Ethical & Affordable: Year Round Capsule Wardrobe

Ethical & Affordable: Year Round Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are only useful if they are full of pieces that work for you season after season. I’ve done themed capsule wardrobes before. But with this capsule, I wanted to focus on basics. Jeans, tops, and dresses that are super versatile, and a color palette full of classy neutrals.

There are 43 pieces and they make a great capsule or are a great guide on how to streamline your own wardrobe, parsing it down to basics you like, and I’m sure you already own. There are looks for everytime of year and every occasion, from casual, to business, and formal.

In terms of budget, everything is within the 0-200 range. For the even more affordable Everlane look at their choose what you pay sections.

All Year Basics

80362e59_86ae everlane natural perforated street shoe 899b5df1_3f57 everlane editor slingback back 7f1f3f6c_36c4 everlane editor heel navy 9d1b0716_5db6 everlane loafer b2b1cc45_10ec everlane day market tote light taupe 1f4d9452_bca3 everlane foldover crossbody ce4127f7_af00 everlane denim jacket white a1111ea0_740a everlane bodysuit black 9fe11f4c_bb1b everlane cardigan e1138347_13a7 everlane 8eedf813_7dee everlane work pant e3c5ee75_192b everlane midrise lightwash skinny jeans b55651dd_1de1 ankle black mid everlane 07d96db7_65e3 everlane mid rise dark skinny jeans 13514f44_af39 linen dress everlane da06a15e_014e everlane e8cf8ca4_55b8 everlane cami 9e28111d_4ba5 everlane 2fdd8f7b_8602 everlane d72994d6_8e72 everlane 08a7eaba_00d2 everlane 3955f20a_a48a everlane 09fc926d_0b1e everlane  images neola earrings everlane neola-Silver-Sterling-Silver-Eclipse-Necklace-With-White-Topaz zmzvy7peofjb6wqk98wx neola bracelet everlane  bqzqzq8i60sze8sczxbd pala everlane capsule

Cool Basics

e1bf2481_0f07 everlane the boss boot f3ccdd27_9032 everlane cashmere scarf a6098a58_17ea everlane oversize blazer herringbone c2891586_9d40 everlane cocoon coat 78ce5e94_9e94 everlane city anorak navy 40845710_3f57 everlane v-neck crop a709edf2_e13d everlane turtleneck aae79e25_58cf everlane ivory v neck 8afe3339_5be3 everlane cotton boatneck

Warm Basics

1deea915_ab2b everlane ba6332ca_6005 everlane 32f4c632_983e everlane 7f37c139_bf68 everlane 2aa47114_972f everlane striped shirtdress bbdc2313_685f everlane f9c3f52c_88a8 everlane

Featured Fabrics

Clean Silk- This silk is made in a certified Bluesign dyehouse, meaning the dyes are safer for the people who make it, the environment, and obviously you. Plus, the silk comes from a regenerative organic farm

Japanese GoWeave- GoWeave is an innovative fabric that is wrinkle resistant. On the surface, this might not seem like a sustainable innovation, but wrinkle resistant means that it will last longer, and depending on how often you wash your clothing, it can be washed less.

Denim- Everlane makes their denim in the world’s cleanest denim factory. They are able to recycle 98% of the water they use by using energy efficient washing machines and they save 80% of normal emissions by air-drying their jeans.

Pima Cotton- The formal term is Supima cotton and originates from Peru, but it’s grown mainly in Australia, Peru, and the U.S. today. What makes Pima cotton more efficient is how long it is. The fibers are extra long which means fewer fibers are exposed on the surface during spinning and weaving. For you, this means softer cotton, that lasts longer, so you waste less.


The sunglasses and jewelry aren’t Everlane. The glasses are Pala Eyewear, a British brand that handmakes their products in Ghana using recycled plastic and sustainable acetate. The jewelry is Neola, a brand that handmakes their pieces and ethically produces everything.


All Year

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