The Sustainable Shopping Guide: Matches Fashion


A.A. Spectrum

Type: Ethical/Environmentally Responsible

Working to change the stigma around “Made in China”, A. A. Spectrum infuses elements of traditional Chinese culture into their thoroughly modern label. Produced in China with artisanal manufacturing and environmentally responsible sourcing.

outfit_1231806_1 aa spectrum jacket outfit_1231814_1_large aa spectrum coat outfit_1231811_1 aa spectrum coat

Ace & Jig

Type: Artisan-made

Ace & Jig is known for their customized woven fabrics. Their collections are designed in Brooklyn and brought to life by artisanal Indian weavers. They strive to produce no waste and use reuse their fabric scraps.

outfit_1206427_1 ace and jig dress 1235781_4 ace and jig skirt outfit_1235782_1 ace and jig pants

Adidas by Stella McCartney

Type: Sustainable

Taking her sustainable ethos to Adidas. This line uses natural materials like organic cotton and sustainable materials like recycled nylon.

outfit_1218106_1 adidas by stella mccartney jacket outfit_1218071_1_large adidas by stella mccartney outfit_1218049_1 adidas by stella mccartney leggings


Type: Sustainable

Handcrafted in artisanal workshops in Italy. The bags are made from eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather that comes from tanneries in Florence.

1213074_3_large alvaro 1213070_3_large alvaro 1213073_3_large alvaro

Ana Khouri

Type: Ethical

This delicate jewelry is based on Ana Khouri study of sculpture. Every piece is molded from a single cast and the metals used are fair trade and ethically sourced.

outfit_1229862_1_large ana outfit_1229864_1_large ana 1229829_2_large ana

Ancient Greek Sandals

Type: Artisan

Inspired by Greek mythology and style. These sandals are made by Greek artisans using traditional methods.

1211871_3_large ancient greek 1223159_3_large ancient greek 1223160_3_large ancient greek

Andy Wolf

Type: Sustainable

Handmade in Austria. Andy Wolf combines sleek high tech design with sustainable Italian acetate.

outfit_1224603_1_large andy wolf outfit_1224606_1_large andy wolf outfit_1224607_1_large andy wolf

Anissa Kermiche

Type: Ethical

Started as an engineer and ended up in jewelry design. I love the story behind Anissa Kermiche. Founded in 2016, Anissa Kermiche is based in London and uses materials like fair trade gold.

outfit_1199148_1_large anissa outfit_1199014_1 anissa 1070183_2_large anissa

Antonello Tedde

Type: Sustainable

Antonello was inspired by Antonello Tedde’s mother and grandmother. Everything in the bag is natural with regenerated cotton and wool.

Apiece Apart

Type: Sustainable

Produced in the U.S. with a focus on natural materials like organic cotton and linen. The ethos of this brand is clean and wearable.

outfit_1235131_1 apiece apart 1235132_3 apiece apart 1235135_4 apiece apart

Aurélie Bidermann

Type: Ethical

Jewelry for the bohemian. Everything is produced by hand in France with ethical sourcing.

outfit_1238916_1_large aurelie outfit_1234435_1_large aurelie outfit_1238918_1 aurelie


Type: Ethical

Relaxed and comfy. ATM is named for designer Anthony Thomas Melillo and is produced ethically in Peru using local materials like Peruvian cotton.

outfit_1228077_1 atm outfit_1228072_1 atm outfit_1228079_1 atm

Audrey Louise Reynolds

Type: Slow production

Founded in Brooklyn, Audrey Louise Reynolds uses all natural ingredients to create her beautiful dyes. Every piece is unique, with a vivid color, and has been handmade.

outfit_1203562_1_large audrey louise reynolds 1203561_4 audrey louise reynolds outfit_1203554_1_large audrey louise reynolds


Type: Vintage Fabrics

These insta-worthy dresses have been everywhere. I was super excited to learn that they are produced with vintage fabrics in small batches in NYC.

outfit_1257766_1 batsheva outfit_1229270_1 batsheva outfit_1257764_1_large batsheva


Type: Ethical

Founded by Fiona Bansal and Valeska Deutsch. This brand brings together cultures in a streamlined way. Think ancient India meets Austrian lace. Everything is manufactured in Europe.

