Sustainable Shopping Guide: Revolve

Sustainable Shopping Guide: Revolve

100% Pure– 100% Pure started out of a farmhouse in California. Their products are sustainably sourced and totally organic.

9 Seed– Handcut and sewn in L.A. using eco-friendly dyes and sustainable and natural materials.

A Peace Treaty– Made ethically by artisans who live in areas of political conflict.

Adidas by Stella McCartney– The collaboration between Adidas and Stella McCartney that puts sustainability into performance wear. Organic cotton and recycled nylons are found throughout the collection.

Agent Natur– Made from ingredients sourced from non-toxic and organic small suppliers around the U.S.

Agolde– Made in L.A. at the same facility that sustainable denim line Citizens of Humanity uses. The factory uses sustainable washers that recycle and use less water.

AGOL-WJ148_V1 agolde AGOL-WJ150_V1 agolde AGOL-WJ149_V1 agolde jeans

Aijek– Aijek is made sustainable fabrics like recycled nylon, and high-quality natural materials like silk. They are a great (more affordable than a luxury option) for formal occasions like prom.

AIJR-WD61_V1 aijek AIJR-WD62_V1 aijek AIJR-WD64_V1 aijek

African Botanics– Made with organic and sustainable ingredients sourced from small South African Farms. African Botanics gives back to the community they work with and are paraben and sulfate free.


All Things Mochi– Handcrafted with traditional methods passed down for generations in artisan communities around the world.


Alo–  Made with ethical, sweat-shop free practices. Alo is WRAP certified and uses low water dyes in their manufacturing.

ALOR-WP35_V2 alo ALOR-WI20_V1 alo ALOR-WO2_V2 alo

Alvaro Gonzalez– Handcrafted in Italy using traditional techniques and vegetable-tanned leather.

Amur– Made in NYC using recycled, reclaimed, organic, and sustainable materials that come from fairly paid artisan collectives.

UAMR-WD41_V2 amur UAMR-WQ13_V1 amur  UAMR-WS26_V2 amur

Anaak– Produced in Italy using handcraft and eco-friendly fabrics and dyes.

Ancient Greek Sandals– Handcrafted in Greece using traditional techniques.

Apiece Apart-Designed for streamlined capsule wardrobe and made with natural and sustainable materials with natural and eco-friendly dyes like rhubarb.


ATM– Named for designer Antony Thomas Melillo, the brand uses high-quality natural materials like pima cotton that is sourced locally where they produce in Peru.


Axiology– Lipsticks and makeup that are made from organic, natural ingredients and have cruelty-free production.


Ayni– Produced in Peru with natural, sustainable materials. Ayni believes and practices social, economic, and environmental engagement.


Backstage– Australian clothing that evokes true Aussie sensibility. The clothes are ethically produced in Australia.


Bailey 44– Designed and produced locally in L.A.

BAIL-WD1154_V1 BAIL-WP103_V1BAIL-WD1155_V1

Banjanan– Handcrafted slowly in India using tradtional techniques, eco-friendly dyes, and fabrics and locally sourced ethical materials.

Beek– Made ethically in Mexico using traditional techniques.

Bella Dahl– Bella Dahl is based in L.A. She is known for the Tencera™ fabric which is derived from tencel and gives her clothing a specific soft touch and sleek finish that is still biodegradable. The trees are sustainably harvested, and naturally bleached and are produced with non-toxic solvents.

BLD-WC12_V1 BLD-WS304_V1 BLD-WS310_V1

Beth Richards– Made ethically in Vancouver with some sustainable materials.

Beyond Yoga– Designed and produced locally in L.A. with responsible business practices. They have included natural materials like Pima and organic cotton in past collections and work with WRAP certified partners.


Carrie Forbes– Made by artisans using tradtional indegenous Moroccan weaving techniques.

Castaner– Made by hand in Spain in the same family-run factory that the brand was in 100 years ago.

Citizens of Humanity– Made in L.A. with sustainable production practices that have led the industry.

CITI-WJ1416_V1 CITI-WJ1434_V1 CITI-WJ1448_V1

Clare V.– Ethically made in Los Angeles.


Cleobella– Handmade in Bali using traditional techniques and employing local artisans.


Coola– Reef-friendly, organic sunscreen.


Cosabella– Designed in Miami and produced in a family run, ethical factory in Italy.


Cult Gaia– Made of reclaimed bamboo in L.A.


Delfi– Made in ethical conditions in L.A.

DL1961– Made in L.A. with sustainable production practices and sustainable materials like organic cotton are used when possible.

Dr. Barbara Strum– Eco-friendly skincare that combines tech and natural ingredients. It’s produced in Germany.


Doctor Rogers– Made with plant-based, sustainably-sourced, vegan ingredients.

Eleven Six– Designed in NYC and produced in Bolvia and Peru by artisans using sustainable materials like baby alpaca wool.

Ellis Brooklyn– Artisanally produced in Brooklyn in small batches. Ellis Brooklyn is committed to sustainability and bottles with lead-free, recycled glass.


