Farm to Face: Beauty Brands that Grow Their Own Ingredients

Farm to Face: Beauty Brands that Grow Their Own Ingredients

Think of this beauty trend as beauty you could almost eat. Potent and healthy natural ingredients from farms that the brand owns. The brands in this list are the cream of the (organic crop) when it comes to clean beauty. They grow their own ingredients and really care about the integrity and transparency of the product they make. It’s a huge step for the beauty industry as a whole and will push bigger and less transparent bands in the direction of all natural which is better for your skin and the earth. Here are 15 of my favorite farm to face beauty brands.

1041772_e1_xl tata harper farm to face

Tata Harper

Grown on a Vermont farm, Tata Harper was farm-to-face before it was cool, and was farm-to-face before natural beauty was even a talking point. Every single step from the growing to the packaging is done at their facility in Vermont. No outsourcing to be found.

2f75f1_794b0648c6f54b75b468847da45cfa4e amber blue

Amber Blue

From their Massachusetts farm, a Jen and Tara Atwood handcraft potent and yummy formulas that sound good enough to eat. You’ll find extracts like red raspberry oil and strawberry oil are used for their tough nature and collagen-producing benefits.

Farmacy_HoneyPotion117g_FAC00660_Open_2000x farmacy farm to face


The Farmacy brand is formulated around a rare green flowered plant, “echinacea” that co-founder Mark Veeder stumbled upon in upstate New York. Now Farmacy grows and cultivates all of their ingredients in Upstate New York and bases a lot of their formulas around the same “echinacea” extracts that they started with.

51LtwPgASSL._SY355_ jurlique farm to face


From the farm where they get their famous roses to the seeds that come from the hot-house, everything is done in the most natural and organic way possible at the Jurlique organic farm. They believe that the best results in skincare come from the earth and not a lab, and after trying their hydrating mists we are inclined to agree.

51VOLvNKLvL._SY450_ board and batten farm to face

Board and Batten

When you think of Florida, you might think Disney, Miami nightlife or the beach. But for this farm-to-face brand, Florida means lots for fresh citrus. From their cold-pressed extracts to honey and the Vitamin C extracts that come from the vine, everything is grown right on their Florida farm.



The vineyards of France are there because of the world-renown wine that comes out of the region, but the vines and grapes also hold amazing skincare potential. Caudalie started on the vineyards of Mathilde Thomas’s family estate and as the brand has grown Mathilde has moved to a sustainable, natural ethos. Taking out all parabens and joining 1% For the Planet, while still maintaining the same grape and vine driven formulas that made the brand famous. Sidenote: You can visit a spa on the vineyard that sits on a hot spring and practices Vinothérapie. It looks amazing.

1056081_in_pp kypris beauty farm to face

Kypris Beauty

Famous for their “15 active ingredients” Kypris Beauty uses all natural farm grown ingredients. They source them from local, organic, and female-owned farms and formulate their bottles at their Arizona headquarters.

bottega-organica-about farm to face

Bottega Organica

Italian olives meet the wild herbs of upstate New York at this transatlantic farm-to-face brand. Bottega Organica blends their farm-grown natural ingredients with the best practices in sustainability. Everything is organic and goes from the farm to the bottle without middle-men in between.

967961_in_pp african botanics farm to face

African Botanics

There is much to be found in the world of ancient holistic medicine. African Botanics relies on age-old recipes and sustainably sourced traditional ingredients from South Africa’s Cape Floral Kingdom to create their natural skincare products. They source directly from suppliers in the region and make regular checks to make sure each crop is as fresh and sustainable as possible

dynamic-rejuvenating-beauty-mask_-_Copy_2048x kypwell


Cyprus is a small island and a natural oasis. The volcanic soil makes it the perfect spot to find amazing, rare natural herbs and ingredients. Kypwell sources the best of the best for its skincare line, working with organic fields that produce 700 meters above sea level. If you’re looking to try out this new brand, start with the Youthful Natural Hyaluronic Mask, it just won “Best New Skincare Product” at the Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2018.

705104_in_xl earth tu face farm to face

Earth tu Face

Food grade, plant-based ingredients are used in all of Earth Tu Face’s skincare products. They are sourced from local farms and sustainable suppliers and conscious of their environmental impact everything is handcrafted in small batches in the U.S.

45001815_001_b11 formulary 55 farm to face

Formulary 55

Kitchen sink beauty. Formulary 55 started in founder Cordelia’s kitchen sink in the Puget Sound. Now based in Denver, the brand still The founder of Formulary 55 still handmake their in products in small batches with the sustainable, natural ingredients they started with.

922812_in_pp votary


Souring ingredients from traceable suppliers and farm throughout the U.K., Arabella Preston hand-blends every formula and only produces in small batches. You’ll love the natural oils for their blemish fighting skills and recovery properties.

clarifying-steam-bath dr haushka

Dr. Hauschka

Natural beauty has to come from natural sources, like a garden. Dr. Hauschka sources their ingredients from their personal garden and from sustainable partnerships that they’ve developed all over the world, like Ethiopia where they grow roses, or the Cape of Good Hope where they source ice plants.

Dr._Alkaitis_-_Herbal_Toner_-_60ml_2fl_oz-1500_grande farm to face

Dr. Alkaitis

The second doctor on the list, Dr. Alkaitis, uses certified organic and biodynamic ingredients. They come from vetted individual farmers and wild-crafters, and everything is edible and was once living. Think fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

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