Bibi van der Velden

Type: Sustainable

These pieces are a mix of natural and fantasy. Designed in New York, Bibi van der Velden uses sustainable gold, and other eco-friendly materials to walk the line between sustainability and luxury.

1235404_2_large bibi 1235398_2_large bibi 1235405_2_large bibi

Blaze Milano x Arizona Muse

Type: Sustainable

This collaboration between Blazé Milano and Arizona Muse is totally eco-friendly. The fabrics have been sourced through The Sustainable Angle and include materials like organic wool.

outfit_1234990_1_large blaze milano outfit_1234992_1_large blaze milano outfit_1234993_1 blaze milano


Type: Ethical

Based in London. Bodas makes essentials and sleepwear. They’ve received the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark and source their materials mainly from the E.U. Welsh cashmere, French lace, sun protecting Italian technical fabric and supima cotton.

outfit_1237371_1_large bodas 1198759_2_large bodas outfit_1198763_1_large bodas

Borgo De Nor

Type: Local production

Based in London. Borgo De Nor sources their fabrics from within the U.K. and has ethical production standards.

borgo de nor outfit_1218736_1_large borgo de nor outfit_1218750_1_large borgo de nor


Type: Sustainable

This swimwear is inspired by 1970’s screen sirens and wouldn’t look out of place in the era. The difference is these suits are made with sustainable ECONYL. Nylon that comes from recycled fishing lines.

outfit_1202023_1_large bower outfit_1202029_1_large bower outfit_1202016_1_large bower

By Walid

Type: Vintage fabrics

Made with handpicked vintage fabrics like 19th- century Chinese silk. By Walid employs artisan craftspeople to create these amazing pieces.

outfit_1237136_1_large by walid outfit_1237128_1_large by walid outfit_1237127_1 by walid


Designed in Grau­bünden, Switzerland, Capranea is skiwear with an urban aesthetic. The collection is handmade in Portugal and uses innovative and sometimes sustainable materials from PETRATEX.

outfit_1223435_1_large caperna outfit_1223451_1_large capranea outfit_1223449_1_large caprane

Carrie Forbes

Type: Artisan

Socially Responsible, Artisanal and Handcrafted. Carrie Forbes employs female artisans in Morocco who use traditional weaving techniques that have been used since ancient times in Morocco. The raffia used is sourced from Madagascar and is naturally dyed.

1213121_3_large carrie 1190033_3 carrie 1213115_3_large carrie


Type: Artisan

Designed in New York and crafted in Japan, Chimala does denim artisanally. They work with very small denim factory’s and the dyes and techniques are the traditional ones cultivated by Japan’s denim industry.

1228662_4 chimala outfit_1228658_1_large chimala outfit_1228667_1_large chimala


Type: Artisan-Made

Sofía Sanchez de Betak works with artisans around the world to make her designs. Traditional techniques like hand printing and hand stitching are used.

outfit_1236077_1_large chufy outfit_1236072_1_large chufy outfit_1236074_1 chufy


Type: Slow

Made in limited quantities and never mass produced. The collections from Colville are designed to personal and thought of as art pieces that you will keep.

1228205_4_large colville outfit_1228194_1_large colville 1228192_4 colville

Commonwealth Fashion Exchange

Type: Sustainable

This capsule edit is the result Matches Fashions work with the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange. Start by Eco-Age and the British Fashion Council, the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange is a showcase of global artisanal work that also encourages sustainability.

outfit_1248629_1 commonwealth fashion exchange 1248627_4_large commonwealth fashion exchange outfit_1248626_1 commonwealth fashion exchange


Type: Sustainable

Fabrics that are certified by Bluesign, and responsibly sourced in the E.U. Cordova, is eco-friendly winter wear that is also figure flattering and feminine.

Cult Gaia

Type: Sustainable

Cult is in the name, and you’ve seen the bags everywhere. They are made with natural and salvaged bamboo in L.A.

1220234_4 cult 1231293_3 cult 1220237_3_large cult

Danse Lente

Type: Slow

Danse Lente means slow dance in French and so it’s a plus that the bags are slowly made! The materials are produced by artisans who use traditional techniques and add modern embellishments Danse Lente has also launched the Rehome Project where they are take bags that have small defects and are redesigning them eventually they’ll be raffled or donated.

