Mwayi, Ethical Clothing Made Your Way

Mwayi, Ethical Clothing Made Your Way

Mwayi- My Mwayi, My Way

Designed in New York and produced in Malawi, Mwayi, a brand that focuses on social impact and impeccable tailoring. On a clothes level, this is a brand for someone who loves bold patterns and things that fit. On every other level- who doesn’t love some amazing women-led social enterprise?

The Process

Mwayi’s collection has three pieces you can pick from, and oh so many patterns! I chose the dress, “The Adamma.” There are many amazing choices for patterns. I am wearing the “Majestic Midnight Blue” but I seriously debated the “Orange Mosaic and the “Emerald Princess” before I chose. Now looking back on them I also could have gone with the “Ruby Dynasty.” All the pieces are custom made and tailored to your exact measurements with a little training video to make sure you don’t mess up.

The Dress

“Adamma” means daughter of beauty in Igbo, a language in Nigeria and that’s really how I felt. When I walked into to my friends house to go take pictures, my friends raved about the dress and they all tried it on too. Even my dad mentioned how he liked the pattern and it had funk.

The dress is a really good piece for all seasons. The cotton is light an airy enough to be a summer piece. Aka that natural cotton fabric is good for absorbing moisture. It’s also sturdy enough in winter to (when paired with tights and a coat) take out in the snow. The dress also comes with a secret weapon- those deep pockets you always seem to need but never have.

The Impact

Mwayi isn’t just making amazing clothes. They have an amazing apprentice program working with at-risk young women in Malawi. They partner with Mai Aisha Sisters and Youth Aides Programme to recruit apprentice tailors who then participate in the 6-month Mwayi Apprentice Program. Through the program, the girls become employed and financially independent with fair wages that are 2x the regional average tailor salary.

Where Can You Learn More?

Here on the Mwayi website and make sure to follow them on Instagram for updates on their spring collection.

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I was scared to jump with heels and the ice. So I got one leg up!

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