50 Sustainable Brands with the Most Fashionable Swimsuits

50 Sustainable Brands with the Most Fashionable Swimsuits

Sustainable swimsuit season is every season! Sustainable swimwear is becoming more and more popular. There are 50 brands here and I’m sure there are tons more. If you are a brand looking to be included on the list contact me here. Many of these brands (probably 3/4) use recycled nylon fibers, specifically Econyl. Econyl works with non-profits to turn plastic waste into regenerated nylon. Materials like ghost fish nets are taken out of the ocean and remade into virgin quality nylon fabric.

  1. Underprotection

A Danish swimwear brand that produce two collections a year. Their sustainable fabrics include recycled polyester for their swimwear and paper and polybags for biodegradable packaging. Their suits are produced in certified factories to ensure ethical working conditions and fair wages.

2. Vitamin A

California vibes. This is the perfect swimwear brand if you are looking for that tiny bikini. They design and produce locally in California with their own EcoLux recycled nylon fabric. They print their suits with digital printing to reduce water waste. They also incorporate other sustainable materials like tencel, linen, and organic cotton into their collections.


Minimalist suits that fuse style and sustainability. The suits are designed in London and handmade in Italy using Econyl for 100% sustainable fiber throughout the suit. MAARÏ also donates a part of every sale to Healthy Seas.

4. Madewell

You might have heard about Madewell getting their factories certified with Fair Trade USA. That’s not their only foray into sustainable and ethical business practices. Their SecondWave Swim collection uses nylon from recycled water bottles. Each suit uses around 8 water bottles.

5. Bower

Embrace your inner Lauren Hutton with this swimwear inspired by 1970’s icons. Bower is vegan, ethical, and sustainable. They use Econyl and produce in limited quantities to reduce waste. They source their fabrics and produce within Europe to both minimize their carbon footprint and make sure they are producing with the highest environmental and fair working conditions.

6. Talia Collins

Talia Collins is a former Vogue Paris stylist. Her swimwear line combines her passion for saving marine life and a love of bold colors. Her suits and sustainable and technical. They are made with Econyl and have SPF50+ built into the suits as well as chlorine resisting properties. When your swimsuit is at the end of it’s life don’t send throw it away either. Send it back and get 20% off your next suit. They’ll recycle the fabric for you.

7. Mara Hoffman

Happy colors and flattering cuts can be found when shopping for swimwear at Mara Hoffman. They use two different fabrics for their swimwear. Their solid swimwear is made using Econyl and their textured swimwear is made using Repreve, a recycled plastic polyester fiber made out of recycled water bottles. The styles made with Repreve also have a smaller carbon footprint because the process uses less water and energy.

8. Fisch

Agnes Fischer spent her childhood snorkeling in coral reefs in the Caribbean. (Which sounds super idyllic). But it’s not as idyllic anymore because those coral reefs are now rapidly dying and being destroyed. In response she started researching sustainable fabrics for her swimwear collections. Now she uses Econyl that is woven in Lombardy. The production factory is only two hours away which helps limit their carbon production too.

9. Jade Swim

Versatile swimwear that doubles as an off the beach bodysuit or crop top. The styles are clean and the fabric is technical, luxurious, and sustainable. They are perfect for any streamlined vacation. The suits also have shape retention technology so they are super sculpting. Jade Swim designs in N.Y.C. and produces their suits in L.A. They use both deadstock fibers and Econyl.

10. Ambra Maddalena

Sustainability doesn’t have do be all basic. Ambra Maddalena proves this with her fun and chic swimwear collections made with Econyl. She tries to be as sustainable as possible in her process and giving chic eco-warriors a great option.

11. Stella McCartney for Adidas and Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney and Stella McCartney for Adidas both use sustainable materials like recycled nylon that uses Parley for the Oceans plastic in the suits. The difference between the two lines in that Stella McCartney for Adidas is for training swimsuits that are supportive while still allowing you complete freedom of movement. Stella McCartney swimsuits are for recreational swimming.

12. Salt Gypsy

Salt Gypsy is a sustainable surfwear brand. They celebrate both women in the environment through their suits. They are famous for their surf leggings. They use Econyl in all their suits and are working towards a completely closed looped production system.

13. Patagonia

What’s not to love about Patagonia? They are leading the way in sustainability, have stopped selling to finance bros, and have cute swimsuits. Their suits are made with Fair Trade sewing and use recycled nylon and some of this fiber comes from post industrial waste too.

14. Reformation

Reformation is the place for sustainable and trend following swimsuits. Whether it’s animal print you’re loving or smocking. They’ll have it. They make their suits out of econyl and have a sustainable production process that saves on waste, water, and carbon when compared to a typical fashion company.