1232283_1 danse 1232288_1 danse 1232285_1 danse


Type: Artisan-made

Handmade in their New Delhi textile studio, D’Ascoli combines ancient and modern methods to make vivid prints. Materials include locally grown cotton and silk.

outfit_1233730_1_large d'ascoli outfit_1233739_1_large dascoli outfit_1233741_1_large dascoli

Denis Colomb

Type: Artisan

Made by artisans in Nepal, Denis first started visiting the region in 2003. His products are hand-loomed and use Mongolian cashmere.

outfit_1231908_1_large denis outfit_1231905_1 denis outfit_1231906_1_large denis

Dragon Diffusion

Type: Artisan

Designed in Brussels and crafted in India, the Dragon Diffusion Bags use traditional weaving techniques and combines them with leather. They produce in partnership with a team of artisans.

1220579_3_large dragon outfit_1202650_1_large dragon outfit_1220580_1_large dragon

Duro Olowu

Type: Sustainable

One of Nigeria’s most well-known designers, Duro Olowu has been dipping his designs in sustainability since he launched in 2005. His collections have featured recycled African prints, vintage fabrics.

Eckhaus Latta

Type: Sustainable

Eckhaus Latta has always reminded me of how brands should be in the future. They don’t claim sustainability, they just are sustainable. They use recycled materials and recycle as a way to be resourceful with creativity.

Edeltrud Hofmann

Type: Vintage Fabrics

Every shirt from Edeltrud Hofmann is Made from deadstock silk. The shirts are vintage inspired, super fun, and definitely bright.

1236282_5_large edeltrud 1236286_5_large edeltrud 1236285_5_large edeltrud

Edward Crutchley

Type: Ethical

English manufacturing meets otherworldy traditions at Edward Crutchley. From traditional Japanese dyes to traditional styles like the kimono, this brand mixes craft with modernity.

1222060_4_large edward crutchley outfit_1222062_1_large edward crutchley outfit_1222059_1 edward crutchley

Ernest Leoty

Type: Ethical

This brand brings couture details to activewear, and they’ve even made a wearable, comfortable corset. Produced in the E.U. Ernest Leoty uses factories that are committed to ethical and sustainable production.

1232367_5 ernest 1232363_4 ernest 1232376_3_large ernest


Type: Sustainable

Produced in England using the traditional techniques to make a saddle. The leather used is vegetable dyed and eco-friendly.


Type- Artisan-made

Figue collaborates with artisans around the world for its bohemian influenced clothing. The pieces are handmade and incorporate different techniques from each community.

outfit_1211746_1_large figue 1211750_4_large figue outfit_1211749_1_large figue

Filù Hats

Type: Artisan

Based in Italy, each hat is made by artisans in the Alps using centuries-old traditional techniques. The straw comes from Ecuador and Japan.

outfit_1232393_1_large filu outfit_1232390_1_large filu outfit_1232394_1_large filu


Type: Sustainable

Sustainable fabric meets hand-painted fun in this swimwear brand. ECONYL is used because it’s fully regenerative and helps stop environmental destruction. They also double as a great bodysuit.

Francesca Villa

Type: Artisan

Launched in 2007, Francesca Villa’s designs are definitely unique. Many of the pieces used are sourced from antique shops in Italy and are then crafted into statement jewelry by Italian artisans.

1234966_2_large fran 1234969_2_large fran 1234974_2_large fran

Gabriela Hearst

Type: Sustainable

Gabriela Hearst will go plastic free by 2019. She’s been a constant model for sustainable fashion. She uses sustainable fabrics and biodegradable packaging.

outfit_1228020_1 gabriela hearst outfit_1228032_1 gabriela hearst outfit_1228045_1 gabriela hearst


Type: Sustainable

Proving that you can still be sustainable and use beading is Kevin Germanier. His collection is entirely upcycled and uses discarded beads and glitter.

outfit_1263840_1_large germanier outfit_1263839_1 germanier outfit_1237212_1_large germanier

Gioia Bini

Type: Ethical

Gioia Bini’s designs are endlessly pretty. They are all ethically created in Florence too. She sourced her fabrics from all over the world on her travels.

outfit_1245795_1 gioia bini outfit_1221234_1 gioia bini outfit_1221232_1 gionia bini

Giuliva Heritage Collection

Type: Sustainable

High quality and natural. Giuliva Heritage Collection uses men’s tailoring principles to make stylish and slick collections. They also reduce waste with sustainable production.

outfit_1218875_1_large giuliva outfit_1218880_1_large giuliva outfit_1218876_1_large giuliva


Type: Artisan

Handmade in the Alicante region. Goya produces a modern take on the traditional Menorquina sandal. They are handmade by artisans who have worked in the region for decades.

