Brand Feature: Eba Totes

Brand Feature: Eba Totes

Eba Totes– the bag for conscious living

One of my favorite things about learning about brands is there origin story. It adds so much to a product that you know is conscious and made with such love. E.B.A stands for Emmaly, the founder, Barbara, her mother, who taught her to honor and respect the earth, and Ashley, her sister, who showed her (as all big sisters do) how to navigate the world better. Isn’t that such a lovely story? I love that the brand at its core is conscious, and female.

The Bag

The bag is super stylish and has that soft and buttery leather feel. It comes in 3 different colors that are so sleek it looks super stylish. Mine is the the Uccello Tote. I saw a quote once about how it’s what you wear everyday that people notice first so invest in high quality bags, coats, and shoes. It’s very true. Everyone knows I’m a sucker for a sleek product, but for me I think the best best thing about this bag is the functionality. I’m not a mom so I kind of ignored all the perfect for moms paragraphs.

Mom functionalities are definitely there, but you don’t need to be a mom to need a bag that holds all your stuff. I pulled it out of the packaging and went “oh wow that’s so big!” Then as I was packing for my day I realized I didn’t need another bag. It’s perfect for everything. If your a Harry Potter fan this is the muggle version of the bag Hermione packed her, Ron, and Harry’s books, and supplies in when they went to fight Voldemort in the Deathly Hallows. I’ve used it (I kid you not) as grocery bag, sewing bag, overnight bag, normal day bag and a combination of all of them. It also has little brass pieces at the bottom. It makes it stand. I didn’t notice them until I had that moment of “oh no my groceries!” But it didn’t happen.

How it’s Made

The lining of the bag is made with recycled nylon, so the inside is waterproof. The leather is earth friendly vegan PU. It comes from Ultrafabrics they are Greenguard certified and use recycling throughout the manufacturing process.

Learn More

They are kicking off the Kickstarter for their next collection here, hoping to move each collection towards a more sustainable/ zero waste process.

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This is my bag, with all my sewing, and my computer, and a sweater because it’s cold. I’ve also tried to show the lining color because it’s such a pretty blue!

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