5 Sustainably Lux Looks for the Professional Woman

For the next several series I’m trying something a little new! I’ll be breaking some of the outfits into different price categories to help everyone find sustainable inspiration in their budget range. This first one is work looks. I’ve filled it with sweaters, warm things, color, and boot and heel options. Let me know your favorite in the comments below.

5 Sustainably Lux Looks for the Professional Woman

Veerah Heels– Made with vegan materials and apple leather.

Tome Skirt– Tome has a transparent ethical supply chain. They produce in NYC and they try to source local and sustainable materials.

Pippa Small Earrings– Ethically sourced gold and jewels. Pippa Small also works with artisan groups around the world to craft her jewelry ethically.

Niko Inniko Bag– Made ethically with vegan PU.

Kjaer Weis Lipstick– Organic ingredients and refillable packaging.

M.i.h Jeans Sweater– Made with merino wool, M.i.h Jeans now has a 10-year sustainability plan to improve their supply chain and sourcing.

5 Sustainably Lux Looks for the Professional Woman

Tense Watch– Classy and customizable. This watch is made with recycled wood.

Mali + Lili Bag– Made with vegan materials.

Ryan Roche Cardigan– Made with low impact production and cashmere made by Nepali artisans.

Ace & Jig Dress– Materials hand woven by traditional Indian artisans.

Gabriela Hearst Boots– Made ethically in Italy, Gabriela Hearst will also be plastic free by 2019.

Carla Colour Sunglasses– Made with sustainable zyl acetate.

Meadowlark Earrings– Made with ethically sourced freshwater pearls.

5 Sustainably Lux Looks for the Professional Woman

Theory Pants– Made ethically in Italy. Theory is also dabbling in transparent sourcing with their good wool collection.

Maypol Boots– Handcrafted by artisans in Caravaca de la Cruz, Spain.

Remi/Reid Bag– Made ethically with synthetic suede and PU.

Luks Linen Scarf– Ethically made with hand-loomed Turkish cotton.

Shwood Sunglasses– Made with sustainably harvested wood.

Pamela Love Earrings– Handmade in Pamela’s NYC studio with sustainable materials like recycled sterling silver.

Touch Me Top– Made to last with ethically sourced materials.


Osklen Cardigan– An eco-friendly label from Brazil, this cardigan is made with linen, flax, and eco polyester.

Zero + Maria Cornejo Dress– Run by women and produced in NYC’s garment district.

Swedish Stockings– Made with recycled 40 denier yarn.

Antonello Bag– Made ethically with recycled cotton and locally sourced wool.

Nemanti Boots– Eco-friendly vegan PU and apple-derived leather make up these boots.

Melissa Joy Manning Earrings– Made with sustainable materials like recycled gold and silver.

Pala Eyewear

5 Sustainably Lux Looks for the Professional Woman

Nine to Five Shoes– Made in Portugal with vegetable tanned leather.

Port Zienna Skirt– Made with sustainable fabrics and produced by ethically paid artisans.

Luxtra Bag– Made with responsibly sourced and naturally dyed leather.

Denis Colomb Shawl– Made by artisans in Nepal.

Melissa Joy Manning Earrings– Made in Melissa’s eco-certified facility.

Mother of Pearl shirt– Sustainably made with organic cotton.