1234798_3_large goya 1234797_3_large goya 1234800_3_large goya


Type: Sustainable

Committing to sustainable luxury in 2014. Gucci has a 10-year plan to implement their sustainable goals. Since then they’ve launched Gucci Equilibrium to help with transparency, have been incorporating sustainable materials into their products.

outfit_1214556_1 gucci 1214585_5_large gucci 1232818_4 gucci

Harris Wharf

Type: Ethical

Sharp cuts and lovely colors are what first made me notice this brand. Harris Wharf London is designed in London but produced in Turin at designer Giulia Acciardi’s grandfather’s glove-making factory. They also stick to a few Italy sourced fabrics to help keep the price point reasonable.

1230257_3 harris wharf london 1230254_6 harris wharf london outfit_1230252_1 harris wharf london

Heimat Atlantica

Type: Artisan

Montserrat Alvarez is an experiment at preserving traditional craft. The bags are inspired by Northern Spain and Portugal and are handwoven on looms by Spanish and Portuguese artisans.

1234976_1 heimat 1234977_1 heimat 1234981_1 heimat

Hunting Season

Type: Artisan

This brand uses handwoven straw techniques from Colombian artisans who make the bags and combines handcrafted Italian hardware. Hunting Season is the product of melding cultures.

1233214_1 hunting 1233219_1 hunting 1233221_1 hunting

I Love Mr Mittens

Type: Sustainable

Sustainably produced knitwear. I Love Mr Mittens relies on a community of independent knitters who hand knit the collections.

Innika Choo

Type: Artisan

Based in Bali, Innika Choo produces the perfect summer attire. Using natural materials and traditional techniques like hand embroidery, these artisanal pieces will make you dream of warmer days.

outfit_1250680_1_large innika choo 1217815_5_large innika choo outfit_1217809_1_large innika choo

Jade Swim

Type: Sustainable

Bright swimsuits that are still minimalist in design. The fabric used is sustainable And Italian.

1217132_4_large jade swim outfit_1217149_1 jade swim 1217129_4_large jade swim

Joelle Kharrat

Type: Artisan

This brand is based in Beirut and combines bohemian with diligent craft. The artisans who produce these pieces are from Bourj Hammoud and use traditional wax casting to make each piece.

outfit_1235594_1_large joelle outfit_1235595_1_large joelle outfit_1235593_1_large joelle

Johanna Ortiz

Type: Artisan

Johanna produces her collection in Colombia and works diligently to give back to the community that raised her. She has also started a school that teaches sewing techniques to local women.

outfit_1233941_1 johanna ortiz outfit_1233930_1 johanna ortiz outfit_1233931_1_large johanna ortiz


Type: Artisan

Based in London and made in Bali with locally sourced materials. Kalita employs traditional artisans and is eco-conscious using dyes that are made by hand.

outfit_1206962_1_large kalita outfit_1206957_1_large kalita outfit_1206964_1 kalita

Katharine Hamnett London

Type: Sustainable

Katharine Hamnett is political and ethical. The designs are unisex and the materials are ethically and responsibly sourced.

outfit_1233671_1_large katharine hammett london outfit_1233679_1 katharine hammett london 1203586_4 katharine


Type: Sustainable

Handmade in Swaziland with sustainable lutindzi grass. This grass, in particular, is super great because it doesn’t use as much water. The leather used is vegetable tanned and the hardware is hand craved cow horn. These horns are often just discarded and not used too!

1165254_1 khokho 1214438_1 khokho 1207009_1 khokho

Kilometre Paris

Type: Vintage fabrics

Made for the traveler and want to be a traveler who wants to carry the journey with them. Kilometre Paris uses vintage linen and off to the artisan communities in Mexico and India that they partner with.

outfit_1233874_1_large kilometre paris outfit_1189728_1_large kilometre paris outfit_1189732_1_large kilometre paris

La Fetiche

Type: Slow

Franco-Scottish inspiration abounds at La Fetiche. April Crichton, (Scotland) and Orély Forestier (France) use local sourcing and small batch production to preserve the traditional skills of their respective homes and craft a timeless wardrobe at the same time.

