Tuniq Oasis: The Most Radical & Sustainable Hats You Can Afford

Tuniq Oasis: The Most Radical & Sustainable Hats You Can Afford

Tuniq Oasis

Tuniq Oasis is a label based out of North Africa. They combine radical (and inspiring) ethics with the traditional craftsmanship of Tunisia. The brand was founded by Iman Masmoudi, Leila Masmoudi, and Mariem Masmoudi. Their design is intentional and sustainable. They source locally, employ truly fairly. They also price fairly. Keeping margins lower so that no one at any point in the process is being exploited.

My Chechia Hat

I’m wearing the Sidi Blu Blue Chechia Hat. I chose it for the beautiful shade of blue. The hat makes everything feel more elegant. The traditional way to wear it is more at the base of the head as a turban. I go back and forth between the base and having the hat pushed back so my hairline is seen too. As a westerner and white women, my immediate reaction was wow this makes me feel like Jackie O. I was surprised to learn that Chechia Hats are also gender neutral, in Tunisia, the hats are worn by both men and women.

How the Hat is Made

The traditional process to make a Chechia hat in Tunisia takes six steps and all in all seven different traditionally trained artisans have brought the hat together. They have some awesome videos that show the process.

The Ethics

The ethics of Tuniq Oasis, really there is so much to say. They have a profit sharing structure, which I think might become my standard for the cream of the crop fair and sustainable brands. The main thing that drew me to the brand is how they advocate for a decolonized world. I’ve learned so much from Iman the founder on how colonization is still holding back Tunisia today and it’s heartbreaking. Action and reparations should be the only answer to these continued injustices and Iman is taking action! Tuniq Oasis employs everyone fairly. Artisans work from home within reason. Tuniq Oasis also never negotiates with their artisans and will give higher quotes if they feel the artisan is asking for too low a price.

They are also anti-commodity. They don’t show faces of their models to fight against all the commodification out there today. (Definitely has made me think about my blog and Instagram, but I really want everyone to know the amazing things Tuniq Oasis is doing.) They also put all their models in loose-fitting clothing to help fight sexual objectification.

In terms of sustainability with fabrics, Tuniq Oasis sources local wool and silk from Tunisia and use non-toxic dyes or the natural colors that have come from the sheep. They’ve also eliminated plastic from their packaging.

Get to Know Tuniq Oasis Better

Tuniq Oasis is a small independent brand. Supporting their collection, reading their journal or even contributing a piece will go a long way. You can also follow them on social

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