5 Eco-Friendly Cut-Out Swimsuits to Bring Out this Summer

5 Eco-Friendly Cut-Out Swimsuits to Bring Out this Summer

So many different types of swimsuits, so little time. But they can all be sustainable. This series has cute cut-outs. The looks are beach friendly, or resort friendly depending on where you go! Throughout the series look out for brands that are standards like Stella McCartney and Mara Hoffman, and new brands you might not have heard of yet like Ipsilon Paris, and Figue.

The colour of the suit featured is cherry, but the one linked is black. The cherry one is sold out. I really like red swimsuits so I switched up a look below to feature a cherry cut out one as well!

Vivienne Westwood Bag

made out of East African farmed cotton canvas that was weaved in Kenya. The bag is finished with the signature Vivienne Westwood contrast stitching and recycled brass Orb to the front.

Shwood Sunglasses

Made in the USA with sustainable wood and acetate.

Reformation Swimsuit

In a sustainable process that saved .7 pounds of waste, 70 gallons of water, and 13 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Charlotte Stone Sandals

Made with sustainably sourced ostrich feather and crafted by artisans in Italy.

Sensi Studio Hat

Made ethically using toquilla straw.

Michael Stars Coverup

Made with pima cotton grown in the U.S. and linen.

This look introduces two new brands! It’s always so exciting to see brands create clothes in sustainable materials.

Mara Hoffman Skirt

It’s organic cotton woven by artisans in India.

Jade Swim

Made with sustainable recycled Italian sourced nylon and produced in L.A.

Stella Pardo Mules

Knit with centuries-old, traditional Peruvian techniques that ensure each item is truly one-of-a-kind. Each shoe is ethically sourced and handmade by artisans in Peru.

Gucci Sunglasses

The material comes from bio-based materials sourced from sustainable forests.

Antonello Tote

Antonello was founded to promote sustainability and the preservation of traditional craft. He uses handwoven fabrics like regenerated cotton to create collections that combine environmentally friendly practices with luxurious high fashion.

Janessa Leone Hat

Made with ethically sourced straw in an awesome U.S. based, employee-owned factory.

This look is not for the severe trypophobe, but it is or you if you like patterns and color.

Mara Hoffman Dress and Swimsuit

The dress is made with Tencel, which has a closed loop production cycle. The swimsuit is made of recycled polyester from Italy.

Stella McCartney Sunglasses

Crafted ethically in Italy with acetate and recycled materials.

Muzungu Sisters Bag

Made by artisans in Sicily.

Helen Kaminski Hat

Handmade from raffia sourced in Madagascar.

KYMA Sandals

Handmade in Greece by expert craftsmen using a range of fine genuine leather and natural vegetable-tanned vachetta leather.

Ipsilon Paris Swimsuit

Made with econyl, that recycled nylon fabric I’ve featured so much.

Tracy Watts Hat

Made with ethical practices in Brooklyn and green resources like raffia.

Reformation Bag

Made with banana leaves.

Stella Pardo Mules

Made with sustainable econyl.

Staud Dress

Designed and produced in L.A.

Ipsilon Paris Shirt

Made with Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton.

Laidback London Sandals

Made with locally sourced leather and crafted by artisans in Kenya

Vitamin A Swimsuit

Made of recycled nylon, eco-luxe.

Sensi Studio Hat

Sensi Studio crafts ethically produced beach essentials. This hat is hand-woven by Ecuadorian artisans using 100% toquilla straw,

Figue Shorts

Figue is manufactured by artisan collectives in India, Italy, and Bolivia. This ensures workers’ safety, fair wages, and dedication to helping the global community. The materials are ethically sourced and when they can they use recycled fabrics materials and minimize waste.

Mar y Sol Tote

Mar y Sol is a collaboration between artisans in Madagascar and Designers in NYC using responsibly sourced and organic materials.

Sunski Sunglasses

Eco-friendly sunglasses made with tri-acetate cellulose.

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