1235082_4 la fetiche outfit_1235076_1 la fetiche 1235084_4 la fetiche

Lee Mathews

Type: Sustainable

2018 saw Lee Mathews release it’s most sustainable collection. They practice sustainable manufacturing with water and waste reduction and use sustainable biodegradable natural materials and have started using ECONYL in their swimwear.

outfit_1216980_1 lee mathews 1216991_4_large lee mathews outfit_1216983_1 lee mathews

Lizzie Fortunato

Type: Ethical

This is costume jewelry with an ethical slant. It’s produced in New York City and employs ethically including lots of single mothers.

outfit_1230693_1_large lizzie outfit_1230695_1_large lizzue outfit_1230691_1_large lizzie


Type: Sustainable

Launched in 2015, LNDR is minimalist and stylish activewear. They are committed to sustainable production and ethical practices and use sustainable fabrics like euro jersey.

outfit_1224479_1_large lndr outfit_1230648_1_large lndr outfit_1224466_1 lndr

Lola Hats

Type: Artisan

Designed in New York. These unique hats are hand pressed and made on vintage blocks in Paris that give the hats an old world feel.

outfit_1235753_1_large lola outfit_1235761_1_large lola outfit_1235755_1_large lola

Loup Charmant

Type: Ethical

Dreamy dresses for the ethereal girl. Loup Charmant was launched in 2006 and focuses their fabrics on natural materials like organic cotton. They are designed in NYC and produced in the U.S.

outfit_1205185_1_large loup charmant outfit_1205205_1_large loup charmant outfit_1222749_1_large loup charmant

Lutz Morris

Type: Ethical

Designed and produced in Germany, Lutz Morris is committed to slow production. Materials are produced and sourced in Germany and are held to strict environmental standards. Plus a portion of the sale is donated to Every Mother Counts!

1218185_1 lutz 1223191_1 lutz 1218184_1 lutz

M.i.h Jeans

Type: Sustainable

Launched in 1969, today M.i.h Jeans still relies on its retro roots and has added an increasing sustainable slant. They’ve launched their Paradise Capsule which is full of low impact fabrics and processes and they’ve also released a 10-year sustainability manifesto.

outfit_1224404_1_large mih 1224394_4_large mih outfit_1208707_1_large mih


Type: Sustainable

Utilitarian vibes with ecologically sound practices. Maharishi uses eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton and upcycled fabrics like old parachutes.

outfit_1228576_1_large maharishi outfit_1227988_1 maharishi outfit_1228577_1_large maharishi

Mara Hoffman

Type: Sustainable

Designed in New York, Mara Hoffman is known for her colorful ready wear and awesome swimsuits. Her production is sustainable and her fabrics are natural, hand-loomed, and organic.

1219557_4_large mara hoffman outfit_1227644_1_large mara hoffman outfit_1227643_1 mara hoffman

Maria La Rosa

Type: Traditional Techniques

Slow fashion hosiery! Maria La Rosa makes her tights and socks by hand on antique looms and the hosiery is made with natural fibers like alpaca fleece and linen.

1232758_1 maria la rosa 1232754_1 maria la rosa 1232749_2_large maria la rosa

Marine Serre

Type: Sustainable

Sustainability is a key part of the Marine Serre brand. Her collections are made from recycled or reclaimed materials.

outfit_1235409_1_large marine serre outfit_1232326_1_large marine serre outfit_1232330_1 marine serre


Marit Ilison

Type: Artisan

Marit Ilison takes vintage Soviet blankets and makes them into reversible coats! The costs are handmade by skilled artisans in Estonia.

outfit_1236068_1_large marit outfit_1236065_1_large marit outfit_1236064_1_large marit




Type: Sustainable

Sustainable sunglasses are easier to find now, but glasses are definitely still hard to find. Meeyye is changing that. They make bifocal glasses and sunglasses with sustainable materials.

outfit_1202625_1_large meeyye outfit_1202621_1_large meeyye outfit_1202628_1_large meeyye

Mes Demoiselles

Type: Artisan

Founder Anita Radovanovic, fell in love with traditional textiles on her travels and launched a brand based on the amazing fabrics she saw. Today Mes Demoiselles is produced by traditional Indian weavers and artisans.

outfit_1199302_1_large mes outfit_1199294_1_large mes outfit_1199310_1_large mes

Monique Péan

Type: Ethical

Monique Péan is fine jewelry with a conscious. She ethically sources her materials and uses her brand to raise awareness about a range of issues.

