Eco-Friendly Surfwear with Boochen

Eco-Friendly Surfwear with Boochen

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The Boochen and sustainability story starts at the ocean. The women who started Boochen love to surf. They wanted to create pieces that would stay on (Anyone who has ever tried to move around in a bikini knows this problem,) look flattering, and help remove plastic from the oceans where they surf. They started with swimwear and now they have activewear too! Their fabrics start and end at waste. Pre and post consumer waste are used, but they don’t want to contribute to anymore waste.

What I’m Wearing 

I’m wearing the Boochen Oil Painting Leggings. Obviously, the print is super gorgeous. They come with a hip bag that works as a functional pocket. The design overall is super functional. The waist is high and that makes the fabric stretch better. The stitching is also minimal so that it feels comfortable for whatever you are doing.

How It’s Made 

The Oil Painting leggings are made with post consumer waist. So think econyl (ghost fishing nets) and other super cool materials like carpet fluff. The fabric has built in UV light protection. The pieces are produced in a small factory in Shenzhen, China. I know that Chinese production always raises questions of ethics, but the firm here is small, they are paid higher than average wages, have reasonable hours, and good working conditions. Boochen has also taken the time to get to know the team and build a long term partnership with them. Boochen also thinks about sustainability in tems of packaging. They use reusable and recyclable packaging!

Find Out More 

Check out Boochen on Vepsi here. AND follow them on insta here to see what’s coming next!

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