6 Sustainable Pastel Looks to Wear this Easter Sunday

6 Sustainable Pastel Looks to Wear this Easter Sunday

Dress codes for Easter can be far and wide. From your upgraded Sunday best to a light afternoon gathering, Easter encompasses most formal spring events into one day.  I have always associated the holiday with spring barbecues, frilly dresses from my childhood, and obviously church. The color scheme is often lovely Spring pastels that would just at home on a bouquet of flowers as they do on your semi color-coordinated family.

This first look mixes colors. It’s a pastel patterned look that combines some Easter friendly lilacs and turquoises. Paired with a chilly weather friendly cardigan and comfortable flats, it’s also perfect for a long day of socializing because you’re prepared for lots of environments.


Symbology Clothing Kimono
Made by fair trade artisans in Jaipur, India with ethically sourced materials and AZO-free dyes.
Pure Collection cardigan
With Mongolian cashmere that is sustainably sourced and Pure Collection works with herders to make sure they are using the most sustainable practices.
Oka B. Flats
Made with recycled materials and is recyclable itself.
Dream’s Code handbag
Handmade by the Bai with ancient sewing techniques and vegetable tanned leather.
Handmade in Italy with cellulose acetate.
KIMSU – Studs
Handmade with recycled silver.


There is never an occasion that neutrals aren’t acceptable. The jumpsuit is grayish/ tan, which is definitely better than nude. This color looks better on a wider range of skin tones because it doesn’t wash pale skin out as easily. Purple earrings are the main pop of color. I chose to make the pop of color by the face as an extra wash out precaution.


Matt and Natt Heels
With vegan PU.
Jstar Earrings
Handmade in Colorado.
Sensi Studio hat
Handmade by artisans in Ecuador.
Kate Chan – tote
Handmade by local Filipino artisans with sustainable locally sourced materials.
EcoVibe Apparel Jumpsuit
How was it made?
With eco fabric tencel!

This look is inspired by the 1950’s with a pencil skirt and color coordinated top. You could be Grace Kelly.


Maggie Marilyn blouse
Made ethically in New Zealand with cotton. (Seen before in the shorts series.)

Stella Jean pencil skirt
Made in Italy, Stella’s mission is to connect local artisans to a global community.

Coclico loafers
Handmade with locally sourced materials in a sustainable factory in Spain.

Matt Nat handbag
With vegan PU and recycled water bottles as the lining.

Sensi Studio hat
How was it made?
Handmade by artisans in Ecuador! (just like the hat in look #2)

How was it made?
Handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood.


A look that is perfect for a mom, or any Easter Day childminder. I know that’s what I did most Easter weekends until I went to college. You are fashionable and able to follow all the little toddlers in your comfy flats and layers.


Pure Collection Cardigan
How was it made?
With sustainable Mongolian cashmere.

Amour Vert Dress
How was it made?
With sustainable mulberry silk and recycled polyester.

Oka B. Flats
How was it made?
Made ethically with recycled plastic and microplast.

Bar Jewellery Earrings
How was it made?
Handmade with ethical practices and sustainably recycled sterling silver.

With plant-based cellulose acetate.

Janessa Leone beret
How was it made?
With cruelty-free and sustainable wool that is processed in an employee-owned factory in the U.S.

Perfect for the Easter gathering that might have well have been Christmas. You are wrapped up in a warm weather friendly merino wool sweater and thick Italian boots but have a color palette the Easter bunny would approve of.


Siizu Sweater
Ethically made at a factory in Inner Mongolia with natural merino wool.

Marianna Deri Skirt
With ethical production in the E.U. and Oeko-tex certified fabrics.

Gabriela Hearst boots
Handmade in Italy with locally sourced Italian materials.

Carla Colour sunglasses
With ZYL wool pulp acetate sourced from sustainable materials.

Anabaglish Bucket bag
Handmade by Indian artisans with real leather and a slow, not mass produced, ethos.

White pants shouldn’t just be worn after Memorial Day. Embrace the Easter holiday with some sleek white pants and a pastel top. This is a really breathable look and perfect for when the sun comes out. The fabrics are natural silk and linen so you know you’ll be able to move around and enjoy the day.


Ulla Johnson blouse
How was it made?
Handmade by artisans in partnership with Manos del Uruguay, a nonprofit that helps local women find artisan jobs.

Eileen Fisher pants
How was it made?
With sustainable organic linen.

Gabriela Hearst shoes
How was it made?
Ethically produced with Italian craftsmanship and Italian sourced materials.

Everlane purse
How was it made?
With locally sourced Spanish leather and Italian full grain leather. This was made in an ethical factory in Ubrique, Spain.

Pamela Love earrings
How was it made?
With recycled silver and ethically mined stones, Pamela Love handcrafts her jewelry in her studio in NY.

Earth sunglasses
How was it made?
It’s biodegradable with sustainably sourced wood and natural triacetate cellulose.


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