25 Sustainable Brands with the Chicest Bags

25 Sustainable Brands with the Chicest Bags

Bags, bags, bags! And, more bags! Looking for some sustainable purse options, but vegan isn’t a requirement? This is the list for you. These bags are all made sustainably with eco-consciousness at the forefront in decision making. However, these are brands that do include leather in their production. But, if you are looking for vegan options check this list. And, if you are wondering about the sustainability of leather check out my post on it here.

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Paradise Row

Handcrafted in East London. Above all, Paradise Row preserves an endangered community of artisans, employing and promoting local trade through their beautiful bags. They believe in sustainability. Therefore, each one is made with vegetable tanned leather. In addition, every bag celebrates the legacy of the East End community.

navyminicrossbody malia designs

Malia Designs

Family-produced products that are made to help disadvantaged Cambodian women. For instance, Malia Designs helps provide women who work for them with safe, dignified, and sustainable work. Plus, they partner with artisan cooperatives and use eco-friendly and recycled materials in their products and bags.

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N’Damus London

Colorful and functional, these N’Damus London bags hail from its namesake city. Above all, London is in the essense of each bag. It is produced in a facility in the city that is small, handmade, and been in the business for over 20 years. Plus, the leather used is sturdy and vegetable tanned.

Carolina Wong Handbags

Carolina Wong

Above all, Carolina Wong is precise and eco- cautious. Plus, traditional weaving. Sign me up! Carolina Wong’s bags use engineered weaving techniques and environmentally sound practices. They are made with vegetable tanned leather and organic cotton lining.

Ina Kent Handbags

Ina Kent

Ina Kent is based in Austria. But, these aren’t your average Maria Von Trapp bags. However, I bet she’d like them too. First, the bags are roomy. Second, they are perfect for your daily needs. Plus, they are unlined which makes for more space and the straps made vegetable tanned leather. Overall, the bags are more environmentally friendly than chrome. So, that means they are better for your skin too.

sophie hulme Handbags

Sophie Hulme

Known for her signature boxy style. Therefore, these Sophie Hulme bags are made for a fashionista. The style is elegant, without much embellishment. Above all, they embody the less is more motto. Plus, Sophie’s Studio works exclusively with E.U. Tanneries who use vegetable tanned leather. Therefore, the bags are then produced in Hungary and Italy. Both places known for their artisan craftwork.


A brand bringing traditional Southeast Asian craft to the world with their exquisite bags. First, Kayu partners with female artisans in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Also, the materials Kayu sources are all local and sustainable. For example, work with straw, wood, and shell.


Above all, Antonello is about preserving the traditions of Italian weaving and do it sustainably. First, the bags are produced on traditional looms. Also, the sustainable materials include local wool, local natural dyes, and regenerated cotton.

Yokoyoko Vintage

First, these delicate little purses that are the perfect accessory to any more formal event. The bags are cloth and made with reclaimed vintage kimonos. In other words, totally upcycled luxury.

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illicia combines traditional craftwork with sustainable sourcing. People have been working with leather for centuries. Artisans use these skills to delicately hand stitch each bag.

Khokho Bags


Khokho uses sustainable grass reefs from Swaziland. They are water resistant and naturally dyed. The techniques used are the traditional woven panels found in Swaziland.

Future Glory Bags

Future Glory

Based in San Francisco, Future Glory co. sources it’s vegetable tanned leather domestically within the U.S. Additionally, the entire operation is women only. Plus, they also continue to train new craftswomen through their paid apprentice program.

tribe alive

Tribe Alive

Above all, Tribe Alive focuses on worldwide artisan collaboration. Tribe Alive produces handmade products that let women lift themselves up out of poverty with fair trade wages. Additionally, Tribe Alive has collaborated with artisans in places like Honduras, Texas, and India.

Mercado Global

Mercado Global

Partnering with some of the world’s most marginalized communities, Mercado Global works to be agents of change for these rural indigenous women. Their artisans get to participate in leadership programs and business education workshops.

mar y sol

Mar y Sol

Stylish enough to be trendy, cute enough for the trend to last.  I love the Pom Pom accents they include. These are handwoven by artisans in Madagascar. Mar y Sol uses responsibly sourced materials like sisal from the island for its bags.



Handmade with natural vachetta leather, a traditionally treated leather using natural bark, leaves, and roots. All Nisolo products are ethically made with fair trade wages, healthcare, and a safe work environment.

Aaks sustainable bag brands


Ghanian handcrafting at it’s finest. AAKS is my go-to for bright colors and cool designs and shades. The weaving techniques are traditional and the women weavers are ethically employed.



Designed in Los Angeles and made in Spain with vegetable tanned leather. Plus, the leather is also sourced within Spain. The design is simple with few frills.  However, what really stands out about VereVerto is the stunning color.

Sarahs Bag

Made in the U.S. from vegetable tanned leather. Above all, these totes are perfect for holding bigger essentials like your laptop. Plus, they also come with detachable handles that focus on comfort.



Above all, Lemur clutched are minimal but robust. They are small but fit all the essentials you need for your day. (There is even a side opening for your phone which is super convenient. They are made in Denmark using vegetable tanned leather.



Above all, this brand is about function. Therefore, Hanover born Philipp Bree focuses on sourcing and craftsmen ship. For example, the leather used is E.U. sourced. Plus, he uses vegetable tanned leather and the lining is natural linen.

lutz morris

Lutz Morris

Responsible production meets minimalism with these handbags. Lutz Morris sources their leather from independent leather tanneries in Germany. Plus, Lutz Morris donates a portion of their proceeds to Every Mother Counts.

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