Clean and Cult: 10 Serums that will Nourish Your Skin

Clean and Cult: 10 Serums that will Nourish Your Skin

Face serums are probably one of my favorite little skincare steps. They are lighter than your typical moisturizers but often penetrate deeper than a thicker moisturizer would.  and help with everything from early signs of aging to acne scars (Something that I’ve been dealing with since I was a teenager.)

Vintner's Daughter 1048944_in_xl

Vintner’s Daughter

Toxin-free and proud to be. This active botanical serum doesn’t have parabens or sulfates and only has 22 ingredients. Above all, the serum creates clear, balanced, radiant skin and has the award pedigree to back it up.

614862_in_pp tata harper serums

Tata Harper

Known for her all natural, farm-grown ingredients, Tata Harper’s all-natural ‘Concentrated Brightening Serum works inside your skin to make it glow outside. Her ingredients list makes you want to do some research are Madonna Lily stem cells, Norwegian Kelp, and Sea Fern extracts. All these ingredients help to minimize your existing dark spots, reduce melanin, and build skin elasticity.

dr. barbara strum 705092_in_xl

Dr. Barbara Strum

Dr. Barbara Sturm focuses on your molecules. This serum helps diminish your existing wrinkles and prevent future ones and she uses long- and short-chain hyaluronic molecules to achieve these results.

966823_in_pp african botanics

African Botanics 

Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend how many environmental toxins our skin has to deal with on a regular basis. From pollution, cigarette smoke remnants that are left in the air, to car exhaust fumes, our cells are definitely working overtime. The African Botanics’ ‘Nutritive Molecule Serum is crafted to protect your skin from these daily onslaughts. For example, their formula uses yummy ingredients like Sea Kelp, and Hibiscus. Additionally, they also use more traditional African ingredients like Baobab, Damask Rose, and Immortelle Flower.

Estelle & Thild

Estelle & Thild

This serum is specifically for the thin skin around your eyes. For example,  Estelle & Thild use their signature BioActive ingredients that come from certified organic marine microalgae to specifically target the area around your eyes. The serum helps to fill fine lines that develop and give the delicate skin protecting your eyeballs a healthy boost.

922812_in_pp votary


Votary’s serums are hand-blended and tested by Arabella Preston in the U.K. This serum combines toning and hydration. Toner’s help cleanses the skin and reduces the size of your pores. However, sometimes they can be drying. Which is why the combo of minimizing while hydrating sounds so great.

761437_in_pp susanne kauf

Susanne Kaufmann

Hidden in the Bregenz Forest Mountains in Austria is Suzann Kaufmann’s skincare and cosmetics studio. Her line is based on holistic medicine and uses natural ingredients like the Brown Algae extract and Moth Bean extract that are found in her ‘Intensive Power Serum Line A. The serum acts as an antioxidant for the skin, protecting and replenishing your cells.

437354_in_pp kahina giving beauty

Kahina Giving Beauty 

This body serum from Kahina Giving Beauty is based on natural and organic Argan Oil. It helps sooth and nourishes the dry skin where ever you find it. Plus, it gives off a subtle, lovely, fragrance. Also, Kahina Giving Beauty donates a percentage of the profits to Berber women to give back to the communities who have been creating Argan Oil for centuries.

968501_in_pp kat burki

Kat Burki

This serum does three things for your skin. First, It helps fight inflammation. Second, it stimulates collagen production. After that, it improves your skin elasticity (which we lose as we age). The science behind Kat Burki is cold processing technology. It brings nutritional science into skincare and delivers the instant and effective impact on the skin needs without fillers that normal skincare products have, like water, alcohol or worse parabens, sulfates, and petroleum.

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