indian village she grew up in. Each piece is eco-friendly. Also, she uses natural materials and sustainable and ethical production practices.

Sachin + Babi 

Type: Artisan

Sachin + Babi produces everything in their Mumbai studio with artisans who have done this work for generations.

Salt by Hendrix

Type: Organic

These plant-based formulas are made in the U.S. using ingredients like organic coconut.


Type: Handcrafted

These bags are designed in Paris and then made by hand in Madagascar using locally sourced raffia.


Type: Sustainable

Produced in California, but based on designer Amanda Chinchelli. love for the sea. Every piece is produced with sustainable materials like econyl.

Sensi Studio

Type: Ethical

Sensi Studio produces its collections in a socially responsible environment. They employ Ecuadorian artisans who handcraft every piece.

Semikah Textiles 

Type: Vintage, Handmade

Semikah Textiles goes throughout Morocco looking for amazing vintage Berber rugs that are handwoven by female artisans.

Shiva Rose

Type: Toxin-Free

An autoimmune disease led founder Shiva Rose to look for more natural holistic products. The result is this line of skincare that is toxin-free and made with organic ingredients when possible.


Type: Artisan-Made

Sissa founder Alessandra Affonso Ferreira, hand paints each print with watercolors and tries to source as many local materials as possible. All her clothes are digitally printed in the greater Sao Paulo region. Also, Sissa upcycles leftover textiles from the Association of Women in Muqueum.


Type: Small batch production

Made in small batches in the U.S. using soy wax. Also, the candles come in vessels that Skeem encourages you to upcycle.


Type: Natural

Skin is made in the U.S. and uses natural and organic fabrics like organic and pima cotton.

Snowfox Skincare

Type: Cruelty-Free

Snowfox Skincare is an Australian brand that sources most of its ingredients in the country and also tries to use organic when possible. Additionally, they are also cruelty-free and have a strict no testing policy.


Type: Certified B

Reusable water-bottles and homeware that are BPA-free. They use natural materials like bamboo and are Certified B.

St. Xavier

Type: Artisan

St. Xavier bags are crafted in India and Nepal by artisans who are fairly paid and work in safe environments using their heritage techniques.

Stasher Bags

Type: BPA-Free

This is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags. The bags are made of food-grade silicone and are BPA-free and petroleum free.



Stella Pardo

Type: Ethical

Handmade in Peru, using traditional Peruvian knitting techniques and locally sourced pima cotton. The materials are ethically sourced and handcrafted by Peruvian artisans.


Type: Reef-Friendly

Sun protection that’s good for everyone. Supergoop! was founded in 2007 and uses natural botanicals to help block those rays.


Type: Holistic

These experimental cosmetics are all-natural. The pure ingredients used come from an organic Finnish herb farm.

Swedish Hasbeens 

Type: Sustainable

SZ Blockprints

Type: Artisan

Handmade in a multigenerational studio in Jaipur using one of India’s oldest printing techniques. Plus, each item takes upwards of 10 hours to make.


Type: Sustainable

This young British lighting brand selects materials for their impact. They give, “Conservation through Beauty,” and are currently working towards a transparent carbon neutral supply chain. Also, for every 200 products sold they plant 10 trees.


Type: Artisan

The Tambonita bags are handwoven in Venice, CA by artisans. These bags are responsible and personalized. When your bag is near the end of its life you can also send it back for it to be upcycled and rewoven for you.

Tess + Tricia

Type: Handcrafted

Tess + Tricia is female-focused. They employ women in need and incorporate natural materials like ethically sourced antler tips.

The Artemisian

Type: Upcycled

The pieces in The Artemisian’s collection are sourced from thrift markets around the world and then repurposed into one of a kind pieces.

The Beauty Chef 

Type: Organic

The Beauty Chef is sustainably handcrafted serums, balms, and supplements. Also, they are put together in Bondi Beach, Australia.

The Citizenry

Type: Fair Trade

The Citizenry works with artisans around the world to find the best handcrafted goods. They pay these artisans fair trade wages and they work in fair trade environments. Plus, 10% of proceeds also go directly back into these communities.

The Global Trunk

Type: Artisan, Sustainable

The Global Trunk works with indigenous women in Latin America. The work directly with co-ops and artisan collectives to provide sustainable opportunities. Plus, they use sustainable materials like upcycled blouses when possible.

The Honey Hutch

Type: Ethically Sourced

Amy Wright is a generational bee-keeper and founder of The Honey Hutch. The honey in the honey hutch is sustainably and ethically sourced from Amy’s 70 hives.

The Konjac Sponge Co. 

Type: Plant-Based

The Sponges from The Konjac Sponge Co. come from the konjac potato plant and are made on Jeju Island off the coast of South Korea. They are all natural, vegan, and cruelty-free.

