Brand Feature: Emi Jewellery

Brand Feature: Emi Jewellery

Emi Jewellery– ethical jewelry that’s actually affordable. One of the biggest complaints and criticisms I often hear of sustainable and ethical fashion is that it’s not affordable. Emi Jewellery changes that. All their fashionable jewelry is priced extremely reasonably, between $5- $30. It’s kind of amazing. This is a jewelry brand for anyone who loves something well- made, pretty, costume style, jewelry.

The Brand

Emi was founded in 2009. They fill a huge gap in the market for the conscious woman. Seriously, they are still one of the only brands I’ve found creating ethical, affordable, fashionable jewelry. Xander Kostroma, takes his design inspiration from Asia, and specifically Japan. My favorite pieces are the Art Deco influenced designs. They sweep you back into another era.

The Ethics

The first thing to know about Emi Jewellery’s ethics is that PETA approves. They are a certified vegan brand, and all the feathers are man made. They also don’t use fur, leather bits, or suede either. Xander believes it’s the brands moral obligation to take a stand on moral and ethical issues when sourcing the materials. They have never and will never use child labor or sweatshops. They manufacture everything ethically and pay all their workers a real living wage and have signed a agreement with the Living Wage Foundation verifying this. Their commitment to ethics also extends to packaging which uses biodegradable plastics.

The Necklace

So what am I wearing?! It’s the delicate crystal necklace. I’m an internally fidgety person and things that stretch my neck really bother me. This was light enough to avoid those issues. It’s the perfect piece to make and outfit more formal. There wasn’t a single piece of clothing I tried on with it that didn’t instantly become classier.

How I Styled It

With the necklace, I’m wearing a thrifted Zara dress, and some old sandals. I chose the dress because I thought the neckline really highlighted the necklace, and showed off my collarbone and neck really well! I chose the sandals to keep it semi casual.

Other Pieces You’ll Love

Statement Earrings

1920’s style choker

This would be a great choker for a formal occasion.

Art Deco Cuff

Learn More

Definitely check out the Emi Jewelry online store! There are so many beautiful options. Follow their social media pages here and here to stay up to date on their latest releases.

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