15. Hot as Hell

Conscientious while still being edgy. Hot-As-Hell produces in L.A. They try to minimize resources and make smart. Their swim fabric is called Extended Life Fabric because of its durability. It’s also made sustainably from Polytrimethyl Terephthalate that comes from corn and lycra.

16. Nu Swim

Sustainability is at the basis of all Nu Swimsuits. They are classic styles so you can wear them season after season. The materials are 100% regenerated and don’t release any emissions during production. Their packaging is also acid-free tissue paper or biodegradable bags.

17. Peony

Peony is an Australian independent swimwear brand that has lovely, uber-feminine suits full of florals and pastels. They are also eco-friendly and use econyl fibers in their suit. The suits that don’t use econyl have fibers that are certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and others are also recycled fibers. By 2019, Peony has used over 70% recycled fibers in their collections.

18. Midnight Co.

Midnight Co. produces female-focused simple suits. They are specifically known for their classic triangle bikini tops and bottoms. They are designed in Melbourne, Australia and made with eco-friendly Econyl.

19. Finisterre

Finisterre started when a group of British surfers couldn’t find the gear they needed for the tough cold water they surfed in. They started by looking for the most sustainable materials around. They are now a Certified B Corporation and use Econyl in their swimwear. They have also eliminated fluorocarbons from their insulation. 10% of every Econyl fabric purchase also goes towards Surfers Against Sewage.

20. Araks

Araks started as a lingerie brand. The ethos behind the brand is helping a woman feel beautiful at every level. They have since moved into swimwear with the same promise but their swimsuits also have a sustainable element. They use Econyl or fabrics from certified suppliers. Currently 50% of styles are from recycled nylon.

21. Spell & the Gypsy Collective

Byron Bay ethical stalwarts are also making some of the cutest boho swimwear out there. The suits are made using econyl, and are part of Spell & the Gypsy Collectives march towards truly sustainable fashion.

22. Tropic of C

This swimwear line from Candice Swanepoel takes notes on how she feels about her swimsuits and came up with this bold collection. It mixes old world European Elegance with the ease and style of the Brazilian swimwear scene and adds a sustainability component as well! Half of the line is made with Econyl and every suit comes in a biodegradable bag.

23. Tigerlily

Tigerlily swimwear aims to put everything you love about the beach lifestyle into their suits. Individuality and confidence are what they want you to feel when you put on the suit. You also don’t have to feel guilty about the environmental impact. 50% of their styles use Econyl and 60% of their printed fabrics are certified Oeko-Tex and are non-toxic.

24. Sixty Ninety

The swimsuits at SixtyNinety are made with a closed cycle approach that is truly sustainable. They use Amni Soul Eco yarn from Brazil that is the first biodegradable synthetic yarn in the world. It’s also certified Oeko-Tex 100 so it’s non-toxic too. They also manufacture ethically in Brazil using small facilities that pay fairly.

25. Carolina K

All items in the Carolina K collection are made ethically by artisans in India, Peru, and Mexico. The brand strives to help save artisan traditions and produce each collection as sustainably as possible. Which is why her swimsuits are made with 100% recycled nylon.

26. GNASH Swim

Simple cuts with “scorching” color describe the suits from Gnash Swim. The label was started in 2014, and produces ethically in Australia using sustainable Italian fabrics like Econyl.

27. Sébastien

A color-blockers paradise can be found at Sébastien. The suits are bold, contemporary, and luxurious. They are made with an Italian Lycra Technical Fiber that is 100% recycled nylon. They are perfect for the classy eco-chic girl to git the beach in.

28. Baserange

Scandinavian in style, Baserange features clean lines and comfy clothing with pops of color. The source organic and sustainable fibers and work with different vendors to create innovative high quality fabrics. Their swimwear is made with recycled nylon. They are committed to clean production believing minimal environmental impact will be good for both the world and the client.

29. Baaby

Designed and produced locally in Melbourne, Baaby swimsuits are sustainable and playful. They are made with Econyl and are designed for the modern independent woman. The styles are bold and harken back to the 1980’s.

30. Manta

Handsketched swimwear that is made in the U.S. and designed in Miami. The company is women-owned and operated. Manta obsessively avoids plastic (as we all should) and use recycled nylon in their suits. Respect goes beyond respect for the earth. They pay fair wages at every step of production.

31. Beth Richards

Made in Canada is one of the coolest countries to watch in terms of sustainable and ethical production. Beth Richards produces in Canada and pays fair wages across the board. They produce with strict environmental standards and try to have as little waste as possible. Some suits are made with recycled materials and dyes too. They also produce in limited runs to make sure the company is reducing waste and following best practices.

32. Cover

Founded in Dallas, Texas in 2008, Cover fills the gap of chic and protective swimwear. All the suits are produced domestically in L.A using zero-waste heat transfer printing. and Cover has a significant philanthropic component partnering with the American Cancer Society and the Melanoma Research Alliance to help make a difference in skin cancer promotion and research.

