9 Types of Sustainable Pants to Wear this Spring

Pants! Women worked so hard to be accepted wearing them we might as well celebrate them. This post is all about the different styles of pants you should look out for this spring, how to style them, and most importantly where to get them sustainably.
 The first style of pant we are dressing is flowy. These type of pants can have many different uses. I generally think about traveling around Southeast Asia or chilling out someplace with a cold drink in the summer. But they can be styled totally differently. Here I put these Good Krama (soon to be released) pants with heels, a positive tee, and a cardigan!
Made with ethically sourced merino wool.
Made with vegetable tanned suede.
Crafted with vegan PU by artisans in a sweatshop-free manufactory in South Korea.
Made with fair trade practices in Vietnam.
Made with recycled metals by female artisans in Kenya.
Made with recycled acetate.
Made with GOTS certified organic cotton.
To be honest, I had no cool what culottes were. They reminded me of gauchos which were trendy when I was 11.  I’m pretty sure gaucho style pants have origins in Argentina? Comment if I’m wrong and I’ll change it. Culottes are actually French, and refer to pants that hang like a skirt but are really pants! I was asked to do a whole series on culottes so look out for that soon. This is just a teaser.b2be3c881614c87301de785868c14661
Made with fair trade practices and organic cotton.
Made with a blended recycled polyester
Made with sustainably sourced local leather in an ethical and sustainable Spanish production.
Made by Italian artisans with Italian sourced leather.
Made scrap metal from stuff left over from the Vietnam War. Every purchase helps remove landmines in Laos.
Palazzo trousers are basically just a style of loose fitting pant. Here I’ve styled these teal trousers with a bright pink top! If you notice there are 2 bags- that’s a mistake, but I decided to just go with it. The one not listed is Slate + Salt.4050901cd855e80f27bcd4718d50650f
Handmade with remnant fabrics.
Made with cashmere by artisans in Nepal.
Designed in NYC and made with sustainable production in a family owned factory in Spain.
Handmade with traditional techniques in India, and every purchase sends a girl to school.
With ethically sourced wool in the U.S.
These trousers are spring colors and a wide leg style. To even out the proportions I paired it with a wrap top. This way you have a really highlighted nice waist.
Made with a mix of custom and recycled fabrics in the U.K.
Made with Oeko-Tex certified materials ethically in the E.U.
Same wonderful Coclico sandals from above, different color.
Made ethically with local materials in Bali.
Different look, same amazing brand.
Made with ZYL acetate that comes from the sustainable wood pulp.
The style of pant here is loose. To me, it’s like an upgraded sweatpant. They are comfy and casual, but more sophisticated. I styled this with a bright top and a turban, which functions as a more sophisticated beanie for this look.
Made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton that is woven by artisans.
Designed and made locally in Nashville with natural linen sourced from Japan.
Made with hand dyed sustainably sourced ostrich feather by artisans in Italy.
Made with the traditional techniques of the Bai.
Made with sustainably sourced baby alpaca fibers.
With that same acetate derived from the sustainable wood pulp.
These trousers are slim and totally highlight and elongate those pins of yours. They have really clean silhouette so I paired them with other clean classic pieces. I’m petite and slim trousers are my go-to pant style.
Made ethically in New Zealand.
Made with a transparent supply chain in Italy with material sourced from small Italian farms.
Made with cruelty- free vegan PU.
Made from leather sourced from Swedish, organic vegetable tanned leather.
Handmade in with recycled gold.
This look features tapered pants. Basically what this means is the pants become slimmer as they reach the ankle, and as a result, are themselves slimming on most body types. I added a summer off the shoulder top and red accessories. These Susi Studio flats wouldn’t show up so they are linked to herec89128d6d1c8a392a1edf27e8c5606fa
With cotton woven by traditional weavers in Ethiopia and made by artisans in Africa.
Made with ethical organic stretch cotton and sustainable manufacturing.
You’ve seen it before, you’ll see it again!
Same ethical handmade production, different earrings.
This style of pant is cropped, basically meaning it ends a little above the ankle, but doesn’t end at the calf like a Capri cut pant. I love these plaid printed pants and paired it with a black top and accessories like the model is wearing because I think it’s such a classic look.
Made in cooperation with artisan communities in Africa.
With wool sourced from Alpaca’s in Uruguay and made by artisans in Italy.
Made with a blend of Tencel and viscose with a production cycle that saves waste, and water, and doesn’t produce as much carbon dioxide as normal manufacturing processes.
Made by Italian artisans with french vegetable tanned leather.
Same as the looks above, still amazing!
Made with cruelty-free recycled microsuede and rubber.
These trousers are corduroy and are straight legged! Another name for this type of pant is the cigarette, and while I don’t smoke and don’t support smoking or anything, I just love the term cigarette pant. It’s so 1950’s or something.5b57591461f7d7266b5db7493a77c071
Made ethically in Nashville. This time the fabric is cotton twill, but it still comes from Japan.
Made in the U.S. from repurposed linen.
The same artisans in Kenya, the same recycled metal.
Made with that same recycled microsuede.
Made with 100% cork in Portugal.