1226546_2_large monique 1226544_2_large monqiue 1226545_2_large monique


Type: Ethical

Boots that are made with natural materials and traditional techniques. This Italian shoe brand employs traditional Norwegian shoe techniques and uses vegetable tanned leather, and water-based glues.

1234940_3_large mont 1234950_3_large mont 1234944_3_large mont


Type: Artisan

Muuñ is a cross-cultural brand. Designed in Paris, produced in Ghana, and they also include Japanese influences in their designs. Each one is handwoven and uses natural dyes for coloring.

1231154_1 muun 1231149_1 muun 1231146_1 muun

 Morpho + Luna

Type: Sustainable

Vivid loungewear that has a traceable wool. Morpho + Luna produces their collections at Reda, the only wool mill in the world that has received an EMAS certification and gets their merino wool from three farms in New Zealand.

1219788_2 morpho 1219790_2 morpho 1219789_2 morpho

Muzungu Sisters

Type: Artisan

Muzungu Sisters launched in 2009 and has kept its fair, artisanal ethos. They now work with 16 different artisan communities around the world.

outfit_1097721_1 muzungu sisters outfit_1158067_1_large muzungu outfit_1248027_1_large muzungu


Type: Vintage Fabric

Myar is made through upcycled military clothing to create their line of workwear. The style is very much utilitarian and functional.

outfit_1220062_1_large myar outfit_1208119_1_large myar outfit_1208117_1 myar

My Beachy Side

Type: Ethical

Handmade in Turkey. My Beachy Side is a brand full of beautiful handknitted, woven, and crochet pieces. The women who make them are refugees.

outfit_1183895_1_large my beachy side 1183893_2_large my beachy side 1183902_2_large my beachy side

Negative Underwear

Type: Ethical

Underwear at its base should be comfortable and functional. Negative Underwear is taking underwear back to the basics, sourcing the best fabrics, and components from around the world. All of their factories comply with ethical and environmental standards and Negative Underwear spends lots of time in these factories getting to known the women who make the underwear.

outfit_1229433_1_large negative underwear outfit_1229428_1_large negative underwear outfit_1229426_1_large negative underwear


Type: Upcycled

This is the anti-brand. Noki is run by Dr. Noki, who has been running campaigns against fast fashion since the 1990’s. This collection is completely upcycled from mass produced clothing that has been fundamentally changed.

outfit_1264562_1 noki outfit_1264543_1_large noki outfit_1264557_1 noki


Type: Sustainable

Natural materials and functional design are what encompasses PB0110. The bags are made in the E.U. with vegetable tanned leather and linen.

1220180_1 pb 1220181_1 pb 1220183_1 pb


Type: Ethical

Pendleton started as a trading partnership with Native American communities in the U.S. in 1863 and its still a family run business and is still connected to Native communities. They use wool from the U.S.

1236395_2_large pendleton 1236908_2_large pendleton 1236391_2_large pendleton

Pepper & Mayne

Type: Sustainable

Elegant activewear that is inspired by ballerinas. They have a fully traceable supply chain and ethically produce all their products. They also include sustainable materials like organic cotton.

1221920_2_large pepper outfit_1221911_1_large pepper outfit_1221915_1_large pepper

Perfect Moment

Type: Sustainable

Perfect Moment is outdoor athletic wear that takes sustainability seriously. They make their clothes with sustainable and recycled materials like their fabric PrimaLoft® ECO, which is made from 28 recycled bottles.

outfit_1237088_1 perfect moment 1237091_4 perfect moment 1237089_4 perfect moment

Peterson Stoop

Type: Eco-conscious

Crafted by artisans in a small Dutch village at Peterson Stoop’s in-house factory. These shoes are genderless and sustainable. They’ve used recycled materials and try to make each collection as environmentally conscious as possible.

