5 Apps for Accessible and Stylish Secondhand Shopping

5 Apps for Accessible and Stylish Secondhand Shopping

In honor of #secondhand September, I’ve put together this list of apps that make secondhand shopping easy, addictive, and better than the alternative. I’ve tried every single one of these apps, and am giving my honest opinion, plus some discount codes.


ThredUp is at the top of the list because it really is THE BEST PLACE (I’ve found online) to thrift shop. They boast over 35,000 brands in sizes XXS to 5X with petite and tall options as well. The prices can be super affordable or more high end depending on the brand and how long they’ve had it. Some items can be as much as 90% off the original retail price.

What They Have: Women’s, Children’s Apparel, Shoes, Accessories, and Luxe Options.

Best For– EVERYTHING. Seriously though, from this app I’ve had success finding cocktail dresses, cute heels, sweaters, jeans, raincoats, trench coats.

My Experience: I’ve used ThredUp for almost 6 years now. It’s pretty much my go-to app to see if they have what I’m looking for first. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become a little more annoyed with the amount of Forever 21/H&M fast fashion you have to scroll through. However, their brand search tool makes it easy to only shop for the brands you want. I’ve had lots of success finding more sustainable brands as well.

Pros: Huge collection, brands you’ll like, amazing prices, super reliable and convenient. Takes the hassle out of selling.

Cons: The app is a little less personalized than an app like Depop because all the clothes are sent into their centers and then sold. If you are giving clothes, they set the prices and don’t always accept everything.

Price Range: $-$

Brands You’ll FindEileen Fisher, Everlane, Reformation, Frank & Oak, Mata Traders, Amour Vert, Patagonia, and more…

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Vestaire Collective

Vestaire Collective is an authenticated luxury resale platform. It’s bigger in Europe than in the United States and is pretty focused on high-end timeless luxury design. Vestaire Collective lets you look at three different pictures of the item and you can bid and message directly with the seller. The “We Love” section is also a perfect browsing stop for any fashionista. They have sizes from XS to XXXX.

What They Have: Women’s, Men’s, Children’s, Jewelry, Lifestyle, and Animals.

Best For: Designers, Luxury Vintage, statement pieces, global shopping.

My Experience: Of all the apps I’ve tried, this one feels the most high end. I’ve gotten several pieces and been happy with all of them. The shipping time takes longer because the seller sends the item in to be authenticated before it is shipped out to you.

Pros: Amazing vintage, can bargain with seller, highest-end brands. Birken bag anyone?

Cons: Smaller selection, non-inclusive sizing, longer time frame needed.

Price Range: $-$$

The RealReal

The RealReal is an online secondhand store/app. They’ve had over 8,000,000 sales and their collection is huge. Things go fast, their turnover rate is reported to be around 30 days. Tons of luxury designers (and luxury sustainable designers.) They also have in-store options in NYC and LA that are probably the “highest-end” secondhand store I’ve ever been in. Their consignment works like ThredUp. You send in your pieces and they give you a price. Their sizing goes from XXS to XXL and they have Petite options as well. In terms of selling, depending on where you live you won’t even have to mail your clothing.

What They Have: Women’s, Men’s, Children’s, Accessories, Jewelry, Art, and Home.

Best For– Luxury, Wide Selection of luxury options, Free in-home pick-ups.

My Experience: So I have to be honest, I don’t like the app. The mannequins that wear all the clothes, are universal in terms of look, but they make scrolling and shopping less exciting. However, I loved going to their brick and mortar store in NYC and was able to find some lovely pieces.

Pros: Tons of designers, nice brick & mortar locations, good prices for luxury, easy consignment, a selection that goes beyond clothing.

Cons: Those mannequins, The app isn’t as well built as other apps on this list, Not as inclusive in terms of sizing.

Price Range: $-$

Brands You’ll Find– Loro Piana, Stella McCartney, Ace & Jig, Anaak, ATP Atelier, Brother Vellies, By Walid, Bassike, Banjanan, and many more.


Depop is like Instagram with the ability to buy everything listed. There are even “Depop Famous” listings. It’s also a marketplace for more than clothing. They have electronics, and art as well. It’s mainly vintage and secondhand but there are some brands who run their own stores as well.

What They Have: Women’s, Men’s, Kid’s, Art, Electronics, Shoes, Accessories.


My Experience: Depop is super easy. The Instagram scroll and photos make it easy to lose lots of time on this app. It’s also easy to set up your “store” to sell. The pricing is affordable and the styles are the perfect place to find something unique.

Pros: THE SCROLL, cool vintage, unique finds

Cons: It’s not all second hand so figuring out which is which takes time.

Price Range: $-$


Of the two Instagram for selling your clothes apps, Poshmark is the one with higher-end brands. They have a huge user pool which means more options and “parties” that show the best in that category. Their sizing is all-inclusive from 00-5X and they have petite sizing as well.

What They Have: Women’s, Men’s, Children’s, Shoes, Home, Luxe, and Boutiques.

Best For– The showrooms that group popular items together, the stylists, and the easy access to brands.

My Experience: I’ve only ever bought one item on Poshmark so I’m definitely not a loyalist or super well versed in finding the best thing. I found the whole thing to be, “fine.” I find their feed more confusing than Depop’s. Poshmark seems more like the online version of a high-end Goodwill.

Pros: Styling, Options, Brands, Connecting in your city.

Cons: Can be overwhelming, shopping can also be like finding a needle in a haystack depending on what you want.

Price Range: $-$

Brand’s You’ll Find– Eileen Fisher, Adidas x Stella McCartney, and more.




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