Fame and Partners– Made in L.A. with a focus on producing as little waste as possible, and sustainable and natural materials.


Faithfull– Handmade in Bali using traditional techniques, and local materials when possible.


French Girl–  Made with sustainable plant-based ingredients from fair trade sources.

From St. Xavier– Made by hand with ethical socially conscious business practices. Each piece can take over 20 hours to produce.


Generation Clay– Made with vegan, plant-based, locally-sourced Australian ingredients.

Girl Undiscovered– Made in New Zealand with wildcrafted ingredients that are sourced directly from small communities. The bottles come in sustainable, recyclable glass.

Gloss Moderne–  Clean luxury haircare that is toxin-free and vegan.

Grown Alchemist– Made with certified organic ingredients that still produce results. You get the boost from natural peptides, acids, and cell-communicating actives.


GRLFRND– Inspired by the supermodels of the 90’s, GRILFRND is made in L.A. with sustainable production.


Hat Attack– Handmade in the Bronx using traditional wood-blocking.

Henne Organics– Made with certified organic, and cruelty-free ingredients.

Herbivore Botanicals– Handmade in small batches, with organic, non-toxic, food grade ingredients. Skincare you can eat.


Hot as Hell– Eco-friendly lingerie and ready wear that’s still sexy. Hot as Hell uses earth-friendly materials like corn-based nylon and sustainable production like digital printing.


Ilia Beauty– Clean beauty made from transparent, natural and organic ingredients.

Indah– Ethically handmade in Bali.


Innika Choo– Handcrafted from natural materials in Bali.

J Brand– J Brand has started using more sustainable fabrics like recycled and organic cotton and sustainable practices like eco washes.

Jade Swim– Made with sustainable Italian nylon.



Janessa Leone– Made with ethically sourced wool in the U.S. The factory Janessa uses is employee-owned.


JINsoon– 10-free nail polish. This means it’s made without Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde resin, Camphor, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide, Triphenyl phosphate, parabens, and lead.


Joanna Vargas

Juliet Dunn



Katie May– Handmade by ethical artisans in L.A.


Kayu– Made in the Philippines, using sustainable materials like straw and locally sourced shells. Kayu employs artisans to craft with their traditional techniques.


Kiini– Recyclable bathing suits. They are handmade and hand crocheted by artisans.


Kjaer Weis– Makeup that’s organic and natural, with packaging that’s refillable.



KNC Beauty-

Koh Gen Do-

Komono– Komono is integrating sustainable materials and practices like recycled plastic and biodegradable acetate into their brand. They started this integration with NEUTRØ a sustainable line that used naturally derived materials.




LAMade– Made in L.A. with ethical production and locally produced fabrics.

Lashfood– Natural lash enhancement. Made with natural and non-toxic ingredients that are safe for your eyes. The formula is free of nasty stuff like sulfates, and synthetic fragrances.


Lilah B.– Made in Milan. Lilah B. is vegan and cruelty-free and made without the top five normal toxins found in makeup.

Lemlem– Made with traditionally handwoven Ethiopian cotton.

Leonor Grayl Paris– This natural haircare is eco-friendly and made with sustainably sourced ingredients.

LNDR– Sustainably produced in the E.U.

Loeffler Randall– Handmade by skilled craftsmen. Loeffler Randal sustainably sources their raffia.

Maaji– Produced ethically in Colombia. Maaji helps to restore Colombian waterways.

Made by Dawn– Sustainably produced in California.

Madeworn– Produced and designed locally in L.A. using ecologically sound natural materials like organic cotton.

Mara Hoffman– Designed in NYC and produced around the world with ethical practices and exclusively sustainable materials like handwoven organic cotton and Tencel.

Marysia Swim– Made ethically and locally in Brazil.

Mercedes Salazar– Made by artisans in Columbia incorporating traditional indegenous techniques.

Mes Demoiselles– Handcrafted by artisans in India and Nepal.

Mestiza New York– Designed in NYC. Mestiza New York works with the Phillipine Textile Council to help support female weavers and include their handwoven fabrics in their collection.

Michael Stars– Made in L.A. using natural, sustainable, and locally sourced materials for their eco-friendly collection.

Miista– Designed in London and produced locally, ethically, and with fair trade principles in Spain. They are also transparent about their employment.

Misa Los Angeles– Handmade by artisans in Los Angeles.

Moon Juice– Moon Juice is plant-sourced supplements. They use organic, food grade ingredients from local farms in their supplements.

Naadam– Knitwear that uses sustainably sourced natural materials like cashmere that is from traditional nomads and alpaca wool.


Nannacay– Handwoven by female artisans in Peru.

Nannette De Gaspe– Nanette De Gaspe uses natural botanicals like silver mushrooms and marine collegen. They sustainably source their ingredients like shea butter.

Nanushka– Sustainability is important to Nanushka, they source within the E.U., use vegan leathers and considered materials. They are based in Budaprest and produce within the E.U.