17 Sustainable Shoe Brands with the Best Sandals

17 Sustainable Shoe Brands with the Best Sandals


Salt + Umber

Type: Fair Trade, Conscious, Vegetable Tanned Leathers

Salt + Umber brand crafts their totally conscious vegetable-tanned leather and scrap leather sandals in small batches. In addition, they are almost zero-waste and use 3-D printing technology to minimize waste in their designs. Plus, they exclusively partner with ethical factories that have been certified by SMETA. After that they run a microloan program for the women in rural India who craft their products.

Swahili Coast

Type: Fair Trade, Worker-owned

This brand is all about the workers. Therefore, Swahili Coast is worker-owned, managed and financed. They are based on the Eastern African Coast and work with women’s cooperatives in Tanzania and Kenya. The business is managed in Wilmington, North Carolina. Above all, the brand gives fair wages, safe working conditions, and growth opportunities to the women who work with them.

Proud Mary

Type: Ethical

Preservation with exploration is the motto at Proud Mary. In other words, they preserve artisan techniques and work with 30+ artisan groups to provide new opportunities to workers. The sandals are made in Morocco and feature traditional weaving.

Parme Marin

Type: Artisan Partnerships, Limited Runs

Parme Marin partners with artisans in Morocco to build long-lasting economic opportunities. Along the way, the artisans are reviving the use of their ancient craft skills. After that, Parme Marin produces in limited production cycles to minimize waste. Plus, Parme Marin also uses recycled packaging for all their products.


Type: Ethical

Castaner have been around since the early 1900’s. Similarly to their early years, today they source natural jute leaves and then dye them. Furthermore, every shoe is hand-plaited in their atelier in Spain.


Type: Ethical, Artisan-Made

Kaanas was started to help bring awareness to the Wayyu culture of Colombia. This tribe makes their livelihood through traditional weaving. The brand produces locally in Colombia with local production and culturally conscious product lines.

St. Agni

Type: Ethical, Handcraft

Minimalist in style, St. Agni is locally produced in Indonesia. The materials are also all locally sourced in Indonesia to reduce carbon impact. Additionally, the brand only produces enough to meet demand and the shoes are made at small factories which helps with oversight.

Ulla Johnson

Type: Artisan Crafted

Ulla Johnson is know for her stunning prints and intricate patterns. The same applies to her shoes. Everything in her collection is handcrafted by artisans around the world.


Type: Handmade, Vachetta Leather

Handcrafted in Greece by traditional Greek artisans. These sandals are as ethical and as Greek as you can get. They are made with vachetta leather which is naturally dyed and dried.


Type: Artisan Made, Heritage Craft

Figue works around the world with different artisan communities. The sandals are handcrafted using traditional techniques and motifs to help bring artisan crafts to the world with the bohemian flare Figue is known for.


Type: Sustainable

Made from chrome-free leather. Reformation produces in L.A. and California using sustainable production and natural materials.


Type: Natural Materials, Traditional

Manebi sandals combine Italian design with Spanish craftsmanship. They are produced in La Rioja using natural jute and rubber. The fibers used are cotton, linens, and leathers sourced from Italy and the E.U.

Ancient Greek Sandals

Another footwear brand that is about all things Greek. Ancient Greek Sandals takes inspiration from both the aesthetics and mythology of Ancient Greece. They also take craftsmanship from the ancients. The tanning process is chemical free.

Emme Parsons

Type: Ethical

Minimalist sandals for an understated and timeless look. Emme Parsons manufactures at ethically certified partner factories in Tuscany. The sandals also come with reusable totes instead of dust bags for an eco-friendly touch.

Carrie Forbes

Type: Ethical and Artisan

Carrie Forbes launched her first collection in 2014. Her sandals are all made in Morocco using traditional skills indigenous to the country. Each sandal can take up to a day to make because of the interact traditional weaving techniques used.


Type: Slow, Responsible

Every pair of Laiik sandals is handmade in a small family run factory in Athens. They use vachetta tanned leather and the leather is sourced from tanneries in Tuscany that are investing in waste reduction techniques to reduce their environmental impact.

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