The Nue Co.

Type: Organic

Nutrition supplements that come from organic foods that are easy to digest and give you great plant-based protein.

The Organic Pharmacy 

Type: Reef-Friendly

The Organic Pharmacy is a line of skincare products that are rooted in homeopathy and pure ingredients. Founder Margo Marrone was appalled by the number of toxins in our food and skincare so she set out to make an alternative. Also it’s environmentally friendly. Their sunscreen won’t hurt the coral reefs.

The Wolf Gang 

Type: Vegetable-Tanned Leathers

Inspired by artisan communities worldwide, The Wolf Gang produces in Bali and makes their bags with vegetable-tanned leather.

This Works

Type: Chemical-free

The ingredients for the This Works skincare line are gathered from British farms and are chemical-free.


Type: Local

California vibes run through the Tina+Jo collections. The line is sourced and produced in L.A. Also, all the clothing is hand-dyed.

Twine & Twig

Type: Local

This jewelry is handcrafted in Charlotte, NC and made from locally sourced and natural materials.

Valia Gabriel 

Type: Handcrafted

These shoes are handmade on Crete by Greek artisans. Valia designs the shoes in her home in the Bahamas for a cross-cultural fusion.


Type: Sustainable, Fair Trade

Street shoes are sneakers made in the best way. Veja designs in Paris and produces at its own factory in Brazil that is certified Fair Trade.


Type: Organic

Vejibag was designed to help founder Sally Erickson transport her vegetables to a farmers market and last longer. The bags are made of organic cotton. Plus, they can acclimate to different temperatures, unlike stale plastic air.


Type: Vegetable-Tanned Leather

These handbags are made in Spain using traditional vegetable-dying and no harsh chemicals. Also, they use indigenous dyes for locally sourced coloring.


Type: Small-Batch

CBD infused skincare that’s handcrafted in small batches in California. Also, Vertly follows the principals of herbalism and uses slowly-infused plant extracts.

Vida Glow

Type: Organic

Protein powder derived from natural ingredients and organic sourced plants.

Vineet Bahl

Type: Artisan-Made

Unconventionally beautiful. These Vineet Bahl designs are made using traditional Indian techniques like and blocking. What makes his designs specifically unique is the additional Sardinian and Afghan embroidery that Vineet also incorporates.


Type: Sustainable

Baby soaps that are tear-free and organic. They are sustainably sourced which is better for the earth and the baby.


Type: Ethical Ingredients

Ecologically sound candles with ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients that are made without pesticides or parabens. The candles are made with coconut wax and hand-blended.

Vyshyvanka by Sleeping Gypsy

Type: Artisan-Made

Manufacturing in a tsarist-era mansion in the center of Kiev, this sustainable fashion label is helping to preserve centuries dressmaking techniques from Ukraine. Manufacturing is done by a small team of artisans whose experience in garment production spans over 20 years. They use local materials that require minimal transportation and strive to have as little waste as possible with their patterns.

Where Mountains Meet

Type: Artisan-Made

Since launching in 2015, Where Mountains Meet have collaborated with craftsmen in India, Guatemala, and Bolivia to promote the traditions of culturally rich communities and to pioneer a more mindful approach to design. Handmade, eclectic fabrics, modern silhouettes.

Wicks & Stones 

Type: Handmade, Soy

These candles are handmade in Melbourne using soy-wax. Also, the pots they come in are also handcrafted clay.


Type: Sustainable

Started by Elle Mcpherson, these supplements aim to bring the elixirs in found in the natural world to your kitchen. Plus, they source ethical and sustainably farmed plants for their elixirs.


Type: Reusable & BPA-Free

We should all be using reusable everything. Just say no to plastic. W&P makes reusable travel dishes made from ceramic and silicone.

Wylde One 

Type: Organic

Elixirs and teas that help your body function well. Also, the ingredients are mostly certified organic.


Type: Low-Impact

Cleaning products made with 90% natural or low-impact ingredients.

Youth to the People

Type: Farm-to-Table

Farm to table beauty that provides your skin with much-needed antioxidants. Also, the formulas are vegan and the products are crafted in California.


Type: Low-Impact

Towels made from low-impact handpicked cotton. They are environmentally friendly and produced in Imabari, Japan.

Young Frankk

Type: Recycled

Minimalist lines and clean silhouettes are found in Young Frankk’s jewelry. Each piece is handmade using recycled metals and locally sourced and produced materials.


Type: Sustainably Harvested

Skincare that enhances your yoga experience. Overall, Yuni products are made with ethically sourced and sustainably harvested natural ingredients. Plus, they are perfect for yoga.

Zoe Organics 

Type: Organic

Made using organic ingredients. Zoe Organics is family-friendly and based in California.

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