10 Ethical Capes for the Cold Weather

10 Ethical Capes for the Cold Weather

I’ve always been a big fan of capes. Not sure if this comes from loving historical fiction as a child or that they are just so elegant. This is a roundup of 10 of the best sustainable and ethical capes to keep you warm until the new year. Let me know your favorite in the comments below.



Jiri Kalfar

Victorian Faux Fur Cape Elegant, and glamorous. This cape also works as a jacket and poncho. and is made in Jiri Kalfar’s Portugal studio with faux fur.

Check Cape Checked and bright. Also from Jiri Kalfar and handmade with cashmere.



Bo Carter

Produced responsibly in the U.K without child labor or exploitation. These Bo Carter capes are also made of faux fur and the lining is roll end fabric that would have been thrown out. Both options are stunning.


Zalinah White

Made a statement in this red caplet. It has wide ties that make a scarf when it’s cold. Zalinah White sources their wool ethically in the U.K. They also manufacture in the U.K. and the E.U.


touch me wear 

Touch me is made using slow production and high-quality materials to fight against waste and mass production. This cape is made from ethically sourced nylon and viscose knit fabric.



The cape you can wear indoors. Kitx is luxury fashion that’s consciously sourced. Kitx has a transparent supply chain and uses sustainable organic fabrics. This cape is obviously humanely made. The fabric is silk.



Classy capes made in alpaca wool. Sentaler is all about the alpaca fiber because of it’s quality, luxury appeal, and sustainability. They source their alpaca fibers sustainably, from fair trade farmers who use cruelty-free practices.



The cape that answers the question about if capes can be casual. It’s from Skin and made in the U.S. of natural cashmere.


Siblings Army

Siblings produce in small batches and employ artisan women in Willoq, Peru. The Lazo cape is made with natural dyes and traditional handknitting with sheep and alpaca wool as the star fabrics.

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