10 Red, White, and Blue Sustainable Outfits to Try

10 Red, White, and Blue Sustainable Outfits to Try

Red, white, and blue. The colors so classic and close to the primary colors of the color wheel it’s not a surprise that they are a standard flag color combination. Whether you are France, the U.S. or Paraguay, these are your national colors. Below are 10 looks that have at least one of these colors, or all of them! The looks range from formal to casual and tons of different styles.

Mestizia New York Jumpsuit– made by artisans in NYC

Earth Wood Sunglasses– Made with eco-friendly sustainable wood.

Veja sneakers– made in a fair trade factory in Brazil with vegan materials.

Coclico heels– Made sustainably in Portugal in a family owned facility and with sustainable practices.

Pala Sunglasses– Made with recycled plastic and every purchase donates a pair of glasses to a child in need.

Filú Hats– Handmade in Italy with straw and featuring hand-painted scarves.

Kayu Bag– made ethically in Bali with locally sourced straw.

Beachgold– Made in Bali and handcrafted by local textile artisans.

Muuñ Bag- handcrafted by artisans in Ghana.

Prabal Gurung shirt– Made ethically in NYC.

Superga sneakers– made ethically with natural rubber.

Patagonia shorts– made with 100% recycled nylon.

Earth Wood Sunglasses

Sophie Hulme Bag– made by artisans with vegetable tanned leather.

Shwood Sunglasses– Made with sustainably sourced walnut.

Aijek gown– made with sustainable and natural fabrics like silk and reclaimed lace.

BC Footwear heels– Certified vegan by PETA.

Sunski Sunglasses– Made with eco-friendly tri-acetate cellulose.

34N 118W romper– Designed and produced in L.A.

Veja sneakers

Matt & Nat Bag– Made with eco-friendly PU and recycled plastic water bottles.

Gucci Top– Made with a macrame technique that is centuries old.

Valextra Bag– crafted in Italy by a single artisan.

Lemlem Sandals– handmade by artisans in Greece using Lemlem’s traditionally woven cotton.

Levi’s jeans– made with cotton, in the U.S, and with sustainable practices.

Stella McCartney sunglasses– made ethically in Italy with eco-friendly frames.

Chinese Laundry heels– made with vegan materials.

Levi’s shorts

D’Ascoli Top– Made in D’Ascoli’s textile studio in Mumbai by artisans.

Stella McCartney bag– made ethically with cotton and alter-nappa leather.

Wewood Sunglasses– Made with sustainably sourced wood and cotton pulp acetate.

Proof Sunglasses– Made with eco-friendly acetate derived from cotton.

Veronica Beard Bag– made by female artisans with sustainable practices.

Michael Stars Top– Made ethically in the U.S. with sustainable materials like Pima cotton.

Chinese laundry heels

Marni skirt– Marni is starting to experiment with more sustainable fabrics. This skirt is made with a technical nylon fabric.

Shwood Sunglasses

Sydney Brown shoes– Made with cork and sustainably harvested wood.

JADEtribe bag– made by artisan weavers in Laos.

Mara Hoffman dress– made with organic cotton that’s handwoven by artisans in India.

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