Beach Vacation Capsule Wardrobe

Beach Vacation Capsule Wardrobe

July and August are world wide vacation times! This capsule is all about that beach vacation. Hitting the water to cool down and relax. Restarting your brain for all the stresses of this modern world. Packing and planning are probably the most stress inducing parts of vacation. It’s a really hard bargain to drive with yourself to not overpack for a vacation, and also deciding what to pack. What if you go someplace fancier, or get cold, or accidentally ruin that blouse. 9 pieces of clothing, two swimsuits, two pairs of shoes, one hat, one pair of sunglasses, and one bag! Together they make over 25 different outfits.

Mara Hoffman One Piece and Maxi Dress

Patagonia Bikini Top and Bottom– Both pieces are made with a combination of recycled nylon and spandex. Patagonia also has fair trade certified sewing!

Lemlem top and sandals– both shoes and sandals feature Lemlem’s woven cotton from Ethiopia and the sandals are made in partnership with Ancient Greek Sandals, they are produced in Greece by local artisans.

Toms– one for one! These shoes are made ethically and donate a pair of shoes to a child who needs them.

Carvana Kimono– Made by artisans using traditional Mayan techniques.

Carla Colour Sunglasses– made with sustainable acetate that comes from cotton and wood pulp.

Prana shorts– made sustainably with organic cotton.

Re/done shorts– made by taking old Levi’s apart and upcycling them to make new pants!

Sensi Studio hat– handwoven by fairly paid artisans in Ecuador.

Maiyet top– made ethically by artisans around the world, working to preserve their traditional crafts.

Bassike pants– made sustainably with organic cotton.

JADEtribe bag- made my fairly paid artisans in Bali

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