22 Vegan Shoe Brands with the Chicest Heels

22 Vegan Shoe Brands with the Chicest Heels

Heels! This roundup is for all those looking for the chicest, most stylish vegan heels around. The list is full of brands making animal-friendly ethical heels that you’ll definitely want to add to your wardrobe.

  1. Bhava Studio

Type: All out eco-friendly (Sustainable, Vegan, Ethical, I could go on)

Founded by Francisca Pineda, this vegan-friendly brand uses artisanal craftsmanship to make its eco-friendly heels. Bhava Studio works to set new standards in footwear with their timeless, comfortable, and sustainable designs. They are made by hand in Portugal with organic, recycled, and cruelty-free materials. The linked heel is the Esperanza style which is my favorite.

2. Hexa

Type: Eco-friendly & Vegan

Straight from Bangkok these eco-friendly vegan heels will be staples in your closet. They are made with Japanese microfiber leather. This leather is stronger and lighter than animal leather.

3. Veerah

Type: All Out Eco-Friendly (Vegan, Sustainable, High-Tech, Bio-Based, I could go on…)

They are always cruelty-free and 100% vegan. They use lots of different innovative materials like bio-based vegan leather material derived from organic apples grown in the Italian Alps. This revolutionary material is highly breathable and just as durable if not more so than genuine and synthetic leathers. These heels are versatile. With one pair of pumps, you can add a strap or a bow. #3heelsin1

4. Marzeri Milano

Type: Vegan, Bio-based, All Out Eco-Friendly

Marzeri Milano is a vegan shoe company from Nemanti founder Paola Caracciolo. With her, she has taken and continued the amazing ethos and style originally found at Nemanti. Italian craftsmanship, apple leather, and sustainable production are just some of the things you’ll love about these shoes.

5. Matt & Nat

Type: Vegan

Matt & Nat has expanded to footwear! The designs are as simple and sleek as you’ve come to expect from their vegan bags and the shoes are still made with man-made materials like vegan PU.

6. BC Footwear

Type: Vegan

Certified by PETA as cruelty-free, BC Footwear has been around since the early 2000s and has been making cute heels since then. My favorites are their heeled booties, but they also have a great selection of wedges.

7. NAK

Type: Vegan

NAK means No Animal Killed and so they obviously made their heels completely cruelty-free. Their vegan leather is lighter and waterproof and less prone to cracking so it lasts longer. The heels are handmade by traditional Italian shoemakers for a totally cruelty-free shoe.

8. Rafa USA

Type: All Out Eco-Friendly (Sustainable, Vegan, Artisanal, Recycled Materials… I could go on)

RAFA is hand-crafted in L.A by a group of 20 artisans. All RAFA products are made using ecologically friendly materials and sustainable processes. My favorite thing about Rafa sandal heels is the strong heel. When you are on your feet for hours on end a block heel can do wonders to provide support.

9. Stella McCartney

Type: Sustainable & Vegan

Luxury sustainability leader Stella McCartney has some killer heels. They are all made in Italy using her vegan eco-nappa fiber. It’s not leather and totally cruelty-free. The metals used on the shoe are low impact and recycled as well.

10. Jiri Kalfar

Type: Sustainable & Vegan

High-tech semi-couture heels from Jiri Kalfar. Perfect for any special occasion. They are made with 3D printers and are leather-free. Instead the shoes use muskin which is a mushroom leather! They also use natural materials like corn and wood.

11. Nae Vegan Shoes

Nae is a Portuguese footwear brand with a vegan philosophy concerned with environmental sustainability: they work with alternative materials to leather such as cork, ecological microfibers, pineapple leaves and PET-recycled plastic bottles. Nae was born under the assumption of no animal exploitation but also focused on design, style and quality.

12. Susi Studio

Type: Vegan

SUSI Studio advocates for social responsibility. They show this by practicing mindful design and sustainable production. Materials used in the shoes are- canvas, denim, hemp, faux leather produced from recycled plastic bottles, and recycled microsuede.

13. Kweder

Type: Vegan & Sustainable

The Kweder brand was founded in Sicily in 2016, and we were instantly drawn to their values, designs, and impressive commitment to taking all things ethical into consideration when designing their incredible clothes and accessories. Kweder focuses on producing high-quality vegan apparel, with a strong emphasis on conscious and transparent resource use, thus guaranteeing the traceability and sustainability of their finely-produced wares. With their ‘made in Italy’ stamp on each product, you can be assured you are receiving only the highest quality product.

14. Noah Italian Shoes

Type: Sustainable & Vegan

NOAH’s vegan heels are PETA and Vegan Society certified and Noah has also won a Green Product Award. Each step in the production process incorporates sustainability. They are handmade in Italy using vegans (and many times recycled) materials like micronappa and microsuede.

15. Fera Libens

Type: Vegan

Italian footwear that aims to bring goodwill to the shoe industry. They want you to fall in love with their shoes for the right reasons and use vegan materials to honor their love and respect for animals.

16. Nemanti

Type: Sustainable & Vegan

Nemanti Milano is an Italian vegan shoe brand that uses cruelty-free materials. The shoes are produced in of two artisanal districts of Milan- Marchigiano, and Parabiago. The materials that make up the shoes range from the more traditional- linen, waxed cotton, and wood, to innovative materials like Alcantara, produced without CO2 emissions, faux leather derived from the excess grain production material, and pellemela, a faux leather that comes from biodegradable apple cores. The word for these shoes is elegance.

17. Love Sofie

Type: Eco-Friendly & Vegan

A shoe brand that has the jazziest heels around. Love Sofie is vegan and responsible. They use materials like eco-PU, recycled denim, recycled polyester, and organic pieces of cotton to make sure their splendid heels don’t hurt the planet. Their ethics are unimpeachable too, everything is produced ethically in the E.U.

18. Olsenhaus

Type: Vegan & Socially Responsible

Olsenhaus was created with the mission to merge design and fashion with being a voice for animals, the environment, and social responsibility. Olsenhaus has its factories in Mexico, India, and Spain. All the shoes are made to order and the materials are vegan. Instead of leather, Olsenhaus uses a combination of plant-based and man-made materials. They are certified fair trade, and cruelty-free.

19. Will’s Vegan Shoes

Type: Carbon Neutral, Vegan, Ethical

Carbon-neutral production, vegan materials, ethical production. SO many good things tied up in one heel. Did I mention they’re stylish too?

20. Beyond Skin Heels

Type: Recycled, Sustainable, Vegan, All Out Eco-Friendly

Beyond Skin is an ethical footwear label that produces it’s shoes at factories in Spain. They now use 100% recycled PU lining materials. The synthetic leathers are sourced in Italy and produced from cotton-backed polyurethane (PU). They also use ‘dinamica’ faux suede material which is made from 100% recycled PET plastics.

21. Cult of Coquette

Type: Vegan & Handcrafted

Responsibly handmade. All heels are vegan and cruelty-free. Cult of Coquette just won the Best of Vegan Award from Unicorn Goods. Why do I love these heels? They are power heels. That moment when you put on an amazing pair of high heels, you stand a little straighter, you feel a little more confident? These heels have that.

22. Sydney Brown

Type: Eco-Friendly & Vegan

Environmentally friendly luxury heels can be found at Sydney Brown. The brand practices fair labor. Their craftsmen earn a living wage and work in healthy conditions while they craft these vegan heels out of natural materials like cork and faux-nappa.

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