7 Ways to Wear Smocking Sustainably

7 Ways to Wear Smocking Sustainably

You might remember this trend from way back! When? You ask? The early 2000’s. It’s a fashion decade I’m not particularly fond of, but I find this style casual and comfortable so I thought I’d round up my favorites. It’s definitely a good excuse to go braless, and a great breezy look for summer.


As a crop top! I love this lilac one. It’s such a pretty color. Apiece Apart also has several different bottom options if you are looking for something more streamlined. I drew on the pastel feel for inspiration for the accessories. Unfortunately, that necklace is sold out. But check out the other necklaces from Uncommon Goods because they’re super pretty.

Baggu bag

Reusable canvas bags made with sustainable materials like organic canvas, recycled fabrics.

Figue Pants

Figue partners with artisan communities all over the world to ethically create their products.

A Piece Apart Top

Inspired by the feel of West Texas, this brand is all about natural fabrics like vegetable dyed linen, and organic cotton.

Coclico heels

Made with sustainable production practices like energy efficient production systems and waste management in Portugal.

Carla Colour Sunglasses

Made with cotton-based zyl acetate.


As a peasant dress. I remember these with half fondness/half cringing. The Reformation options are definitely sweet without the cringe.

Reformation dress

With a sustainable production cycle that saves on water, waste, and carbon.

Sunski Sunglasses

Made with biodegradable tri-acetate cellulose.

Birkenstock sandals

Made in Germany with renewable and sustainable cork.

Rocio Diaz clutch

Made with reclaimed wood.

Silvia Furmanovich Earrings

Silvia Furmanovich a skilled marquetry technique to crafted her earrings. She uses indigenous salvaged wood from Brazil and ethically sourced gems.


Pala Sunglasses

Made from plastic waste by artisans in Ghana.

JADEtribe bag

Made with textiles from fairly paid women in Laos.

Mercedes Salazar earrings

Handmade by artisans in Bogota, Colombia. Mercedes also works with Colombian prisons to train new craftspeople.

Charlotte Stone Mules

Made ethically in Italy at a family owned shoe factory.

Sea Dress

Made with a traditional Indian mud-dye technique.

Monique Péan Bracelet

Made with recycled white gold.


Stella McCartney Bag

Made with eco-friendly alter-Napa.

Matt Bernson mules

Handcrafted in small batches to reduce waste.

Pitusa Dress

Made in a female owned atelier in Peru with Peruvian cotton.

Melissa Joy Manning Bracelet

Melissa is the Founder of the CFDA Sustainability Committee and makes socially and environmentally friendly pieces in her Green Certified studio. This is made from recycled sterling silver.

Yucama necklace

Made in Bali using sustainably sourced shells.


As a jumpsuit! This look actually seems super easy. The jumpsuit is strapless which minimalizes all the problems you might have with a jumpsuit.

Pala Sunglasses

Same sunglasses as above.

Sydney Brown platforms

Made from alter-nappa and sustainably harvested German beechwood and cork.

A Peace Treaty jumpsuit

Made by artisans using traditional dying techniques.

Melissa Joy Manning Earrings

Made sustainably in her green studio with recycled materials.

Lemaire tote

Handcrafted in Italy with canvas and vegetable tanned leather.

Soko bracelet

Crafted by skilled artisans who are fairly paid.


As a sundress! This dress takes on the more painters smock vibe than a ruched smock top. It’s simple and breezy. I’ve added little bits of flair with the shoes and the earrings.

Cleobella slides

Cleobella produces in Bali and works with traditional craftsmen.

Ace & Jig Dress

Made by Indian artisans with fair pay and traditional hand printing.

Pala Sunglasses

Same brand as above! (Can you tell I love them?)

Alienina bag

Made in Italy using recycled cotton rope.

Michela Panero Inganno earrings

Handcrafted from stained wood.

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