5 Colorful Looks to Energize You this Spring

5 Colorful Looks to Energize You this Spring

Life is happier when it’s in full color. There is a reason people get a little more depressed in the winter, and a little more tired! It’s because the leaves have fallen and the sky is normally gray (Not knocking grey it is beautiful too). Sustainability is all about ecological balance and ecology is full of gorgeous bright colors. This series celebrates those vibrant colors that reappear every spring.


This first look is bursting with color! The top is meant to capture the feeling of a hot summer night, and to continue that trend I added red hot accents with the shoes and necklace. Be the sparkler in the room!

Monkee Genes jeans

Made ethically in Indonesia with organically grown cotton.
Oka B. Wedges
Made with recycled material and microplastics.
Ash & Rose Necklace
Made with fair trade practices in Ecuador with organic tagua nuts.
Language of the Birds smock
In small batches with ethical U.S. production
Rare Birds Designs Earrings
Handmade by artisans in Richmond, Virginia.
There isn’t a better sustainable designer to turn to for colorful clothing than Mara Hoffman. That’s why the core look is all her, and the color scheme is set by the pieces from her collection too.
Mara Hoffman top
Made with organic cotton woven by artisans in India.
Made ethically with sustainable cotton in Madagascar.
Mara Hoffman skirt
Made with organic cotton by artisans in Peru.
Toms footwear
Designed by artisans in TOMS Artisan Collective.
Mata Traders Earrings
Made by fair trade artisans in India and Nepal.
Carla Colour sunglasses
With sustainable acetate from wood pulp.
A look that will help you match the daffodils as they bloom, and later you’ll blend with the leaves as they turn. I’ve paired it with some simple basics so the main color just shines.
Komodo dress
Made with organic linen.
Everlane flat
In an ethical factory in Brecia, Italy.
Just Trade earrings
$36 – trouva.com
Tadpodle bag
Handmade locally in MA.
Carla Colour sunglasses
With ZYL acetate that comes from wood pulp.
This is the story of Joesphina, and her Amazing Technicolored Dream Jumpsuit. But, don’t wear it to cause jealousy, wear it to bring yourself happiness if you like colorful clothing.
Eileen Fisher cardigan
Made with eco-friendly organic cotton.
Mara Hoffman jumpsuit
Made with sustainable viscose in an ethical manufactory in Peru.
Nine to Five sandals
Made ethically in Portugal.
Sensi Studio handbag
Made by Ecuadorian artisans in small batch production.
Lanvin sunglasses
Made with biodegradable cellulose acetate.
Cuyana belt
Made in Italy in a family owned artisan factory and designed in San Francisco.
This is meant to be a bright spring work look. Most of the pieces I have rounded up are from sets I’ve done before like the top, and obviously the glasses they are in the sets above as well. This is to remind you that all clothes are meant to last and the clothes I show are designed and made to be well worn over a lifetime.

Zero Maria Cornejo top
Made in NYC at a women-led brand with a social conscious.

format pants
Made with GOTS certified organic cotton.
Everlane loafer
Made ethically in Brescia, Italy.
Handmade in Italy with Stella’s commitment to cruelty-free innovation.
Carla Colour sunglasses
Made with sustainable acetate!
Kester Black nail polish
How was it made?
With a vegan formula at a cruelty-free/ Certified B corporation.
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