6 Ways to Wear Green this Spring

6 Ways to Wear Green this Spring

Everyone has colors they think they rock and colors they think really don’t compliment them. For instance, I am trying to get over my aversion to yellow, orange, and brown. Green is one that I’ve heard friends complain about. My sister gave some of her greens to Goodwill because she felt it looked too Christmasy. So here are six looks that embrace the color green in all its beautiful shades

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a Green Suit

Embrace spring fun with this amazing zero-waste suit. Seriously, I love it so much. For styling, there isn’t much more you need because the suit itself is such a statement and beautifully made. You don’t need to really dress it up with bright accessories and you don’t want to take away from the craftsmanship either. I recommend basic neutral tones to let the suit itself really shine. Note on the items below. The cami pictured is from The Podolls, an ethical brand based in San Francisco, but they discontinued it so I replaced it with a cami from Amour Vert.

Paradise Row handbag
Made with 100% natural no-dye vegetable-tanned leather. Made in East London by local artisans.
Fouché Earrings
Made from African cow horn and labradorite gemstones sourced from ethical mines in Madagascar, Africa then crafted by artisans in Kenya.
Made from recycled acetate.
Both are made in Phnom Penh with Fair Sew, a manufacturing studio that treats its employees fairly, providing them with a safe working environment,  benefits, and opportunities for further learning and development.
The top is made with carbon-neutral modal that comes from beech trees.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a Green Sweater Dress

No one tells’s you that sweater dresses are an actually super versatile pieces of clothing. Think about where you would wear this look- maybe to work, maybe out for a sustainable, safe, fun, curling up with some tights because it’s Spring and you want to wear a dress but it’s still snowing? Maybe you throw it on for coffee? Or dress it up with some pink heels? It doesn’t matter because the look has classic colors that mean it looks appropriate in looks at different settings, and it’s super comfortable.

Maggie Marilyn dress
With organic cotton and made ethically in New Zealand.
Everlane shoes
In Brescia, Italy with a combination of vegetable and chrome tanned leather.
Angela Roi tote
Handcrafted in Korea, the bag is cruelty-free and sweatshop free.
Melissa Joy Manning earrings
Made by artisans who wear a living wage with gold sourced from a Green Certified refinery.
Earth sunglasses
With sustainable wood and triacetate cellulose lenses.
Ilia palette eyeshadow
With pure, ethical ingredients like honeysuckle.
Lily Lolo Mascara
With a vegan formula and no artificial ingredients.
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a Totally Green Look

This sustainable outfit is a sustainable work-appropriate outfit that can go from day to night easily. Once everything started coming together and I got all these 60’s vibes. I think the kitten heels really brought that all out. So wear it to work, take a picture in it, and remember it for that theme party that’s coming up soon.

Reformation top
How was it made?
With sustainable fabric tencel.
Misha Nonoo skirt
How was it made?
With on-demand production. The pieces are made after you order them to reduce waste and encourage sustainable production.
Everlane pumps
How was it made?
At an ethical factory in Florence, Italy with Italian suede.
Kimsu Necklace
How was it made?
It’s handcrafted with gold vermeil on recycled sterling silver with an ethically sourced malachite stone.
PB0110 bag
How was it made?

With vegetable tanned calf-skin sourced from Wallonia, Belgium and crafted by expert workers at a family firm in Bohemia, Czech Republic, who have been plying their trade for generations.

How was it made?
See above.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a Green Top

You don’t have to wait for St. Patrick’s Day to add green to your outfit. This look is all about the green accent.  It’s also a good time to celebrate one of the natures most prominent colors. This look is a perfect cold weather look, but the green top is silk so it can be a prominent all year piece and the jacket is AMAZING alpaca wool so it self-regulates. Basically, that means that it will keep you warm, but not too warm.

With silk and an ethical Italian production cycle.
Gabriela Hearst trousers
Gabriela Hearst sources the wool she uses from her farm in Uruguay.
Okhtein handbag
Okhtein produces their bags with a hyperlocal mindset. Each product they make has beautiful cultural associations. To manufacture their products, Aya and Mounaz, hire local artisans and collaborate with several local NGOs that work to provide assistance to skilled female workers who have faced considerable financial hardship.
Kimsu earrings
Kimsu uses recycled silver and gold vermeil. All the stones in the jewelry are also ethically sourced stones.
With herb yarrow, and natural oils.
With ethically sourced baby alpaca wool. You can check out my review of the coat and post on the process here.
At a fair trade factory in Peru that Nisolo also founded. Nisolo is a Certified B-Corporation.
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a Green pair of Pants

Prince Harry and Megan Markle might have The Spice Girls perform at their wedding party! I’m all for more girl power in the world and this is a look or an updated green sporty-luxe spice. It’s still loose and cool. The entire look is filled with sustainable luxury brands and has more muted colors. She could sing for the Prince or be that fabulous lady at the supermarket in her kicks (these are heels because I’m short and lovvvveee  heels) and sporty pants.

Egrey pants
These pants are made in Brazil with ethical production and local suppliers. Ergrey also supports a local NGO organization called ANIMA, that works on social assistance projects.
It’s produced, like most of Stella’s projects, in Italy and the material for the sunglasses is bio-based acetate.
It’s made with orange fiber brand material! Ferragamo itself isn’t a sustainable brand but I wanted to highlight the fabric because it comes from decomposing oranges.
Alina Schuerfeld shoes
This is such a beautiful heel and the materials are pretty awesome too. The leather is salmon and it’s tanned with rhubarb.
St. Roche top
The fabric is 100% GOTS certified organically grown cotton and produced ethically in India.
With broken kites that have been upcycled! It’s also made by former sex workers re-entering the workforce.
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a Vintage Inspired Green Dress

My looks are all about how style can be sustainably made and ethically produced and I get outfit inspiration from all sorts of places. Today I have a TV recommendation as well as a style one! Have you seen the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon (bad company/good tv)? If you haven’t you should go watch it. The show is super funny and about a woman in the 1960’s who becomes a stand-up comic. It also has amazing fashion inspiration. It reminded me that bright green and blue are an amazing color combination and that inspired this look. 

Emily and Fin dress
The dress is made in India at a factory with ethical practices that Emily & Fin have had a longstanding relationship with.
Ethically and sustainably handcrafted in Portugal.

SUSU has fair trade practices and works with the indigenous women of the Wayúu in Colombia. The knits are handmade with a single string technique which is oldest and most authentic Wayúu knitting style.

Handmade by artisan craftsmen with strict fair trade standards.
With sustainable bamboo fabric.


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