11 Ethical Dresses in Beautiful Blue You’ll Want to Pick Up this Summer

11 Ethical Dresses in Beautiful Blue You’ll Want to Pick Up this Summer

Maybe it’s living on the Aegean, maybe it’s because blue is everywhere this season, but i’ve been in love with all the vibrant blue shades i’ve been seeing. This is a round up that came together just because I saw so many blues scrolling for outfit pieces. Let me know your favorite in the comments!

Nomad Clothing

Taking the Aegean inspiration literally is this amazing colorful dress from Nomad Clothing. It’s made with organic cotton jersey and azo-free dyes so it’s a colorful dress that is also vegan-friendly.


Be boldly blue in this sustainable dress from SDress. Their collection is produced in Italy with the latest sustainable production tech like a carbon-neutral process that is endorsed by the WWF. It’s long-sleeve so you might not think it’s great for summer but that loose style picks up the breeze.


Another long-sleeve dress you ask? Actually no. The picture above is a little confusing. There is a long sleeve shirt under this stunning blue dress. The silk fabric, short sleeves, and transparent production are all perfect for the warm weather. Secteur 6 produces in its own factory with regenerative and natural materials. They also have built sustainable long lasting relationships throughout their supply chain.

Maria Roch

Luxurious and elegant. This Maria Roch dress comes in several different colors besides blue too. It’s designed and produced locally in Barcelona. The style is a throwback to Greek draping.

Valle & Vik

Halter dresses are still in style and I hope they will be for a while. They are easy, comfortable, and standout without trying. Just like this turquoise goddess dress from Valle & Vik. The collection is cut and stitched in the U.K. with fabrics sourced in the E.U.

Relax Baby Be Cool

The most interesting to look at dress on this list is from Relax Baby Be Cool. It’s produced in limited quantities and handmade. The printing is traditional batik, the designer is Estonian, and the goal is to connect you to far-flung places.

Jiri Kalfar

A dress with some magical vibes for the inner bohemian in all of us. This blue dress is from Jiri Kalfar, a sustainable designer who produces in Portugal. Everything is ethical, animal-friendly, and obviously beautiful.


Day-to-glamorous-night dresses can always be found at Kalita. It’s designed in London by Kalita Al Swaidi and made ethically in Bali using natural materials like cotton and silk.

Bo Carter

Head in a victorian direction with this trapeze dress from Bo Carter. It’s made with 100% organic cotton linen and is good for the vegan too. Bo Carter also produces fairly in the U.K.


A perfect 70’s inspired wrap dress for all seasons. Bower clothing is sustainably produced and made to order to reduce waste. The clothing is also 100% vegan and perfect for the animal lover.

Eleven Six

This dress from Eleven Six is totally Peruvian. It’s sustainably produced in Peru using locally sourced Peruvian mercerized cotton and the color was inspired by Peruvian artist Victor Delfin.


Mirror the sky with this eco-friendly Anaak dress. The material is organic cotton and the dye is a vegan-friendly azo-free color. Anaak produces in small artisan communities in Bolivia and India.

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