Vepsi Sustainable Outfits for October

Vepsi Sustainable Outfits for October

First, I’m super excited to start as a Vepsi ambassador. I’ve loved getting to know their brands and the ethos behind how they source and partner with the brands on their site. Next, below are six looks that feature the best of Vepsi brands for fall. The looks are great for casual wear and for the office. And, you’ll definitely want to wear the pieces year after year. Let me know your favorites in the comments below.

ANNAMARIAANGELIKA Sweater (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

This sweater tells the story of the indigenous people of Peru. Using the design, the fabric, and the weaving as a canvas. It is made using Alpaca wool native to Peru. Also, the sweater also uses the Intarsia knitting technique which is used to combine different patterns and colors.

Marita Moreno Sneakers (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

Marita Moreno is designed and produced in Portugal. First, the shoes are vegan, environmentally responsible, ethical, and artisanal. (I’ve used her shoes in every look in this series so you’ll get to see a wide range of the materials and styles she uses.

Rhumaa Pants (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

A caveat about the pants linked- they are not the pants picture. Those sold out. So, I linked this Rhumaa pants which are also light in color and have a similar cut. They are also made with wool and azo-free dyes that make them perfect for vegans.

Labante London Laptop Bag (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

This brand is vegan, certified by PETA and really in all of my wish lists all the time. I’ve used it several times throughout these outfits so look out for their story and different styles.

OggDESIGN Jewelry Cuff (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

This jewelry is designed and handcrafted locally in Barcelona. They are very conscious of sourcing and where their materials and metals come from.

Mori Collective Earrings (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

The Mori Collective motto is Love & Recycle. Their pieces are made in Finland. And, they take great pride in finding new sustainable solutions for the global fashion model.

Flo-Let the Flowers Flow Top (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20%o off)

Many brands get their cotton in Egypt. Because the quality of the cotton is really superb. This top has Egyptian cotton. However, it’s also Oeko-Tex certified organic. The production process is sustainable and responsible. Also, the color is created using single-ply fabric. This makes sure the color is uniform. Plus, the water used in dyeing is treated, recycled, and reused.

Maison Mixmelô Pants (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

This style of pant is influenced by the 1940s and 50s. Think Audrey Hepburn in colors. The pants are made with a cotton wax print. Also, the Vlisco wax fabric is printed on both sides and that helps with longevity.

Marita Moreno Wedges (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

These wedges are made of black microfiber and natural wood. They are handcrafted in Portugal using the finest of Portuguese craft techniques and Portuguese design.

Labante London Laptop Bag (Use Code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

The brand uses exclusively vegan fabrics but also strives to be eco-conscious and vegan. In that vein, they use recycled fabrics like recycled PU in their bags.

Yala Necklace (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

Yala Jewelry at its core is challenging the misconceptions of Africa through fair partnerships, transparency, and eco-friendly materials. This is a label I’ve incorporated throughout these looks so look out for their story in the upcoming looks.

OggDESIGN Bracelet (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

Another interesting thing about OggDESIGN is that their jewelry can be customized on demand. Which means you can help design and influence your jewelry.

Moyo Dress (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

There is so much to say about this dress. It’s made with handwoven cotton in Mali. Obviously, it’s so cool to look at and beautiful. But, I want to focus on the print. It’s Mud Cloth. Which is traditional, and the cloth is dyed using fermented mud and leaves. Due to the handcrafted nature at every stage in the process, every piece that is made is unique and gorgeous.

Marita Moreno Sneakers (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

Marita Moreno started her transition from artisanal to environmentally conscious and vegan with her first vegan line in 2017. All the shoes listed are because of that first step and the rethink that came after it.

BENTIVOGLIO Bag (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

This bag is plant-based and handcrafted. Bentivoglio works in an atelier in France and uses pinatex, pineapple waste-based leather. Also, the lining is made with Japanese sugar cane fibers.

Yala Earrings and Bracelet (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

One of the main materials used by Yala Jewelry is ethically sourced recycled brass. Also, the collections from Yala are all made in small batches which cut downs on waste across the board.

Butter London Nail Polish

This nail polish eliminates the top 5 toxins normally found in nail polish. Also, it is vegan and cruelty-free.


Ayani Dress (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

A perfect fall office dress. Ayani is a 5-minute office wear fix. The clothes are comfortable and elegant. They are produced fairly in Armenia using vegan-friendly fabrics and dyes.

Marita Moreno Flats (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

These flats are made with orange cork, microfiber, and PU. Portugal is the world’s biggest cork supplier. They produce over 50% of the cork found worldwide. First, you should know Cork is a really versatile material. It’s obviously used in wine and fashion. However, Cork obviously has it’s own set of environmental and ethical issues. But, it is a more ecologically friendly material and I love seeing it used especially in vegan shoes.

Kasuwa Tote Bag (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

This label is inspired by the cross-section of cultures. Urban and tradition meet in the designs. The brand relies on the know-how of the African artisans the work with. They employ traditional techniques and slow ethics.

Florapada Earrings (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

Artisanal and authentic is the name of the game at Florapada. Therefore, the earrings incorporate natural materials like shells and support charitable projects like #MySchoolBook.

Yala Ring (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

This ring is made with recycled brass and reclaimed horn that Yala has sourced from local farms in the area. The horn is ebony cow horn which is normally just thrown away if not reclaimed.

French Girl Organics Oil

This oil is made with 80-100% organic ingredients. Plus, it’s made in small batches. And it’s also cruelty-free and vegan.

Moyo Dress (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

This is another Moyo dress. It’s also made in Kenya using African cotton. The design ethos behind Moyo is really interesting. Head designer and founder Andrea, combines the European minimalism she sees in Rotterdam with the African continent’s love of color.

Marita Moreno Flats (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

These flats are made using bio-leather. Generally, bio-leathers are leathers that still use collagen but aren’t the traditional hide leather. This can mean it was grown in a lab. For example, U.S. biotech firms have developed bio leather out of yeast.

Labante London Backpack (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

Not only are the fabrics sustainable, but the craftsmanship is also ethical and artisanal. Each bag is handcrafted. Plus, Labante London is sweatshop-free and produces in a factory in Guangzhou that is 99% women.

Yala Earrings and Bracelet (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

At Yala Jewelry they work directly with 150 different artisans. They all receive fair wages, safe and healthy working conditions. Also, the have proper recognition for their work and talent.

I’mdividual Cardigan (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

Natural organic cotton fibers that are sourced from Egypt and produced in Switzerland make up the base of this cardigan. Also, the buttons are corozo and come from the U.K.

Ayani Dress (Use Code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

This saffron dress is also from Ayani. Isn’t it a gorgeous color?! The dress is made fairly, with vegan-friendly fabric. Plus, the cut was road-tested on over 100 different women to make sure it was universally flattering.

Marita Moreno Flats (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

The journey of a fashion designer is always really interesting. For example, with Marita, you’ll often notice an architectural influence, partially because she also works as a sculptor.

Moyo Bag (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

Another Moyo piece. This one is also made in Kenya of locally sourced leather. Also, it’s been traditionally handcrafted. Overall, it’s very slow and ecologically conscious. Plus, they upcycle all their leather scraps into their ready-to-wear.

Törmi Design Earrings (Use code VEPSIkaty for 20% off)

These earrings are handmade by the head designer and founder, Mimi. She is based in Finland and uses Finnish birchwood as one of her main materials. Plus, the jewelry comes to you in eco-friendly packaging.

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