10 Ways to Beat the Heat with Your Clothing

10 Ways to Beat the Heat with Your Clothing

Whether your summer is 80 degrees or 100, one of the best ways to beat the heat sustainably is by tailoring what you wear to the temperature. Here are 10 of the best tips I have for staying comfortable, sustainable and stylish in some truly uncomfortable temperatures.

1. Wear light colors- it’s pretty simple. Lighter colors don’t absorb heat, instead they reflect it.

Reformation dress– made with sustainable manufacturing that saves waste, water, and carbon.

Toms heels– made with a social conscious. They give a pair of shoes to a child in need every time you purchase them.

Soko Earrings– partnering with artisans all over the world to make their jewelry, Soko makes sure that these craftspeople receive fair wages and support community development.

Pala sunglasses– made by artisans in Ghana using sustainable acetate and recycled plastic.

Vivienne Westwood Bag– Made in Nairobi in partnership with the Ethical Fashion Initiative. The materials are leftover leather scraps.

2. Fill your wardrobe with natural breathable fabrics- natural materials allow air to circulate through your fabric. Its like buying a body fan that doesn’t look bulking.

Zwina Habini Sandals– handmade by a group of traditional artisans in Marrakech.

Filù Hats- made by artisans in Italy

Andy Wolf sunglasses– made with sustainable acetate in Italy

Rosantica Earrings– handcrafted in a Milanese atelier by 30 artisans.

Dor Raw Luxury Dress– a slow fashion brand that focuses exclusively on Belgian linen.

3. Loose clothing won’t sink your ship- loose clothing allows you to sweat comfortably. Nothing is worse then a sticky day with tight clothing.

KYMA Sandals– Made by skilled artisans in Greece using centuries-old techniques.

Carla Colour Sunglasses– Made with zyl acetate that is cotton based.

Loup Charmant Maxi– Made with natural organic cotton in the U.S.

Aranaz Bag– crafted in Manila, Aranaz is a brand trying to bring traditional Philippine craftsmanship to the world.

Yosuzi hat– handmade using traditional techniques from Venezuela.

4. Accessories make the difference- hats, sandals, scarfs, sunglasses. Summer is the perfect time to try them out. A hat will block the sun, and a silk scarf in your hair helps distribute the weight on your head. It’s a cool way to not get a headache and not be overheated by your hair.

Louise Coleman Scarf– hand-dyed and produced with silk in the North of England.

Proof Sunglasses– Made in the U.S. from sustainable acetate and recycled materials.

Everlane Shoes– Ethically produced in Florence, Italy.

Everlane Jeans– Made in an ethical factory in Vietnam.

Paradise Row bag– crafted in the East London, with a mission to help maintain the traditional workshops of the area using vegetable tanned leather.

Michael Stars Tee– Made in the U.S. of sustainable tencel.

5. Invest in a breathable kimono- I’ve been a kimono fan all summer long. They are the perfect way to say covered, and catch a breeze.

Mes Demoiselles Kimono– Made by traditional textile artisans in India.

Westward Leaning Sunglasses– A brand with a social mission, these sunglasses are crafted from sustainable acetate and give to different organizations with every purchase.

Gabriela Hearst Sandals– Made with repurposed fabric in Italy.

Lacausa jumpsuit– Handmade in L.A. with socially conscious and ethical practices.

Ellen & James circle bag– designed in Australia and handmade in Bali using ata reeds.

6. Patterns over anything heavy on your clothes- embellishments might still be in stores but switch them out for some light patterns. They still look interesting and trendy but don’t way you down.

Earth Wood Sunglasses– Made with sustainably sourced wood.

Melie Bianco Bag– Made ethically with vegan PU.

St. Agni Sandals– handmade by artisans in Indonesia using locally sourced materials.

Ash & Rose Collection Skirt– Made in Massachusetts from salvaged materials.

Delikate Rayne Top– Made in the U.S. with cruelty-free, vegan satin.

7. Find out why seersucker is so popular in the summer- Seersucker is a cotton fabric that’s made with alternating tight-tension yarns and loose-tension yarns. This wavy surface and texture make a wider distance between the fabric and your body, helping create air flow.

Ecovibe Apparel Top and Bottoms– Made with ethical production in Portland.

Gucci Hat– Made in Italy with Gucci and Kering’s new commitment to sustainability.

Toms Wedges and Sunglasses– with the same one to one policy that gives to children.

Sensi Studio Bag– handmade with local materials in Ecuador.

8. Take a tip from a hot weather country, less is not best. Countries in the Middle East and hot places like India have been dealing with warm temperatures for thousands of years and their clothing styles reflect that. Traditional styles in these places often focus on natural fabrics that cover the body and protect from the sun.

Purvi Doshi Dress– The Purvi Dosi line uses only natural fabrics and colors and every single piece is handmade by Indian artisans. The label works with delightful imperfections of the handwoven fabric, the beauty of natural colors with subtle flaws and the warmth of the human hands.

ZOJA Earrings– Made in South Africa with a blend of Serbian/ South African craft traditions.

Pala Sunglasses– same amazing color and construction as above.

Lemlem Sandals– Made with Lemlem’s traditionally woven cotton.

9. Bralettes are your best friend. Underwear is still important in the summer, but underwire bras in polyester fabrics only create sweat. Switch to organic and no wires!

N’Damus London Bag– handcrafted with eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather.

Reformation Sandals– handmade with vegetable tanned leather.

Anna Kosturova dress– handmade by artisans who take years to perfect each new technique.

Westward Leaning Sunglasses– different sunglasses, and the same principles as before!

Sokoloff Bralette and Shorts– Made ethically in Montreal with certified Oeko-Tex organic bamboo.

10. Lightweight but structured. Lightweight fabrics are the best in the summer for their breeze, but make sure the fabric has some structure at the seams or it will only cling to you.

AMUR top and shorts– made sustainably in NYC with a silk linen mix.

Yosuzi hat– same hat as above!

Andy Wolf sunglasses– made with sustainable acetate in Italy.

Sensi Studio Bag– same ethics as above but different bag!

Farylrobbin Sandals– Made with vegan materials.

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