25 Vegan Brands with the Chicest Bags

25 Vegan Brands with the Chicest Bags

Bags! The perfect replacement for pockets. In my bag, you’ll find everything from tampons, and all the necessary modern essentials like my phone and power bank to grocery receipts, and notes that I should have looked at last week. Plus, spare change, makeup that I think I might need, (really though we all know I won’t have the time or the patience to reapply later.) Bags are essential because they hold your life essentials. This listical is for the bag lover who happens to be vegan. Never let ethics cramp your style. These 25 bag brands are as chic as they come and don’t harm any animal in the process.

alexandra-k-handbags-1-5-midnight-black-3603756712013_1800x1800 25 sustainable bag brands with the chicest purses

Alexandra K.

Responsible, fashionable vegan leather bags from founder and designer Alexandra Kościkiewicz. Handmade in Poland by fairly paid artisans. Alexandra K. also won the PETA Fashion Award in Germany.

niko-ineko-handbags-saddle-crossbody-blush-3619007627341_740x 25 vegan bag brands

Niko Ineko

Socially conscious to the core and super new! They were founded in 2017 and are aimed at the “nonchalant trailblazer.” (I love that concept.) Niko Ineko brings spiritual minimalism to every bag they make. They source from ethical manufacturers who make vegan leather with ethical labor standards.

fw16_online_lookbook_pg_2_en matt & Nat vegan bags

Matt & Nat

One of the brands that helped bring quality vegan bags into the mainstream, Matt & Natt brings inspiration from nature and a desire not to harm it into their craft. Designed in Vancouver and produced in China, they also try to work towards a more sustainable product by using recycled water bottles for their lining. They’ve also worked with other vegan sustainable materials like cardboard and cork.

lookbook-slide2 gunas new york

Gunas New York

I’m a big believer in the idea that you find the best, and most interesting products at smaller independent labels. Gunas New York definitely encapsulates this spirit. Their material is vegan and their production is all small-scale artisanal. So that even though the leather might not be real. It really does look and feel as nice. If not nicer than leather. And being vegan there is also no wool, no feathers, no silk, no animals at all. Instead look for eco-nylon, eco-PU, and vintage/upcycled fabrics.

1_2 labante 25 vegan bags

Labante London

The Labante motto is something we should all think about when shopping and watching fashion. “Fashion With Respect.” It’s the moral injection the industry needs. is the ethos upon which LaBante London was built. Respectful, ethical, vegan, but still on trend. These are the bags you fall in love with one season and don’t give up on the next.

962x1444_0026_Canasto-Blue arteli 25 vegan bags


Vegan bags doesn’t just mean vegan leather. Brands like Arteli make vegan bags as well. These bags are made of recycled or reclaimed materials and the beautiful woven designs are natural palm leaf. They are meticulously handwoven using centuries-old techniques by fairly paid women in Colombia.

View More: http://wanderlustcreatives.pass.us/shopmahisi-martiniandmilk2017

Toko Toko

A brand that forms an ethical bridge between Indonesian and American communities, Toko-Toko supports sustainable, and Fair Trade brands from Indonesia and gives them a platform. They are a vegan company, so all their merchandise in the store is animal free!

Hand_Bag_10-_NO_info_1500x_720x mother erth 25 vegan bag brands

Mother Erth

Statement totes, the Mother Erth signature with a multicolored range and wooden handle. The bags are made of plastic recovered from the oceans and the brand employs mothers. Because in developing countries a mother’s income is often what determines her families future.

outfit_1220544_1_large (1) stella mccartney 25 vegan bags

Stella McCartney

Stella was doing vegan luxury when everyone thought it was impossible. You could say without Stella’s influence and success brands like Gucci, and Versace won’t have gone fur-free. She’s known for her rich colors, precise and elegant designs. Those words apply to her bags to, the Falabella range.

outfit_1220229_1_large cult gaia

Cult Gaia

Bet you didn’t think these “it bags” would make this list. But they did! Because the Cult Gaia bag is reclaimed bamboo material. No leather hides in sight. The ark bag is what made Cult Gaia famous but their other selections are just as cool with the same architectural inspiration.

