Cotton, Chemicals, and the Better Way with Organic Basics

Cotton, Chemicals, and the Better Way with Organic Basics

When thinking about clothes, a major concern should be the chemicals that are coming into contact with our bodies largest organ. That’s right your skin is the largest organ you have. So if your worried about your skin and chemicals, you should also be worried about your “private areas.” Specifically women, (questions I’ve started asking) what fabric are you putting right next to your vagina? What chemicals are messing with your PH?

The Vagina and Cotton

It’s drilled into girls to wear cotton underwear. It helps prevent yeast infections and UTI’s. It’s “breathable” and that stops moisture from being trapped. No one likes to be sweaty. It’s also absorbant which is good for your period and also for normal fluid. The vulva is sensitive and lots of different things can throw it off. Which is why cotton is best. Cotton is king!

Cotton and Chemicals

But did you know that silicone waxes, petroleum scours, softeners, heavy metals, flame retardants, ammonia, and formaldehyde are used to treat regular cotton? Petroleum isn’t generally found in lube anymore because it can lead to bacterial vaginosis. Heavy metals have been linked to oestrogen related diseases, and ammonia can literally be used as a poison. Chemicals are used to treat lots of products and have been found in our toilet paper and other everyday items. Really, it’s time to reevaluate.

Organic Basics 

This Danish brand takes your basics- tops, underwear, bras, leggings, socks, and makes them better. They make them with materials that have standards and procedures that have standards. Their products are sustainable, ethical, and honestly really comfy. Sustainability is at their core mission. They refer to the fashion industry as a “dirty bastard” and are trying to do their part to provide clean alternatives.

How They Produce

The clothes are designed first and foremost to last. Their SilverTech fabric is extremely innovative and made with recycled nylon and recycled silver salt that reduces bateria growth. That means doesn’t need to be washed after every wear. Their basics are made with GOTS Certifed Organic Cotton which regulates the pesticides used on the cotton when it’s grown and when it’s treated. They work with certified factory partners in Turkey, Austria, Italy, and Portugal. They are transparent and list each factory on their website with the hours, benefits, and certifications of each factory. (However they don’t publish wages, this would be a great next step in transparency.)

What I Ordered

Being economical when scrolling through the Organic Basics store, meant I was immediately drawn to the packs. Which are multiples of shirts, underwear, and tanks. Plus, sets of activewear, underwear, and tops. I got the complete set. Which includes a bra, underwear, and a white t-shirt. (The underwear isn’t pictured because I felt a little awkward. As can be seen in the picture above where I’m clinging to the shirt at my stomach as a semi-soothing device. But also shout out to my roommate who was the photographer and really helped me feel confident.)

The Review

I have been really impressed with the fit and feel of both the underwear set and the t-shirt. The fabric is really as soft as can be. They both fit true to size and feel really nice when you wear them. I was also really happy with the nude color. I feel like nude can wash out my skin tone, but this nude was feminine and flattering. The cut also is super flattering. The bra doesn’t ride up or feel annoying as the day goes on either.

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