1258318_4 peterson 1237876_3_large peterson 1258321_4 peterson

Pippa Holt

Type: Artisan

Colorful kaftans that are great for summer and fall. They are handmade in Mexico by artisans and each more takes a month to make.

outfit_1174117_1_large pippa holt outfit_1205065_1_large pippa holt outfit_1203125_1 pippa holt


Minimalist sneakers with a sustainable edge. Started in 2014, Primury produces in Portugal and uses recycled rubber for their sneakers.

1222392_5 primury 1222391_4 primury 1222396_1 primury

Pour Les Femmes

Type: Ethical

Founded by Robin Wright and Karen Fowler, after a trip to the Congo. Pour Les Femmes employs refugee women in from the Congo who are survivors of violence and displacement.

1234752_2_large pour les femmes outfit_1234743_1_large pour les femmes outfit_1234744_1_large pour les femmes

Queene and Belle

Type: Artisan

Produced in the Scottish knitting heartland, Hawick. Queene and Belle use traditional knitting techniques to craft their super comfy knitwear and employ specialist artisan knitters to make the clothes.

outfit_1235652_1_large queene outfit_1235644_1 queene outfit_1235654_1_large queene and belle


Type: Vintage Fabrics

Based in L.A. Re/Done upcycles old Levi’s that still have that sturdy denim the brand is known for. They take the old jeans apart at the seams and make the jeans new.

1231823_4 redone 1231822_3 redone 1231828_4 redone

Reinhard Plank Hats

Type: Ethical

Reinhard Plank is known for their minimalist style hats. They are handmade in Florence using traditional millinery methods.

outfit_1255176_1_large reinhard outfit_1255181_1_large reinhard outfit_1255177_1_large reinhard

Rianna + Nina

Type: Vintage Fabrics

Rianna and Nina met at a vintage furniture fair in Berlin and have taken their love of vintage materials to the brand. They use repurposed vintage fabric in their collections and everything is crafted in Germany.

outfit_1235369_1 rianna outfit_1235372_1_large rianna outfit_1235373_1 rianna

Richard Quinn

Type: Sustainable

The Richard Quinn label has expanded exponentially since Anna Wintour brought the Queen of England to his show, but sustainability is still a part of his studio. He uses digital printing which saves waste and water to make his signature patterns and plans to continue to produce locally.

1235359_3_large richard quinn 1235355_5_large richard quinn 1235357_3_large richard quinn

Ryan Roche

Type: Sustainable

Sustainable Knitwear. Ryan Roche knitwear is produced with low impact production methods. She works with a women’s cooperative in Nepal and also produces some in the U.S. and Italy.

outfit_1190954_1_large ryan roche 1236020_4_large ryan roche outfit_1190958_1_large ryan roche

Sensi Studio

Type: Artisan

Ethically produced in Ecuador with locally sourced palm. The hats and bags are both produced by socially responsibly employed artisans.

1208689_1 sensi 1229792_1 sensi 1208687_1 sensi


Type: Sustainable

Loungewear and basics with an organic twist. Skin uses natural materials like organic cotton and pima cotton.

outfit_1229749_1_large skin outfit_1229747_1_large skin outfit_1229746_1_large skin

Sophie Anderson

Type: Artisan

Launched in 2011, Sophie Anderson has become known for her bright bags with cool patterns. She started working with traditional Wayyu artisans and has now expanded her range of craft to India, Peru, and Europe, and has started using new materials like crochet grass.

1239914_1 sophie 1239915_1 sophie 1239913_1 sophie

Sophie Hulme

Type: Sustainable

Known for the bucket bag, my favorite thing about the Sophie Hulme brand is the stunning colors and functionality. Sophie’s vegetable tanned leather is sourced from European tanneries and produced in Hungary and Italy.

1217635_1 hulme 1216536_1 hulme 1216538_1 hulme


Type: Ethical

Popping colors and pretty pastels. Staud was launched in 2015 and is designed and produced in L.A.

outfit_1226921_1_large staud 1211992_4 staud outfit_1226922_1 staud

Stella McCartney

Type: Sustainable

Blazing the way for other luxury brands to embrace sustainability is Stella McCartney. From her Adidas collaboration to her kid’s lines and her ready wear, I’m always really excited to see what Stella has to offer.

outfit_1220421_1 stella 1233267_3_large stella outfit_1220426_1_large stella


Type: Ethical

Back to the basics. Summa has a strict, edited color palette that will help women build a sustainable, long-lasting wardrobe. Her knitwear is sourced in Italy, tees come from Peru and denim is from L.A.