8373824-1-wine melie bianco

Melie Bianco 

Certified Vegan by PETA. The bags most recognizable feature is the eye-catching ring handle. What about the production you ask? These are produced in a sweatshop-free environment in China.


Angela Roi

The materials Angela Roi uses for her luxury vegan bags is EPUL (Exquisite Polyurethane Leather. Basically the best of the best in PU. The bags are first designed in New York using the latest tech. Then produced ethically by fairly paid workers in South Korea. It’s a nice combination of tech and craft.

bda53133a5fd46ddbfbb4b0f1349d2d7 wilby

Wilby Clutch

The Wilby Clutch specialty is found in the name. They started with vegan clutches. Eco-sensitive vegan clutches that incorporate environmentally friendly materials like organic cotton, and cork. They’ve since expanded to totes, and purses, and a range of other accessories. But don’t worry they are just as eco-friendly and as stylish as before.

JS_Hello_OF_large the jacksons

The Jacksons

Known for their statement word- bags filled with emojis and cute sayings, the Jacksons produces everything with local artisan groups in Indonesia. The bags are made completely of local jute and are perfect for daytime. Whether that’s the beach or the grocery store you get to choose.

outfit_1176298_1_large muzungu sister

Muzungu Sisters

Two friends working to preserve tradition. Muzungu Sisters was started by Dana Alikhani and Tatiana Santo Domingo. The brand works with artisans around the world and practices fair labor. They do have some leather options but the vast majority of the selection is made from local natural materials like palm leaves.

ImgErp9_29393_2000x urban expressions

Urban Expressions 

Ethics and style are core to the Urban Expressions brand. These handbags are versatile and animal-friendly. Plus, Urban Expressions has the certifications to prove it. They’ve been certified by PETA (whose certifications made up the majority of this list) and by Vegan.org.

Coco_crossbody_bag2_ML1004 mali lili 25 vegan brands

Mali + Lili 

Named for the daughters of head designer, and founder JoAnne Wannarachue Lord. Mali + Lili started out as a regular bag brand but has since launched their sophisticated vegan line. These bags are for modern women and definitely meant to go from any daytime activity to nighttime one.

FC182031_GRN_800x foley + corinna

Foley + Corinna 

Another brand that has recently launched a vegan line too. Their liberated leather collection was just certified by PETA. Even though they’ve just recently launched, the selection is diverse and practical.

dl817-165-floralbrushstroke-3_539x deux lux 25 vegan brands

Deux Lux

These bags are made for the Fergie defined “g-l-a-m-o-u-r-o-u-s” women. Vegan, and adorned. Look for the solid colors and embellishment tassels and finishes.

P218-JAS-04-2-510x510 pixie mood

Pixie Mood 

Solid colors, solid bags. I was so excited when I discovered Pixie Mood. Socially responsible and vegan they definitely take animal-free to a new level. They source innovative and sustainably, and don’t just cost the leather with paint instead they weave!

htw_daisa_berry_crop_0275 sole society 25 vegan brands

Sole Society
Sole Society likes to provide you with all the options. So they have both vegan leather and leather. I recommend going for their PU vegan options. Definitely, the most environmentally friendly option they have.

ox9bg66cakedesbkifkt nine to five 25 sustainable brands

Nine to Five 

This brand was originally one that I had marked down for their sustainable leather offerings, but in the last year, they’ve started to include vegan leather! Nine to Five produces in Portugal with the finest craftsmen who run a family-owned operation and their materials are E.U. sourced.

31440392_377200812763754_8147691258458931200_njpg-1530140393499 jw pei


These luxury vegan handbags are everything you’d ever want. Check: vegan- doesn’t hurt the earth. Ethical- doesn’t hurt the worker. Sustainable- doesn’t hurt the earth. Stylish- only enhances your outfit.


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