50/$50: Sustainable Budget Finds

50/$50: Sustainable Budget Finds

Fast fashion took affordable fashion mainstream. And I won’t lie, I personally couldn’t afford some of the clothing I post about. Growing up with Walmart and brands like H&M and Forever 21 emerging when I was pretty young has meant I’ve had to in a sense “retrain” my mind in thinking about price. Not thinking about the bargain but thinking about the impact.


A brand that is helping to introduce to zero-waste fashion to the world. They collect all their material from other factories, and with their own scrap waste they painstakingly take them apart by the threads and make it new fabric. Isn’t that amazing?  PLUS… Not only are they zero-waste, but they’re also affordable.  They are a great brand to find “elevated basics,” dresses, t-shirts, pants, and the like. My favorite has to be that polka-dotted dress!

basic-t-shirt-dress---navy-with-triangles-zero-waste-fair-trade-fashion-by-tonle-12055028_1024x1024  basic-t-shirt-dress---navy-with-dots-zero-waste-fair-trade-fashion-by-tonle-12055017_1024x1024 tonle zero waste brands basic-t-shirt-dress---navy-with-ferns-zero-waste-fair-trade-fashion-by-tonle-12055021_1024x1024 Navy_blue_zero_waste_leggings_by_tonle_3_1024x1024 keang-top---navy-with-triangles-zero-waste-fair-trade-fashion-by-tonle-12055346_1024x1024 keang-top---grey-natural-dye-zero-waste-fair-trade-fashion-by-tonle-12055298_1024x1024

KAS New York

Indian women are overworked, underpaid, underappreciated, and undereducated because of the mass consumer system we all play a part in driving. It’s great to see brands like KAS New York develop programs to help provide these women with the skills that we all deserve to learn as humans. They use their Equal Employment and Training Program, to train and educate the women and help them change the status quo while they craft these beautiful clothes. The market price point for KAS New York is generally higher, but their sale section is just to die for so I couldn’t resist including them. This is the perfect brand to find something super nice on sale.

DSC_5039_42949ae1-4b8b-4f5b-9f2d-c25fc8269d44_large KAS DSC_4972_a0a08577-78da-497d-8231-a9d321e812bd_large KAS DSC_4912_88d5371a-849f-4e8e-ac0e-ff8133caae34_large KAS DSC_4982_large Kas rrb_03-08-18_spring_296_large KAS rrb_03-08-18_spring_305_large KAs

Ash & Rose Collection

The reason these sustainable pieces are so affordable is pretty nifty. The Ash & Rose Collection is all handmade in the Boston area by founder Nea Savoca. All her fabrics are antique, vintage, and salvaged. Because everything Nea makes is limited edition she doesn’t sell wholesale and that makes it affordable! Seriously I love this brand and can’t believe I didn’t know about them when I lived in Boston.

rrb_03-08-18_spring_151_large ash & rose rrb_03-08-18_spring_159_large ash & Rose DSC_5064_large ash & rose  DSC_5030_large ash & rose 20_large ash and rose Agrawal_180802-9892-Edit_large ash & rose


The brand to find your sustainable jeans on a budget. The journey of a prAna product starts at fabric with hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyesters. Their goal is to understand the full impact of material and make each product as sustainable as it can possibly be. They work with bluesign to make sure each stage of production is as sustainable as possible.

DSC_4688_large prana w4lj99316_antiqueblue_l_alt_1_cf6bc643-bdbb-4fd9-a7ae-abba982b384e_large prana w4ja99115_denim_l_alt_1_large prana w1vick116_indigo_l_alt_1_large PRANA w4cc99315_black_l_alt_1_large prana dsc_9966_large prana


Sustainable fabrics like modal that is made from cellulose fibers and natural materials like organic cotton fill the Sinuous collections. Everything is made locally and ethically in the U.S too. For budget finds this brand is best for that perfect top you’ve needed.

Agrawal_180802-9873-Edit_56f47ff3-2b42-4699-8a98-323b698755c4_large siniuous DSC_5076_large sinious cecily_top_front_large siniousAgrawal_180802-9635-Edit_large sinuous Agrawal_180802-9643-Edit_large sinuous gabby_top_front_large sinuous

Ecovibe Apparel

Ecovibe Apparel is all about making sure the eco-friendly clothing they produce is still affordable. The word is in the logo! They make everything locally in Portland with materials like tencel, organic cotton, modal, and recycled polyester.

74c5d499dd63ec8f8f02c5f9e53346e8025f4965_720x ecovibe apparel 17A952_BLACK_2_720x eco cross_720x ecovibe apparelbba889071c4cdb7581027b958cc0e5c923f87086_720x ecovibe apparel f09c8355c0b5e433a7c5b9cb2f847e64b8b95727_720x ecovibe apparel 0ca507a3af4a3afb8f5aa6d69f8aa27e915b4291_720x ecovibe apparel


Pregnant Mamas there is an affordable, eco-friendly option out there. Made with certified organic cotton. These pieces from Mamalicious are perfect for keeping your bump comfy and cute.

10095049-1-multi mamalicious 10124217-1-navy mamalicous 8195566-1-multi mamalicious img_4258 9512253-1-black mamalicious 7513757-1-black mamalicious

Synergy Organic

I’m pretty sure that Synergy Organic is known much more for its workout clothing than it is for its dresses, but I’m a sucker for a good dress and Synergy has so many! These items as all under $50 and are still not hurting people or the earth. The fabrics are comfy organic cotton, and the production is Fair Trade in Nepal.

DSC_5056_large synergy DSC_5047_large synergy rrb_03-08-18_spring_219_large synergy DSC_7612_large synergy DSC_4853_large synergy outerwear-hug-me-vest-9_large synergy


Generally on the much, much higher end of the price scale, but Reformation does have an affordable section of basics. Turn to them for budget options for bodysuits, crops, and tees that are made with their sustainable RefScale.

1303542.4.NATURAL reformation under 50 1303000.1.SELENA_STRIPE reformation under 50 1303564.4.BLUSH reformation under 501302998.1.CHERRY reformation NATALIA_TOP_1303651.BOUGAINVILLEA_066 reformation reformation under 50 tank

Passion Lilie

Designed in New Orleans and handcrafted by Fair Trade artisans in India, Passion Lilie is the perfect affordable option for feminine style.

Blue_Boho_Dress-_front_21b23b00-ea31-4951-913f-32a96e92995b passion lilie Red_Sweetheart_Dress-_F2_9bd1aefd-638b-4c64-9393-5224287f7576 passion lilie FleurdeLisSkirt-Front4_e6dfc431-7a96-475a-8094-e4b99f4108e6 passion lilie Red_Polka_Dot_Top_Playful_Blue_Shorts_3ac678ea-3ff3-4056-ab43-633321c6aee4 passion lilie Dynamic_Blue_Top-_Front_87472ac5-b48b-418a-a5f5-b8b888c0b4e8 passion lilie Green_Splash_Top_Blue_Driftwood_Shorts_30c878c2-0cfb-499b-a2d5-2ea3f2681d08 passion lilie

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