Aeance: Less But Better

Aeance: Less But Better

Aeance– aesthetic, ascetic, performance

Aeance is designed in Munich and produced in Portugal. They are a sustainable activewear brand that focuses on functional, fashionable, sustainable activewear. And, design incorporates the latest in sustainable technology.

The style? It’s minimalist, and dare I say- elegant!  In their bio, they had a saying that I really loved. Less, but better. Those three words encompass everything I believe about sustainability and sustainable clothing. Therefore, it’s less, and it’s better.

The Brand

Aeance’s story starts in 2016. In the past several years the style, quality, and sustainability have really improved. Aeance’s founders Nadine-Isabell Baier and Arendt van Deyk, are a part of that progress. They looked around and realized that there were no actual sustainable sportswear brands around. The goal is to bring the gap from functional and comfortable activewear to stylish, timeless clothing that you wear every day, and at the same time making sure every piece in their collection, and every stage of production meets the best standards of sustainability.

The Process

We all know sustainable clothing starts with good design, and Aeance designs their collections in Munich. There they focus on functionality, research biotech, and try to eliminate waste. I love the ways they think about waste. Everything is made in Europe to reduce their carbon footprint and they also incorporate laser cutting technology like bonded non-stitched seams and laser cut details. This reduces the fabric waste from the production process. They also reduce consumption waste by designing clothing for all seasons and only producing one collection a year. Production happens in Portugal, every textile mill and factory they work with comply with the strictest ethical standards and all their clothing has sustainable certifications like bluesign® and OEKO-TEX®.

The Fabric

Obviously, I loved the feeling of their clothes, but I was also blown away by all the cool tech behind their fabric. They partner with innovative textile manufacturers like Schoeller Textiles Switzerland, and this collection uses two of their really awesome fabrics- c_change® and ecorepel® Bio’ technology. C_change® is in their tights and jackets. You know how pine cones open their cones in the sun and close them when it’s cold?

Well, that biomechanical adaptation has been used in c_change® and the fabric reacts that way to temperature and moisture. Ecorepel® Bio’ technology is the other incredibly innovative fabric they incorporate into the collection (Specifically their trousers, shorts, and vests). Also, it’s a fabric treatment that is based on eco-friendly renewable materials and makes the fabric able to repel water and dirt.

My Outfit

My outfit comes from their latest “sleek ninja collection.” I’m wearing the compression leggings, the fabric is fully recycled and sourced from Italy. The running shirt I have on also double’s as one of my favorite plain white tee’s to wear with jeans, the fabric here is a combination of merino wool from New Zealand. Additionally, the Ninja inspiration is awesome because you can really understand where they are coming from. The look is really sleek, you kind of forget you are wearing activewear if you aren’t really being active. (then the clothes definitely help keep you cool)

Also, I just want to rave about how comfortable you are in the leggings. It’s amazing. It’s sometimes hard to believe when brands and bloggers say things are amazing and comfortable, and they wear them all the time because they are so comfortable. But, it’s true, these are so comfortable and I’ve done everything from yoga to backpacking to taking my dog for a walk in these pieces, and I’ll continue to as well.

Learn More

Check out there tech and bio here, and collection here. I know you’ll love the feeling of the clothes. Finally, make sure to stay up to date with their newest collections and innovations here and here.

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