1236036_4_large summa 1244311_4_large summa 1236034_4_large summa

Su Paris

Type: Artisan

Gauzey comfortable, and luxurious beachwear is the name of the game at Su Paris. The fabrics are custom made in Anatolia or sourced in Italy. Every piece is unique and holds that special handcrafted touch.

outfit_1202039_1 su paris outfit_1202041_1 su paris outfit_1202035_1_large su


Type: Artisan

A brand that’s perfect for the nomad, in spirit or in real life. Talitha is made in partnership with Shon Randhawa, who employs local artisans in New Delhi and uses local craft traditions from the area for the Talitha collection.

outfit_1219807_1_large talitha outfit_1219804_1 talitha outfit_1219806_1 talitha


Type: Artisan

Classic and sophisticated, Valextra started in Milan in 1937. Today it still holds those Milanese roots. The bags are produced in Italy with each bag being crafted by a single artisan from start to finish.

1218160_1 val 1218173_1 val 1237771_1 val


Type: Sustainable

Cult sneaker, that I’m sure you’ve seen before, Veja, has a Fair Trade certified factory in Brazil and they source organic cotton and fairly produced rubber. They are loved by celebrities (most recently Megan Markle and really everyone because they are pretty affordable.

1217080_3_large veja 1217077_3 veja 1217068_3_large veja

Vika Gazinskaya

Type: Ethical

One of Russia’s leading sustainable designers, Vika Gazinskaya is cruelty-free and emphasizes natural materials. She sources from France and Japan and her designs focus on the feminine and geometric.

outfit_1235179_1_large vika outfit_1235168_1_large vika outfit_1235178_1_large vika

Vita Kin

Type: Artisan

Best known for her use of vyshyvanka, a traditional Ukrainian embroidery technique, Vita Kin has since expanded to include ancient artisanal craft from Peru and Morocco. But her atelier is still based in Kiev and employs a slow based approach to each design.

outfit_1205762_1_large vita outfit_1236045_1_large vita outfit_1205749_1_large vita

Vivienne Westwood/ Anglomania

Type: Ethical

Vivienne Westwood has been an eco-activist for a long time. She has collaborated with the Ethical Fashion Initiative to produce her “Handmade with Love” collection and also works with artisans in Burkina Faso to produce handwoven fabrics for her womenswear lines.

outfit_1218114_1_large vivienne outfit_1218116_1_large vivienne 1222674_4_large vivienne


Type: Slow

Inspired by the handcraft in Bahia, Brazil, Leo Neves launched Waiwai in 2015. The bags are handmade in Rio and are slowly produced. Artisans sometimes can spend more than 3 hours crafting a single section.

1252143_1 wai 1252152_1 wai 1252145_1 wai


Type: Sustainable

Wolford is working hard to achieve Cradle to Cradle® certification by the end of 2018. They have currently already released their first lingerie prototypes that are safe for the entire biological cycle.

outfit_1221105_1_large wolford outfit_1221097_1_large wolford outfit_1221108_1 wolford

Zandra Rhodes

Type: Ethical

After the Rana Plaza disaster, Zandra Rhodes collaborated with Safia Minney of People Tree to start ethically employing Bangladeshi workers for her collections. This edit is from her archive and is made in her studio in London.

outfit_1176440_1_large zandra outfit_1176436_1_large zandra outfit_1176443_1_large zandra

Zazi Vintage

Type: Vintage Fabrics

Vintage fabrics with a socially conscious edge. Founded Jeanne Zizi Margot de Kroon, Zazi Vintage works with artisan women in rural communities, giving them fair wages and helping with their education. They produce beautiful coats from vintage fabric from the 1970’s.

outfit_1261635_1_large zazi outfit_1261633_1_large zazi outfit_1261632_1_large zazi

Zeus + Dione

Type: Artisan

Handmade by traditional artisans in Greece. This label pays homage to the handcrafting traditions of the Islands and fills their designs with traditional needlework and natural cotton.

outfit_1236307_1_large zeus outfit_1220318_1 zeus outfit_1236306_1 zeus