33. Seea

Designed and manufactured in California using recycled fibers, Seea knows no system today can be 100% sustainable but they are constantly upping their game. They use Econyl, Repreve, Recover, and Yulex, all sustainable or recycled fibers that will have minimal impact on the planet.

34. Galamaar

Galamaar swimsuits consider every environmental detail in their suits. The fibers are Econyl. The design is long lasting. Their pad inserts are made in L.A. and they use recycled hang tags. Their hardware is regenerated, and they use eco-packaging as well.

35. Summersalt

Summersalt really cares about fit. They have tested their suits on over 10,000 women and collected over 1.5 million body measurements to get an exacting fit woman will love. They are also transparent about their pricing. Reducing costs by cutting and incorporate earth-friendly practices by using recycled nylon and recycled packaging to ship your suit.

36. Camp Cove Swim

Retro styling for the individual who wants to standout. Camp Cove Swim is designed and produced ethically in Australia. The prints are created in house and the suits incorporate recycled fabrics.

37. Amaio Swim

Amaio Swim produces elegant and ethical with fabrics from heritage mills that are still using old world techniques. The fabric is Swim Jacquard that uses less nylon and plastic than traditional swim fabrics, and they reuse discarded materials to lower their carbon footprint. The mesh in the suits is hand embroidered. They work with partners that employ fair wages and use couture techniques that minimize waste.

38. Mymari Swimwear

Mymari Swimwear is a European based swimwear brand. They produce in Croatia, source their packaging from Germany, their fabrics from Italy (They are Oeko-Tex 10 Certified), and designs from Hamburg where they are based. Their suppliers are committed to eco-friendly production and use a water treatment process that reduces waste and impact. In addition to this both their Classic line and part of the Palmeras Print collections use Econyl.

39. Skin

Susan Beischel started Skin in 2003 to provide clothing that would soothe your palette and provide comfort as an antidote to this hectic world. Her swimsuits follow this ethos. They are produced ethically in the U.S. and made with nylon and Xtra Life Lycra.

40. Cheeky Carlyle

Swimwear for the wanderer. Cheeky Carlyle is designed in L.A. and produced in Bali. The swimsuits are made in small batch runs that focus on quality and reduce waste. The suits themselves are made with VITA lycra that uses Econyl and lycra. Cheeky Carlyle also donates a portion of her profits to 1% for the Planet and to Save Our Beach.

41. Emma Ford

Emma Ford draws inspiration from the 80s and 90s making minimalist sexy suits that are curve hugging and flattering. . Custom fabrics and prints with a sexy and eco-friendly spin. They are made of sustainable Italian lycra. Emma Ford is designed and produced in New Zealand.

42. Woodlike Ocean

Feminine, sporty, and eco-friendly. Woodlike Ocean or WLK use Econyl regenerated nylon that comes from ghost fishing and from other post-consumer waste like carpets. They produce their suits ethically in Turkey and send the suit out in recycled packaging!

43. Jets Swimwear

Designed in Australia. The natural world has always been a consideration for Jets Swimwear. They work with local mills who manufacture sustainably and use RENEW PlUS a fabric that uses Econyl instead of nylon.

44. Verandah

Made ethically in India, Studio Verandah brings their bold and fun aesthetic to swimwear. They are made with recycled fibers and are produced with minimal waste and limited run production. The styles are also designed to be mix and match to up their wearability.

45. PrAna

Like everything at PrAna, their swimwear is incredibly sustainable. Their production is certified by Bluesign and by Fair Trade and they use Econyl recycled nylon as their main fiber in the suits.

46. Kore Swim

Kore Swim is all about the beauty of the female form. So the suits are flattering and functional at the same time. The suits are made in L.A. to the highest ethical and sustainable standards.

47. Aspiga

Aspiga is a socially conscious brand. They work with small suppliers, artisans, and tribal groups to produce each collection. They strive to create sustainable economic prosperity in the communities they work with. They design each collection in London and produce it in Kenya and India.

48. Verde Limón

Designed and produced exclusively in Colombia. VerdeLimón employs mostly single women who serve as the sole family breadwinner. They believe in equity and employ fairly and produce slowly and sustainably.

49. Bondi Born

Lux and with an attention to detail. Bondi Born is designed and produced ethically in Australia. Each print is designed by an Australian artist and then produced on eco-sensitive fabrics.

50. Natasha Tonic

Swimsuits that double as bodysuits? Sign me up. The suits at Natasha Tonic are made with hemp, and in addition to being sustainable they are fast drying too. They are designed and produced in L.A. and are custom dyed to reduce their toxic impact.

50. Ocin

Founded in 2018, Ocin wants to promote global openness with their brand. They use Econyl fabric and use a seamless design to help minimize waste. Their packaging is from post consumer waste and plant based materials.

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