15 Questions with Emy Venturini, Founder of Ipsilon Paris

15 Questions with Emy Venturini, Founder of Ipsilon Paris


Ipsilon Paris is one of my favorite new streetwear brands and my first pick for swimsuits and tees that you’ll want for the summer. Check out some of the outfits I thought could use their positivity here. They have a great color scheme of red and black, it’s classic with a happy twist. I really love their positive message. It’s just such a joyful brand, you can’t help but smile when you see their clothing. That message is integral to the brand and how they make their products.


Fashion Revolution Week is April 23-29, so to highlight #whomademyclothes and the Sustainable Fashion Rooms event in London that Ipsilon Paris will we at, we started out talking about the process of making a sustainable t-shirt, and hit on all things sustainability, positivity, and of course outfits!

The process of making a t-shirt can be deceptively long! Do you know who makes your clothes and where the cotton comes from?  

The t-shirts are made in Italy and we are using 100% organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard – GOTS CERTIFIED )

What led you to want to create a sustainable product?  

I would like to respect our EARTH and I want to support that with fashion! I want that my products respect environment and people, I choose Organic cotton (GOTS) and Econyl for the swimsuits because they have that respect for the environment.

What’s your best tip for someone wanting to start a sustainable brand (sourcing/manufacturing that type of stuff)?

Fabric Certification. I’m constantly researching new fabrics that respect nature and the best way to be certain of this is fabric certification.

Ipsilon Paris donates to UNICEF, ICAN, and WWF. Why did you choose those organizations?

I chose those 3 organizations because I think it’s very important to help children around the world to have food, clothes, and instruction (UNICEF). It’s very important for me also the respect of the animals, so I chose WWF. To respect human being, human rights I chose ICAN, (international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons)


What was the inspiration behind Ipsilon Paris?

My religion, of course. I’ve been practicing Buddhism (Soka Gakkai) since I was 18. This philosophy has always taught me to believe in the deep value of every human being, in respect and in spreading JOY around the world!
In 2013, I followed a path of life coaching and I was able to deepen the importance of gratitude and love itself. I could try in my life this power of Infinite Love and gratitude!

I love the tees! How do you decide what to print on them and what slogans to use?

The project was started as a way to fulfill my motivation to create and spread positive messages that uplift and empower people to feel more confident in who they are.
Ipsilon believes that as we express each other our gratitude and love, we change the world around us.
Thanks to my Buddhist belief and my fondness for fashion, I decided to start my own business by creating apparel that would spread a positive message to all the people wearing it. My favorite positive message has to be Infinite Love and Gratitude! For sure!

Ipsilon Paris is a streetwear brand, so what is streetwear? 

Streetwear is a distinctive style of street fashion. One constant of streetwear has been the type of clothing produced, commonly centering on “casual, comfortable pieces such as t-shirts, jeans, baseball caps, and sneakers. But two most integral components of what makes a brand streetwear are t-shirts and exclusivity.

Who is the “Ipsilon girl?

Ipsilon girl is a wonderful and positive girl, always smiling around the world. I would like that all girls feel this freedom to be happy, be grateful and be in love with themselves and others.

You are based in Paris and Paris is in the name of the brand. So how does Paris influence Ipsilon Paris?

Paris is an important part of my life experience. I’ve lived here since 2011. Here is where I opened my life, where I felt joy in my value. Where I create wonderful friendships. I’m tied up to This city, it’s here in 2008 that I came to regenerate myself at the end of a cancer. During this moment of my life, I start to think to create something to make the change around the world. So I decided to build this movement with Slogan Positive TEE!

Where do you see Ipsilon going in the future?

I see Ipsilon in every corner of the world 😉 because with Ipsilon we will make a change!


How would you describe your style?

My style is a simple style but at the same time cool and of course Positive-funny!! I am always in a TEE with some jeans, probably my Levi’s and high shoes. I like to mix it up also with elegance and glamour.

What makes the perfect t-shirt for you?

For me, the perfect T-shirt needs to have good quality and of course nice style.

I have a hard time deciding if I love the Birds in Love T-Shirt or the Classic Swimsuit more. What is your favorite thing in the current Ipsilon collection, or do you have a favorite?

Yes! The iconic t-shirt: Infinite love and gratitude with the embroidery red star! I’ll wear it forever.

Sustainable Outfits is all about making style sustainable. What is your best style tip?

My best style tip is to RESPECT your body and ENJOY different clothes.

Who are you inspired by?

My grandmother, she transmitted to me a passion for beauty, art, and fashion. She loved to create clothes and she was looking for fine fabrics. Spiritually, my mentor Ikeda inspired me. In the fashion world, I’m inspired by Vivienne Westwood and her nonconformist style!

Check out the Ipsilon Paris collection, and follow their positive message on Instagram and Facebook!



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